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  1. Still play from time to time, but only my main, all my alts will stay where they are
  2. Seems he has a number of convictions for assault, GBH, carrying a knife etc the last being in 2003. He was also investigated a number of years ago by MI5 but was not part of any current investigation. Agreed the response was impressive. Also the response of Tobias Ellwood MP, who try to save the policeman is due respect. He had no idea what was going on, if the attack was continuing or not but he spent 15 minutes doing CPR. As for those criticising the medics that tried to save the attackers life, there job is to treat anyone that needs treating, not to judge, not to guess who
  3. The name being mentioned is for a man who is in jail, so not likely to be him. So far we know nothing about the suspect nor their motives, best not to jump to conclusions like Channel 4 news did
  4. Big battles are just worse versions of defensive skirmishes
  5. Who do you think leaks everything to wikileaks
  6. Watch Paul Ryan's face when Trump says the time for trivial fights is behind us, about 7 seconds in. Dont think he believes Trump
  7. The first game was a massive success, this was always going to happen. Most people who will buy this dont care about the lore.
  8. In 2012 other took less than 2% of the popular vote. This time it was around 6%. I wonder how many people decided to vote other rather then Clinton in swing states that ended up costing her a win
  9. Where I work, those that need to access their emails on the go, mainly management, have a work phone. The phone is setup by IT and the do regular checks on the phone. They are not allowed to use the phone for non work related activities.
  10. But Clinton is Satan so she must be condemned and just ignore anyone else doing the same thing.
  11. Non of the emails relating to my job are on a private server belonging to AOL. Who the hell is still using AOL anyway Some of the emails are not being released to the public because they contain confidential information including some relating to homeland security. So here is information that has some level of secrecy to it. They why is the current governor of Indiana saying some of the emails have confidential information in them. Some of which relates to Homeland Security.
  12. Just because she was in a position of more responsibility does not mean he is not a hypocrite. He did the same thing he called Clinton out for. End of story. You can try and defend him all you want, but he is a hypocrite.
  13. What the Democrats did or did not do, doesnt change what Jeff Sessions did. Also the hypocrisy of Pence is just laughable, he had a go at Clinton over her private email server while he was also using one, that was hacked.
  14. It seems like Russia is going to follow Trump's administration like a bad smell
  15. I hope my taxes are not paying for your health care
  16. Because Fox News and Breitbart are the paragons of honest media Hell even Bret Baier of Fox News complained about this
  17. This is a very worrying step http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39088770 Cutting out certain news organisations from White House briefings, mainly those that the White House has been attacking, is a dangerous path to start on. It is a step towards the White House trying to silence the press
  18. With regards to the transgender bathroom issue, it seems the Betsy DeVos was against the change, but Trump sided with the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions who is against expanding rights to the LGBT community, and faced with either disagreeing with Trump or resigning she chose to back the change. Is this what we can expect from the Trump team, absolutely no backbone.
  19. And is actively trying to stop other countries have nukes
  20. Also being from 1980 you have just made me feel old. I havent felt this old since 2015 when Back to the Future was 30 years old and we were in the time of Back to the Future 2
  21. I said it was wrong when people got the Milo talk cancelled because the best way to deal with people like him is to let them talk as they will eventually make an ass of themselves. Also what did the homosexuals ever do to you
  22. So no due process because people know she is corrupt, I dont remember that part in the constitution, can you point out that bit for me.
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