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  1. I won a few things the other day including 5 tomes that up skirmish mark gain by 25% for 1 hour which is nice
  2. Perhaps Turbine is suffering from the same problems as Blackberry Also I tries to get on the forum last night at around 9:30 pm and they were down, so they have been down for at least 17 hours
  3. Well getting new LIs for all alts in annoying, you can level to 75 with changing your current ones without much of an issue and during that time you will pick you lots of IXP balls and you can also level lots of new LIs to at least level 30 so you can get the legacies you need. A LI that you need to be at least level 66 to equip will give legacies that will work on a level 75 LI.
  4. I did a quick count on Snowbourn at 14:30 this afternoon and on the social panel there was 819 people. This will not include and anonymous players or those playing creeps so I would not be surprised if the actual figure was over 1000 which is pretty good for the middle of the afternoon
  5. Lifers help to ensure a steady player base as people with lifetime subs are likely to come back from time to time to try new content or just to catch up with ingame friends
  6. There is a chance the email you got was a fake or it could be that the people that did the hack are now trying to use the info they got. I just got my 3rd email in the last 2 weeks from Blizzard saying it has come to their attention that I am trying to sell my account, but I have never had a Blizzard account so I know it is fake.
  7. I think they can only filter by level, class and server.
  8. Here is the very late dev diary on volume 3 book 4, which many have already finished http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1494-rise-of-isengard-developer-diary-volume-iii-book-4-quest-notes
  9. Turbine always ban an account when they suspect it has been hacked and I think other companies do the same thing as it is a quick way to stop your account being used while they investigate it. Also there is no point in them changing your password and emailing it to as your pc might have been compromised and the hacker also could have access to your email.
  10. They can exclude servers from lotteries if they want so they could do flash lotteries on the former EU servers at different times than the former US servers if they want
  11. At the top of the forum go to my preferences and from the list select my forum settings
  12. I won some fireworks on all my toons
  13. I guess it is a lot easier for the CEO of a small independent company to do this than it is for larger companies that have shareholders to please
  14. Just checked my rep and it has fallen from 150 to 130 in the last week but I have not had any negative rep given. What seems to have happened is that I got 2 lots of rep for a post I made and now I only have 1 lot for that post
  15. It is a bug that will be fixed in a patch before update 5 http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5737159#post5737159
  16. I have heard of many companies doing this with complaints when they are first received since they know many people will just give up after a short time and they wont have to deal with the complaint
  17. I have supreme master for all crafting vocations, currently working on tier 7, but I dont have issues with space. I would guess that is probably because I dont group up very often so I dont have many different barter tokens taking up half my vault. I have a delux house and only just bought 10 extra shared storage and have not bought any other extra storage for TP Edit: I am also kinless so I dont keep multiple stacks of each level of crafting ingredient to help others out, just what I collect via playing.
  18. You dont need to buy the extra storage space to play the game, it is just a nice extra. I have only just bought 10 extra shared storage, using my free points, so I dont have to keep relogging different characters to move items around. So far there is nothing in the store that a VIP needs to buy. Items like the relic removal scroll are handy to use but not needed, but they should be available in game even if they had a low drop rate when you decon a LI As for the vault limit, it is not a software issue but a memory one. The more storage people use the more hard drive space you need so
  19. It is in the terms of service http://www.lotro.com/support/tos and the EULA http://www.lotro.com/support/tos/218-eula It seems to be standard in most games
  20. The list has been updated http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?421508-Known-Issues-for-Rise-of-Isengard-Updated-9-28-11
  21. Have you tired writing a letter to Turbine and marking private & confidential for Kate Paiz only. It might find its way to her and since she is the executive producer she might at least look into it or at the very least get someone else to do something. Marking it as private and confidential is an old trick to get your mail to a senior member in a company without an underlying opening it here is Turbines address Turbine, Inc. 117 Kendrick Street Suite 100 Needham, MA 02494
  22. No store release notes as of yet, but given that they are still releasing dev diaries after the launch who knows
  23. The limit is not a new thing, it has been there for a while but just not needed, now it might be
  24. Even the BBC are reporting it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15082177 ITV are saying that the wrong clip was used in editing, but why would they have that clip at all
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