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  1. The standard prices without any offers or founders plan are

    $14.99 per month

    $41.85 per 3 months

    $77.70 per 6 months

    $143.40 per 12 months

    found here http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?265042-Subscription-Plan-Information

    One other thing to take into account when working is that there is a larger player base since F2P so even if everyone on average is play less per month the overall income could be larger

  2. Some new info on Captain changes

    Thanks for all the feedback in the various threads, it heavily influenced the following changes.


    Everything listed here is subject to change based on continued testing, feedback, and balance concerns.

    Answers to some of the common questions:

    • Only one Brother Toggle can be active at a time.
    • Improved Kick was moved from the 3-set bonus to the 2-set bonus in Leader of Men
    • -10s Mark Skills Cooldown still exists as part of the 2-set bonus in Leader of Men.

    Skill Changes:

    • Noble Mark:

      • Removed: No longer has a Damage-over-Time component.

        • Note: It still immediately causes aggro (ie; can be used for pulling).

        [*]Addition: Added an additional effect to the target which causes any player (except the Captain) that attacks the mob to receive reduced perceived threat for a short time.

    • Brother Toggle Skills:

      • When the toggle is removed from your ally, any buffs applied to your ally from Inspire, Strength of Will, or To Arms are dispelled.

        • ie; You can't cycle any of the Brother Toggles between allies in order to buff multiple players at once.

    • Shield-brother:

      • Removed: in-Combat Power Regen
      • Addition: Critical Hit Avoidance

    • Blade-brother:

      • Removed: in-Combat Power Regen
      • Addition: Critical Hit

    • Song-brother:

      • Removed: in-Combat Morale Regen
      • Addition: Reduced Threat from Healing

    • Inspire (all versions):

      • Changed: Cooldown has been increased from 3s to 15s to match the duration of the Vital-over-time effects.

    • Inspire (Blade-brother):

      • Changed: Rather than a single Power-over-Time, it now provides a half-sized Heal-over-Time and a half-sized Power-over-Time.

    • Strength of Will (all versions):

      • Changed: Cooldown has been increased from 1m30s to 2m to match the duration of the buff it provides.

    • Strength of Will (Blade-brother):

      • Removed: -10% Threat generated from Damage
      • Addition: -5% Attack Duration

    Trait Changes:

    Leader of Men

    • Composure:

      • Removed: No longer reset the cooldown for Cry of Vengeance.
      • Addition: -50% Morale cost of Time of Need.

      [*]NEW TRAIT Improved Routing Cry:

      • Routing Cry now applies a Force Attack to affected targets.
      • Note: This trait takes the place where Blood of Numenor used to be.

      [*]Leader of Men:

      • Removed: Inspire, Strength of Will, and To Arms affects your fellowship at reduced effectiveness.
      • Addition: When using Shield-brother on an ally, the Captain also receives the full effects of the Shield-brother skills.
      • Addition: Routing Cry no longer requires a Defeat Event.
      • Addition: Captains are able to Block when wielding a Halberd.

    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not guaranteed, as the tech might not be possible. I encourage you to provide alternative ideas in case this can't be done.

    Hands of Healing

    • Subtle Command:

      • Replaced: Is now Blood of Numenor.

    • Blood of Numenor:

      • Addition: +50% Revived Morale and Power for Cry of Vengeance
      • Addition: -2s Induction Time for Escape from Darkness
      • Addition: -10m Cooldown for Escape from Darkness

    • Strength from Within:

      • Removed: No longer prevents the summoning of Heralds or Archers.

    • Hands of Healing:

      • Addition: When using Song-brother on an ally, the Captain also receives the full effects of the Song-brother skills.

    Lead the Charge

    • Master of War:

      • Removed: There is no longer a +15s Cooldown penalty on Shadow's Lament.
      • Changed: Shadow's Lament now provides Battle-readied on HIT (instead of on Crit).
      • Addition: When using Blade-brother on an ally, the Captain also receives the full effects of the Blade-brother skills.

    Legendary Trait Changes:

    • In Defence of Middle-earth:

      • Changed: Is now a toggle Aura (without any upkeep cost).
      • Note: The Legacy "In Defence of Middle-earth Duration" has been changed, see below.

      [*]Defy Corruption:

      • Changed: Is now Fellowship-brother:

    • All versions of your Brother skills (Inspire, Strength of Will, To Arms) now affect your entire fellowship with lesser versions of those effects.

    Legacy Changes:

    • In Defence of Middle-earth Duration:

      • Changed: Is now instead Words of Courage Pulses.


  3. You dont happen to use the same email address for your Turbine account as it seems that there have been quite a few others, including my self, posting in this thread


    My email address that received the mail is only used on Turbines site

  4. Which would be nice! As long as anonymous chars don't show up in searches they cannot be displayed by just typing their char names. :)

    All characters appear on MyLotro, there is no way to make them not appear. There is an option to not show which forum user a character is linked to but that is all

  5. more info on the LM changes

    Skill Changes:

    Wisdom of the Council: Reduced cooldown from 10m to 5m.

    Call to the Valar: Reduced cooldown from 10m to 5m. Increased Power cost.

    Trait Changes:

    Master of Nature's Fury:

    Improved Storm-lore

    Changed from "+25% Storm-lore Damage" to "+25% Lightning Damage".

    The Ancient Master:

    Combined the following two traits into one:

    Fast Loader

    Explosive Force

    NEW Trait: The Study of Frost-lore

    -5% Tactical Damage (going from -20% to -25%)

    +50% Induction Time

    The Keeper of Animals

    Additional 4-set Bonus:

    -60s Inner Flame Cooldown

    Combined the following two traits into one:

    Master of Beasts

    The Wild and Ward

    Additional Bonus:

    +5% Damage on Sign of the Wild: Rage

    -5% Incoming Damage on Sign of the Wild: Protection

    Note: This replaces the Frost/Fire Mitigation.

    Combined the following two traits into one:


    Hardy Companion

    NEW Trait: Improved Inner Flame

    Inner Flame now heals all nearby Fellows. No longer transfer threat.

    NEW Trait: Improved Flanking

    When responding to a "Flanked!" event with Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire, the target of your "Air-lore" skill also receives the Flank-Heal.

    As always, the above is subject to change as Beta begins and we start to get more in-depth, in-game feedback.


  6. A little update

    Finished reading the thread, several good ideas here which I've implemented. But first I want to touch on the major concerns that have been brought up.


    There are a few trait changes that I meant to include in the blog, but looks like I missed 'em. So here they are:

    Secret of Tar

    Improvement: Further reduced induction of Sticky Tar from -0.5s to -1.0s

    Addition: Reduces cooldown of Sticky Tar from 1m 30s to 1m.

    Removal: Sticky Gourd reduced induction has been moved to MoNF

    Tactically Adept

    Addition: This is where I moved the Sticky Gourd reduced induction (-50%)

    Moved: "-3% Tactical Skill Power Cost" to Knowledge of the Past

    Improved Signs of Battle

    Improvement: It's now +25% damage from Signs of Battle.

    I plan on reading through your "Class Update - Trait Changes We Want" thread next and seeing what other traits can be tweaked.

    What are the Aurochs new skills!?

    This was something else I thought I had included but didn't. But looking back I'm not super pleased with the skills I made. I really liked the guaranteed flank suggestion, that sounds pretty bad-###. Also, there seems to be a bit of a split between people who like the idea of an Auroch and those who don't. So I might check with Sapience about setting up a poll and having you guys do an informal vote on which pet would be a popular choice.

    Changes based on Forum Feedback:

    Keep in mind, I still haven't read through the Trait thread yet, so that's bound to prompt some more changes.

    Ancient Wisdom

    You sold me. This is now a Passive Skill. I took the bonus from Power and Wisdom and incorporated it into the the Passive Skill, which means the Passive Skill will provide +1 Will / Level. This means you'll get +75 Will at cap (without the need for a trait).

    Back from the Brink

    Removed the material component requirement (sorry Farmers).

    Removed the debuff.

    Knowledge of Cures

    There's now an additional 3-set bonus for the Keeper of Animals trait line which reduces the Cooldown of Knowledge of Cures by 5s.

    That's it for now. Once beta opens up and you guys start playing around, let me know how things feel. I don't want to do too much theory-crafting until we've all had a good chance to play with the changes a bit.


  7. Here is the first blog on the proposed changes to the guardian class, remember none of these changes are final and are subject to change



    This one is mostly in Graalx2’s words. He handed this to me yesterday evening and I forgot to post it then, I apologize for getting it out a little later that it could have been.

    You’ll notice that Graalx2 uses the familiar “everything is subject to change” and threatens to roundly beat me about the head and body should the champions outshine the guardians.

    Here are his words.

    Guardian Plans

    Howdy everybody! First off I want to apologize to all of you for leaving you in the dark about our plans for the Guardian for so long. I really wanted to get the Isengard Stat Update (http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1276-rise-of-isengard-developer-diary-new-stat-updates?lang=en_US ) posted before I talked about Guardians. We had to work out a few kinks in the procedures for getting things posted now with the addition of our European brethren.

    One of the secondary objectives to the removal/relaxing of stat caps will be to encourage the use of tank class characters. Characters without very high Block/Parry/Evade (BPE) ratings will be hit a lot in a world with monsters with Finesse. This renewed emphasis on tanks as well as our opinion that Guardians are in a decent place already led us to not make any major changes.

    New Skills for levels 66-75

    Guardian’s Ward will now also increase the Tactical Mitgiation of the Guardian.

    Overwhelm will now add a debuff to the target’s BPE ratings.

    Whirling Retaliation will now be useable after a Parry event and adds the Retaliation event when used so that the Parry chain can proceed.

    Turn the Tables will now not be Blocked, Parried, Evaded or Miss an on level target.

    Guardian’s Defence will now place an effect on anything that attacks the Guardian that will snare the attacker if it does not continue to attack the Guardian.

    Challenge will now place an effect on a monster that will snare the monster if it does not continue to attack the Guardian for the next 30 seconds.

    Skill and Trait Improvements

    Protection – now useable on escorted NPC’s

    Protection: By the Sword – a new version of Protection available while in Overpower stance. This new toggle skill will increase the target’s melee damage by +2% and transfer any Parry events to the Guardian while nearby.

    Shield based stun attacks will now also interrupt any inductions for use on Stun immune monsters.

    Fighter of Shadow

    Selfless Defence – will now transfer threat to the Guardian every time the Protected target is hit.

    Final Straw – not longer adds a 6th step to Fray the Edge. It will instead double the chance of triggering a Fellowship Manoeuvre each step.

    Threatening Presence – moved to Defender of the Free

    Defender of the Free

    Stoic – moved to Fighter of Shadow. The increase in Vitality will now increase as the Guardian levels instead of being a flat +15 Vitality.

    The Keen Blade

    To the Rescue – add +5% attack speed previously on Quickness

    Quickness – new trait. Adds +Parry rating (+1500 at level 75). Subtracts Evade rating (-900 at level 75).

    Haemorrhage – adds +15% damage to all Guardian bleeds.


    As an obligatory warning, nothing listed here is written in stone. Everything is still subject to change, though I imagine that most of these changes will be in Isengard in some form or another.

    I know that there has been a lot of concern over the fact that Champions are getting a major revamp in their tanking line. I share your concerns. You should rest assured that it is not our intention to replace Guardians and I will be tracking the feedback from our QA staff as well as the player base once Beta begins very closely. I am fully capable of beating Orion soundly about the head and shoulders if it should prove necessary.

    As far as tanking in Overpower stance, I really don’t care. If, with the changes to stat caps, you can still survive them more power to you. We gave some thought to giving an increase in damage plus a lowering of power costs and the locking out of some tanking skills. In the end, we decided that Guardians are not Champions and the classes are close enough already.

  8. I think removing the stat caps removes some of the cookie-cutter builds. Just now most classes can easily max out 2 or even 3 stats, but with theses changes you can focus your character as you want. For example a warden could focus on getting his B/P/E to 25% but with a lower morale pool as they should not be hit very often in this build or they could lower their B/P/E and increase their morale or they can go for high morale and high damage. These changes give more flexibility with characters.

    On the down side players will roll on items that they might have left before as they were already at a stat cap and would not use it

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