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  1. It could have been worse, they could just have use England
  2. My pet hate is companies that release software in beta and then leave it in beta for years, in some cases wit hno real intention of removing it from beta. It to 2 years to take Farmville out of beta that is just taking the piss out of people
  3. Here is a picture of the WiiU console but no info http://kotaku.com/5809482/the-is-the-first-picture-of-nintendos-new-console-the-wii-u
  4. This is an account which the firm Turbine is using to distribute the game from
  5. I upgraded then logged in. If you were in game when you upgraded then it might be worth logging out if you havent got anything yet
  6. Logged and had all the items, mount and points. I did say an my account page it may take upto 1 hour for things to arrive.
  7. Just bought the heroic edition. The 1000 store points, Mount and cosmetics was worth the extra £7
  8. Would be nice of them to give prices in £ and €
  9. Kelsen has posted some ideas for freep rewards http://my.lotro.com/user-1317796/2011/06/05/freep-reward-plan/
  10. At least they are finally fixing IDoME
  11. Here is Orions latest blog with the proposed changes to Captains and Loremasters. Noting is set in stone and may change http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/06/06/another-monday-2fer-captains-and-lore-masters/
  12. Here is the game play video of Skyrim from E3 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2011-elder-scrolls/714851
  13. Been watching the live feed from E3 and must say Microsoft didnt do well, it was almost all Kinetc. Just seen some game play from Skyrim and it looked fantastic, and with over 300 hours game play could be the best value game coming out this year
  14. I think Turbine said they would have more details on Isengard for E3
  15. Also one of the names that got change, Santaclaws, is used on many servers and still exists on them. Surely if a GM is making a name change they should the check all server for that name and change them unless the name change is done on an RP server but the name would be ok else where
  16. Someone on the US thread posted this about Roughalin while trying to justify changing it So does this mean that a character name from say 2007 could be changed because a new film comes out and uses the name in the film title or uses it in the film in reference to drugs, if so then how on Middle Earth are you meant to find a name. Look what happen to the kin on Snowborun, The Grey Company, they were made to change there name because Turbine wanted to add The Grey Company to the game. Where does this stop, would you have to rename you character just because Turbine added an N
  17. There is someone that has had their name changed after 4 years http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?398622-GM-Turbine-changed-my-character-name-after-having-it-4-years.
  18. Seems very harsh to just change a name and not at least give you a choice. Just imagine getting you level 65 characters name changed to something you dont like, now you either have to accept it or pay for a name change
  19. You might want to try the technical help forum on the Turbine site you might find someone there that can help. Who knows you may find the US equivalent of Finglonger
  20. Japanese servers were Aeglos and Narya
  21. Just cancelled my Rift sub, got bored once I reach level 50 as there is not much to do, also the level process was to quick. It took me about 3 times longer to get to level 50 with my first character in LOTRO then it did in Rift. I have been playing Final Fantasy 4 the complete collection on my PSP. I am thinking about having another go at Sins of a Solar Empire
  22. Here is the 2nd minstrel blog http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/06/03/minstrel-part-2-trait-sets/
  23. Here is the 2nd Minstrel blog http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/06/03/minstrel-part-2-trait-sets/
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