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  1. If they are doing a TV show in Middle Earth I would rather they used the Silmarillion. There are some many stories that would work well on TV.
  2. Dont forget the part where you play against crappy players once you buy something so that you win making you think what you bought was what made you win, so you feel more inclined to buy again
  3. Activision has been grated a patent for a new matchmaking system that is designed to entice players to spend money on microtransactions. A quote from the patent "For example, in one implementation, the system may include a microtransaction engine that arranges matches to influence game-related purchases," according to the patent. "For instance, the microtransaction engine may match a more expert/marquee player with a junior player to encourage the junior player to make game-related purchases of items possessed/used by the marquee player. A junior player may wish to emulate the marqu
  4. As long as there are loot boxes in game, and they will be their till the servers shut, it is better to have cosmetic stuff in them.
  5. Dont see whats wrong with cosmetics in lootboxes, even if they are exclusive to lootboxes. The dont effect the the game and if people what to spent money for a slim chance to get them, well you know what the save about a fool and their money
  6. Made around $433 million in total, around 89% internationally and 11% in the USA. It cost around $160 million. Not sure there is any money in sequels
  7. I best heard this season described as a season of moments and when you look back there was a lot of really good moments. I get it people are upset that few people died other than red shirts, but we are so near the end there is not much time left to introduce new characters so you need to keep people around to have the big battles to come.
  8. easy fix, just have someone Thormand If I have to spend a third night out here i am going to fuck one of you
  9. The mass unbanning of accounts is largely pointless. Most people who had a ban wont go to the forum, hell many wont even play the game any more, so they will not know they are unbanned as there is not much chance of SSG emailing them to let them know. So it is a PR move that sounds great but in reality is meaningless
  10. cossieuk


    I just get the loading screen
  11. They should have shown some shots from the new raid that came out with the expansion, oh wait never mind
  12. Other than a new intro for High Elves is there anything different about them compared to other Elves
  13. With virtues so low you need to grind lots of slayer deeds, so how do you speed this up, buy the scrolls from the store. Perhaps that is part of the plan.
  14. Not all content has to be solo, but the main story line should have a solo option. So have raids and such, but open up the main story to everyone Just think how many more they could have if the didnt exclude some play styles
  15. Not played to much, but loving the speed up you can do, will make leveling grinding so much easier
  16. I do play solo RPGs, especially Final Fantasy may favorite gaming series, I have just bought FF XII to replay. Why does giving players choice annoy you so much. It does not affect you You complain about people wanting the best gear while playing solo, but you are just as bad say people should play the way you want or go play something else on steam
  17. That is the main reason I quit FF XIV. No having lots of time to play meant not doing the main story. I know I am not alone in this. If there had been a solo option I would have continued playing, and paying, so forcing one kind on playing type on players just looses you those p[layer and there money. I dont expect to get the best gear solo, I dont need the best gear if I play solo. I just want to play the game and enjoy the story
  18. Why does it have to be solo or group. Turbine got something right with Inspired Greatness. Lets thoughts that want to group up for the main story do some but for those that dont, or cant (big problem for older content), let them play it with increased stats.
  19. Time saving not much of an issue, not having to do the crap quests from Helms Deep is worth some trait grinding, especially as killing mobs in early zones will be quick at level 105
  20. Nope but you can get it for 1000 points in the store. So get the standard, use some lifetime points and boots a High Elf to the Mordor level and no need to do the crap quests from Helms Deep to try out the new content
  21. Prices seems a bit steep. The Collectors edition is just stupid, $40 for the new race a character slot and some cosmetics. Prices in GBP Standard - £29.99 Collectors - £59.99 Ultimate - £99.99 Price in Euros Standard - €35.99 Collectors - €75.99 Ultimate - €114.99 FAQ - https://lotro.com/en/u21-FAQ Expansion can be bought in the store after update 22 in the winter for 2495 points High Elf will cost 1000 points
  22. I doubt there are many people that have been playing actively over 10 years that dont have a max level character. There may be some that only RP and have never leveled up because of that. Other than that there will be some that started playing 10 years ago but stopped and come back every once in a while and play for a few hours. They are unlikely to buy quest packs and expansions any more so havent reached max level
  23. Companies, in general, only care about the bottom line. How they can maximise profits, meet quarterly targets so they get bonus. Unlike many things in life healthcare is not a luxury that people can do without. The US has the highest per capita spending on health care in the world, yet has less practicing physicians than the OECD average and also less hospital beds than the OECD average. So where the hell is all the money going. Running healthcare to make money is just a bad idea in my eyes
  24. Obamacare is #winning when the alternative was #Trumpcare When the healthcare system is run for profit it is always going to become expensive for the public as the for many people the alternative to paying is suffering Also how bad was #Trumpcare that even with control of the Whitehouse, Senate and Congress it still would not pass
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