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  1. Looks like the update is going to be on Monday not Tuesday
  2. Since they are giving away 2 lifetime subs with their latest competition I doubt they have any plans for the foreseeable future as I doubt you could give away a prized and then within a few months invalidate it
  3. I would not be surprised if he made that post then started banning people so that his post was true at the time
  4. I am pretty sure WB have run competitions in Europe before and will be aware of the legislation they have to comply with
  5. Cm, which is much smaller than WB, managed to run competitions ok.
  6. I made a thread to ask about competitions for EU players and received a reply that they were looking into it, if you believe that. The problem is that some countries have very stringent laws regarding competitions which I understand can make it hard to include everyone, but to run a competition that excludes such a large percentage of the player base is wrong. Also not all US players can enter. In Rhode Island you need to apply for a licence each time you want to run a competition and it cost $150 a time so most companies just exclude that 1 state
  7. According to Turbine the SoA key was required to create an account. The MoM and SoM keys were useless without have used a SoA key prior to F2P
  8. Sith-Lords, I mean RK here is your dev diary http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1436-rise-of-isengard-rune-keeper-developer-diary
  9. No idea if they are counted or not, but the epic book has 30 chapters and apparently just over 50 quests from what I have read
  10. Some more good news for Minstrels. In update 5 Tier 7 instrument recipes will be multi-output. http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/09/16/minstrel-instruments-post-isengard/
  11. Hopefully they are going to update the forum as it is currently rubbish. The number of times I have been logged out while refreshing the forum only to be logged back in again after another refresh is silly. Also sometimes when I refresh a page I get taken to another thread all together. Also I wonder if they are finally going to get the lotteries working again. They might also fix the issue with posts disappearing de to a syncing issue
  12. What we need on the US forum is more post like the ones from MadeofLions in response to a joke post that devs should post their to do list at the end of each week http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5686659#post5686659 it is nice to see the devs having a little banter with the players
  13. I am not sure SWTOR can live up to the hype and the same goes for GW2. Well I think they will both be good games it is just hard to imagine them meeting peoples expectations
  14. Given infinite time and infinite posts it was bound to happen
  15. She was moving to the other side of the country to be closer to her family, something we can all appreciate I hope http://twitter.com/#!/70ms/status/32477925299191808
  16. With all that is going on in other threads I thought I would post something to give people a laugh This got the whole of Sydney laughing. Read it and you'll see why! Just imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work and hearing this. Many Sydney folks DID hear this on the FOX FM morning show in Sydney . The DJs play a game where they award winners great prizes. The game is called 'Mate Match'. The DJs call someone at work and ask if they are married or seriously involved with someone. If the contestant answers'yes',he or she is then asked 3 random yet highly personal questions.
  17. A lot of people were desperate for Turbine to take control of the EU servers. I guess people really should be careful what they wish for since the grass isnt always greener
  18. Not showing for me. I did a forum search your your posts and I have found threads where you posted and someone quoted you in a reply. The quote is still there but not the original post and the link to the post doesnt work Here is a thread as an example http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?417502-Turbine-is-not-P2W&p=5660329#post5660329
  19. I would say they have been removed since there was 60 pages in the thread but now there are only 59
  20. That would seem to indicate that the invites were entirely random. Or If you want to be cynical they offered you an invite as a way to try and keep you happy after your complaint.
  21. I would guess RoI has sold more copies than MoM and SoM purely down to there player base being larger since F2P started. It could be biggest in that it has raised the most cash. However it doesnt matter the fact that RoI is the biggest selling expansion so far would indicate the game growing
  22. Casual Stroll to Mordor also had a chat http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/2011/09/episode-105a-interview-with-aaron-and-adam/
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