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  1. It is the turn of LM to get a Dev diary http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1380-rise-of-isengard-lore-master-developer-diary%22
  2. Many car companies have released models with major defects like accelerator pedals sticking and then had to recall thousands of cars. Also in many other industries you see products being recalled to due to faults so it is not just games companies that get products wrong and have to fix them after release. The issue most people have with ROI is they expected things to be in the expansion, even if Turbine never said they would be included, that are not there but will be coming a few months later. For me Turbine never said anything about instances as they didnt know if they would be ready
  3. From the UK Terms of Service http://www.turbine.com/support/154 It is also in the EULA
  4. Just incase you havent see this yet, here is some game footage from Gamescom. There are 3 zones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOdG5tOl-qE
  5. Here is the Burg Dev Diary for ROI http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1371-rise-of-isengard-burglar-developer-diary-
  6. Here is the Captain dev diary for ROI http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1370-rise-of-isengard-captain-developer-diary-?lang=en_US
  7. Here is some gameplay footage from Gamescom. It shows the start of an 8 man operation (raid)
  8. Same link that showed the maps, just scroll done to the comments http://www.betacake.net/2011/08/lotro-rise-of-isengard-maps.html
  9. One of the replies in the link suggests there are more maps that have not yest been put on Bullroarer No idea as to the accuracy of the claim or the original post, but I would wait till more info has come from Turbine before jumping to any conclusions. It is possible that Turbine has not released all the content to Beta just yet and more will come in the next builds
  10. Turbine have set forum rules that you mast adhere to if you wish to post there and they have also set out punishments for breaches of the rules. If someone hasn't read the rules or chooses to ignore them then that is their fault. One of the rules relates to posting information that is subject to a NDA There would be little Turbine could do if the info was posted on an external site since it would be difficult to find out where the info came from, at best they could get the site to remove the information
  11. In the forum community guidelines it states http://www.lotro.com/community/700-communityguidelines So if you post this info on Turbine's forum you have breached the guidelines they have set and they can take action against your account. If it is posted else where then I dont know what action they could take as it would be hard to identify who posted it especially if they used another user name on a different site
  12. Why will we need at least 3 pieces? The intent is the you will max the rating with 3, but you should be able to hit it with none but less often or for less damage. The diary clearly says you dont need it. Basically it appears that low levels of finesse (finezze) ups the chance our attacks will be blocked, parried, evaded or resisted. However since you can up your hit chance via stats that dont cap, you could avoid using finesse if you want. We will just have to wait and see how it works
  13. That would make for an interesting update http://www.finezze.nl/home.php
  14. Here is the latest dev diary, enjoy http://www.lotro.com/gameinfo/devdiaries/1350-rise-of-isengard-developer-diary-itemization
  15. Could have been a 1 man kinship
  16. Well they would not get much or anything through the legal process, they could give you a perma ban
  17. I am also not in beta and even if offered I would turn it down. I want to wait till it is released to run through it for the first time.
  18. One other way to get your money back would have been the distant selling regulation, where you have 14 days to change your mind about products bought online or via the phone
  19. I worked it out once for myself, just to see what it was. It serves no real usage except when someone moans that you are spending to much money on the game. It is good to ask them what else you can do for 7p an hour. I also have a lifetime so the cost per hour is falling and if you work out the cost of my 500 monthly points then eventually Turbine are paying me to play
  20. Now all you need to do is workout how many hours you have played so you can see the hourly cost of playing the game. For me it is less than 7p an hour which is a bargain
  21. Normal lifetime was £150. I think the £99 offer was originally from one of the special editions.
  22. When I got mine it was advertised as getting the same as monthly sub. They could bring out another level of sub and take the monthly points off of both lifers and current VIP's but I would imagine this would upset a lot of current players. As for RoI you will be able to but it with points, just not yet. Lifetimes were good for Turbine at the start as it would have recouped a large chunk of the money they spent making the game. Also lifers help to keep the population levels up which can be useful when new players come. The mistake was to offer lifetime subs for so l
  23. There has never been any difference between a life time sub and any other sub, they are the same thing and were sold as the same thing, so they have to remain the same.
  24. If they were to not give lifers the same deal as VIP then they would be opening themselves up for lots of law suits
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