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  1. I got one of them at random a little south of Trestlebridge not long ago. I had a look around and there was no reason at all that it should be there... No gatherings, no parties, nothing. So it may be a glitch.

    It can happen if there is a big demand else where on the server, most likely in Ettens which can kill the server. This is something that happens every time Honvik has one of his events

  2. Many companies put terms into such documents that are not legally binding. A company cannot take away your consumer rights. The question on these points is if Turbine are acting within consumer protection laws, if they are not then these points in their EULA and TOS are irrelevant.

    These clauses are basically the same as the management has the right to refuse service to anyone for no reason at all. The best you could get is a refund on any points you bought and ant VIP time you still had left and even then that is at a push.

    Also it may be possible to prove that you didnt do this. If they did use you IP address to prove that it was your normal gaming location and you can prove that you were not at the location when the posts were made, ie you have your holiday tickets or perhaps you used a credit card or ATM on the same day as the post, this would prove you were not at the location the posts were made from

  3. Turbine dont have to prove anything. From the terms of service http://www.lotro.com/support/tos

    Turbine may terminate this Agreement with or without notice by deactivating the Account.

    From the EULA http://www.lotro.com/support/tos/218-eula

    Turbine may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason or no reason by providing notice to you, including without limitation email notice to the last email address provided by you.

    Basically they can cancel any account any time they want for no reason at all

  4. I think is something far more simple. When Turbine was planning to launch the game they didnt have the funds to launch it in the EU, but they know that they needed to capitalise on the EU market so getting another company to take the risk with them made sense. Now this meant that Turbine had to share the money from sales and subs with CM but that was fine as it was still more than not releasing it in the EU.

    Now they knew from the results of DDO going F2P that there is more money to be made and they didnt want to share it with anyone so they took control of the EU player base

  5. Looks like the update is going to be on Monday not Tuesday

    In preparation for the release of our newest expansion, Rise of Isengard™, we’ll be taking the game servers down early in the morning on Monday September, 26. We currently anticipate that the servers will be up and available to players later the same day!/

  6. I can't keep them company... I got banned from the forums as a result of a post in that thread (which I have posted in another thread here). A few pages later, after my ban, Sapience mentioned how not one person had been banned because of the thread. Hard to tell him how full of s**t he is, and what a complete liar if you can't log onto the forums to counter his claim.

    I would not be surprised if he made that post then started banning people so that his post was true at the time

  7. I made a thread to ask about competitions for EU players and received a reply that they were looking into it, if you believe that. The problem is that some countries have very stringent laws regarding competitions which I understand can make it hard to include everyone, but to run a competition that excludes such a large percentage of the player base is wrong.

    Also not all US players can enter. In Rhode Island you need to apply for a licence each time you want to run a competition and it cost $150 a time so most companies just exclude that 1 state

  8. I haven't been in Beta but I have been wondering if the Epic quests are counted as part of the total quests for the area. From Turbine's recent behaviour I wouldn't expect them to miss this trick.

    Does anyone know if this is the case? How many Epic quests are there? I think I read there was approx 350 quests in the quest pack.

    No idea if they are counted or not, but the epic book has 30 chapters and apparently just over 50 quests from what I have read

  9. Difficult. I'm sure Turbine also has a few customers who are living in those areas. Think of people who are stationed in Asia by their employer. Also, they would have to restrict all TOR exit nodes. Then there's the countless number of proxy servers available. When it comes to blocking IPs, there's the problem that not all IP block allocations are properly documented.

    Sorry to be a spoilsport :P

    CM did a pretty good job of it

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