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  1. Just cancelled my Rift sub, got bored once I reach level 50 as there is not much to do, also the level process was to quick. It took me about 3 times longer to get to level 50 with my first character in LOTRO then it did in Rift.

    I have been playing Final Fantasy 4 the complete collection on my PSP. I am thinking about having another go at Sins of a Solar Empire

  2. While the skirmish soldier has the same level as you there skills dont. The level you see is the skill level. So where is says level 33 that means the skills works as if the soldier was level 33. Dont over level you soldiers skills as the points cost per level changes relative to your level, it is more expensive to go above your level.

  3. I think it's strange that they want to know my Cardholder Name and the last four digits. I've never registered my credit card there, why do they need or want that information? Sounds creepy.

    I sent a ticket with EU Migration now as that was not available yet yesterday.

    Only 1079 tickets in the last 10 hours!

    If you dont have or want to give credit card details all you have to do is put 0000 as the last four digits

  4. If Sapience was only referring to the last few days then that is worse in my opinion. Surely CM having some goodbye events was to be expected. After all the work done by CM to help launch the game in the EU and to build an excellent community they should have been allowed to say goodbye with a little bit of fun

  5. Here is what Sapience has to say about the transfer

    Correct. The link will continue to lead there until the actual migration page is active. Until we've secured the data and the official transition (June 1) takes place we cannot activate the migration tool. All that should take 1-2 days with a target to have everything back online and playable within ~3 days.


  6. Turbine and Codemasters had the same tools needed to host events since beta of SoA. At the end of the SoA beta, much which has been done by Codies for events appeared at that time. They also spawned pigs that needed to be corraled and many many Ogres, Dragons, Drakes, etc.

    And I remember seeing a 50 foot tall +Satine helping promote people to level 50 to compete in the end-of-beta events! -)

    So the tools have always been there. Whether they were "allowed" to officially use them or not is the question.

    Surly at some point in the last 4 years Turbine could have disabled those tools that they dont authorise the use of. I can understand why they added them for beta testing but surely it would be easy to stop them from working. Its not like Turbine didnt know CM were using them, they were doing so for years and yet they did nothing about it

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