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  1. http://forums.lotro....bine-Point-Cost

    Selling an expansion pack at high end without the raid or the instances being included is so wrong it's stupid wrong. Most others gave you those things when you plop down the TP equivalent of 50 US bucks. Telling people that they could buy an expansion, then not really doing it is fraudulent. What they are buying at launch is a multi quest pack containing zone content lacking raids or instances, then a raid. Expansions normally come with high end content designed for those zones. It's a crock. Added up, to a total of 5995 not counting the stone, it works out to over 3.75 point cards for a money cost of over $80 dollars, since it's sold ONLY in 1600 total. Unless you managed to grab the sale, or have a lot accumulated, it's costing you, even if you pay a sub fee already, which by rights should pay for the update at least.

    You can buy everything from the expansion via the store. They dont have it in one package which is apparently to do with the instances not coming out till later and the shop not being able to handle this. As for the cost, I agree it is a bit high via the store but if you sub for 1 year you get 6000 points which covers the cost of the expansion assuming you dont spend them

    I went to the site suggested for you, the EU archive, and it looks like someone went through it with a vacuum, because most has been 'cleaned and closed'.

    Not sure what has been cleaned or closed. All that is there is how the CM forum was when it was closed after the merger. As far as I know nothing has been removed from the forum. You cant click on links to go to other threads in the CM forums as the link will try to take you to the live forum which is not there.

  2. Dont really need Google for that post as it was from a few days ago. The OP is looking for a post from F2P announcement saying that expansions would be in store for TP

    OP have you tried looking at the CM forum from the cached link http://archive.lotrocommunity.eu/lord-rings-online-der-herr-der-ringe-le-seigneur-des-anneaux-417.html

  3. Unfortunatly for LOTRO its taking quite sometime and I like a fair chunk presumed that we'd get content 'thick and fast'.

    Things have pick up in the last year. Update 1 came out in December and with update 5 due for December this year, we will have gotten 4 updates and an expansion in around 12 months. We have not had that much in a while. Now that F2P and the merger of CM players is done hopefully this level of content updates stays consistent or get even faster

  4. As a poor little minstrel the only way for us to gain finesse is to purchase it from the store i.e soloing, raid going damage (it happens on trash or did in my case). Turbine have not put any on the mini gear.../facepalm.

    Would not worry to much about it. You can get finesse from jewellery, crafted armour and world drops. Also the minstrel pvmp set has finesse and if you have the level 65 set you can exchange it for the level 75 set with no extra cost

  5. Ah, well that's good to know. Minstrel and (healing) captain being my most played characters at the moment, so I'll keep focusing on other things aside finesse, taking it as a welcome but not too necessary bonus.

    If you do want to get some finesse, it is found on crafted gear, world drops, reputation bartered gear and also on jewellery, so getting it should not be an issue. Hunters even have a skill that gives a short finesse buff.

    According to the dev diary you should only need about 3 pieces with finesse to be at max efficiency

    The hope is that a player will be about at their maximum finesse efficiency by wearing roughly 3 pieces on-level with the space


  6. Once finesse is in the game, the amount of it isn't the deciding factor in raids. It's the overall gear, morale and power pools, avoidances and mitigations. For healers, finesse seems to be completely useless. Or does finesse help you beat the mob finesse so they won't hit you so much..? For DPS classes it obviously is an important stat to get those important strikes in. Where does this put agility? A stat for criticals and ability to hit.. but isn't finesse also in a way a stat about being able to hit? Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

    Your finesse does not effect the mobs finesse and vice versa. What it does is lowers the mobs B/P/E and resistances. So unless the mobs has B/P/E of 100% then you can attempt the raid with 0 finesse. Also you can reduce the mobs block and parry to 0 if you attack from behind.

    So so need agility so you dont miss the mob and then finesse would reduce the chance of a B/P/E from the mob

  7. I dont ever remember then saying that finesse would not be sold in the store.

    Given that finesse seems to be easy to get in game via armour, jewellery, RK chisels, class traits why would anyone buy it?

    As long as people buy it Turbine will keep selling it. If people want to stop Turbine selling everything via the store then dont buy it since Turbine are doing it to make money

  8. It has been asked a few times over multiple threads, something that Turbine doesn't like at all. This thread is still open but there has been no answer.


    I think the only remotely close answer so far has been north of what Moria cost which used to be around 2500 TP.

  9. No auto manufacturer would dare to sell you a car with one wheel missing (I'm ignoring Reliant Robins, alright! :P), or one where the steering wheel is likely to come off in your hands at some random moment. OK, in terms of the metaphor, most of the defects in games amount to scratched paintwork, blown bulbs, and that sort of thing. But games companies do this routinely.

    Many car companies have released models with major defects like accelerator pedals sticking and then had to recall thousands of cars. Also in many other industries you see products being recalled to due to faults so it is not just games companies that get products wrong and have to fix them after release.

    The issue most people have with ROI is they expected things to be in the expansion, even if Turbine never said they would be included, that are not there but will be coming a few months later. For me Turbine never said anything about instances as they didnt know if they would be ready in time and rather than say they were coming and then say they are not they choose to say nothing which lead people to speculate.

  10. Just out of curiosity, and only because I stumbled across a link to this topic on another forum, what makes you think GB law applies to companies whose game assets are located entirely in the United States? Keep in mind that Turbine was under no obligation to accept EU players en masse; and, since I am certain you already knew all of this, explain again why GB laws apply.

    From the UK Terms of Service

    Dispute Resolution and Governing Law. The terms set out in this Agreement along with any dispute arising from or related to such terms will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales whose Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute, save that Turbine has the right, at Turbine’s sole discretion, to commence and pursue proceedings in alternative jurisdictions.


    It is also in the EULA

  11. One of the replies in the link suggests there are more maps that have not yest been put on Bullroarer

    Gap of Rohan and Isengard+Nan Curunir currently have their own maps in Palantir, but the maps are incomplete (half drawing half dyanmic map look). It will be pushed to Bullroarer on one of the next builds when the proper maps are drawn.

    No idea as to the accuracy of the claim or the original post, but I would wait till more info has come from Turbine before jumping to any conclusions. It is possible that Turbine has not released all the content to Beta just yet and more will come in the next builds

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