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  1. So, sort of like Trum Dreng? Where they released a deed without enough quests to complete it? And there's another area, I think, where the same holds true unless you repeat the daily repeatables... I'm sufficiently unenthusiastic about RoI that my No.1 main is still only 72, and my No.2 main is 67 1/2. Nevertheless, I hear that the PoI is irritating rather than fun, bug-ridden, horrible. Which means that their release schedule is again... over-enthusiastic, and again... they've not been delivering what they promised.

    I'm not quite sure what we're discussing at this point in time. I am pretty sure that Urine's performance is not up to scratch!

    The Pit of Iron is where you have to go for the repeatable to finish the other area that hasnrt got enough quests. You only need to redo 1 of them

  2. On a side note, What do you think the likelihood is that this incident also pushes back update 5 to next year?

    The only reason I can think that would cause this is the fact that testers can post on the relevant forum, assuming Palantir has one, so getting feedback on current projects will be harder but not impossible. Other than this there is no reason to delay it as the developers will have nothing to do with the forum software. So I Turbine use this as an excuse then they are taking the piss

  3. If you were expecting Turbine to be perfect you should be able to look at the bugs in the game to know that wasn't going to happen.

    Bugs will happen, thats a given, but when it comes to security of personal data the onus is on Turbine to take all the necessary measures they can to protect the data and it appears they may have come up short on this time.

    And this is why you jackasses get kicked off Turbine's forums.

    Never had so much as a warning never mind any infractions or bans from Turbine.

    When Turbine do things right I will give them credit, but when they dont I will have a go at them.

    There are a few players here that will remember that I was often called a Turbine/Codemasters defender on the CM forum, which I always found funny, but I also say what I think about a situation

  4. Take some of the responsibility and realize that you yourself are taking a gamble anytime you do online transactions.....not just with Turbine.

    Should Turbine not also take responsibility and realize that they could do more with regards to security, like not tying you forum and game account together or offering an authenticator. When a player does everything they can do to ensure their safety when using the internet should they not expect the same from the companies they deal with.

    No system is perfect and companies can be compromised but the forum has been down for 3 days and they say to check twitter and facebook for updates but they havent posted anything, and many players that dont use the forum are not even aware that something may have happen with their personal details.

    That is just unacceptable.

    Even advising people on login that there may have been a security breach which they are investigating and they recommend changing your password would be a start. They must surely know by know if peoples information has been compromised even if they dont know how much and who many people

  5. 3. If your just going to blame the business for this and continue to do dealings on the internet without educating yourself more on what you can do YOURSELF to protect you from cybercrime.....you are going to be a victim anyways....it won't end with what is happening with Turbine.

    Explain to me what I can do to stop someone compromising Turbines systems. No matter how much I do I cant remove the weak link in Turbines systems. If Turbine has been compromised it means they have to do more not us

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  6. It's a bit odd that you can report something minor and see an immediate response, while freundlich's FYI was sat upon for at least a couple of days.

    Well I think it was shocking it took so long to be looked at and then for some action to be taken if it was reported on Sunday, and Monday being a holiday is is possible that the reason for the delay was just lack of staff to look at incoming emails rather than someone just sitting on the issue.

    In my last job there would often be days where all customer emails were not dealt with on the day they were received due to the volume of them so I get that these things can happen. The bigger issue is the lack of communication for nearly 3 days

  7. For Turbine to try to sell another LOTRO product while we're facing uncertainty with our account is either utter stupidity or arrogance. Let them account for themselves, before they try to play the traveling salesman again.

    This product was found on a German site as coming soon around 2 months ago so it is not like they are just pushing it at the same time as the current forum issues

  8. Have you seen what your $10 will get you on WoW. It gets you a new pet, Guardian Cub, which is BOE so you can sell it for in game gold. Thankfully Turbine havent done this yet


  9. Dont know how much content but it says path of the fellowship, and I think that is Trollshaws, Eregion and Moria and maybe Lothlorien. At least that is what this says http://www.lotro.com/pathofthefellowship.

    So $30 for 4 quest packs, a mount and 2000 TP and I assume you will be premium, looks like a decent price since $30 buys 2600 points

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