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  1. You will get 500 points per month for the lifetime of the game as a lifetime member not just for 1 year. As for the points for June they will come once the transfer has been completed.
  2. Not true there are other Fibre Optic broadband providers in the UK such as Zen, H20, Plusnet and Eclipse
  3. I hope the servers get switch on before we reach 890, I dont want to wait to long to try the new skirmishes
  4. It is linked in the Minstrel forum, but this forum is for game updates and these changes are game updates
  5. Orion has posted a blog with some ideas for minstrel changes http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/06/01/minstrel-blog-part-1/
  6. If you dont have or want to give credit card details all you have to do is put 0000 as the last four digits
  7. It appears that the special 12 month offer was not just for us moving. Turbine are offer in 12 months for $99.99 which is £61.10 and if you add 20% for VAT it is £73.44
  8. He has stop teasing now and posted a blog http://my.lotro.com/user-55/2011/06/01/minstrel-blog-part-1/
  9. I just login on a random server and made a character to check my ping and I have a few new items that came with the pre-order of SoA The Enchanted Cloak of Regeneration & The Ring of Agility
  10. Now I have migrated my account to Turbine my account lists my game version history on the account page. What has me confused is that it says Shadows of Angmar™ Pre-order (EBGames™/GameStop™). I never pre order the game, in fact I joined about a year after the release of the game. Anyone else have this?
  11. Cant migrate my account but the patching is finished. Somehow I was downloading at 2000 KPS which is nearly 3 times what my broadband supports
  12. I guess that in Rift the transfer is not a manual process like it is with Turbine
  13. If Sapience was only referring to the last few days then that is worse in my opinion. Surely CM having some goodbye events was to be expected. After all the work done by CM to help launch the game in the EU and to build an excellent community they should have been allowed to say goodbye with a little bit of fun
  14. Here is what Sapience has to say about the transfer http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5411057#post5411057
  15. I have also made a post. If anyone else want to add some more information or even has some videos of non-RP events from RP server I would be happy to post them
  16. Surly at some point in the last 4 years Turbine could have disabled those tools that they dont authorise the use of. I can understand why they added them for beta testing but surely it would be easy to stop them from working. Its not like Turbine didnt know CM were using them, they were doing so for years and yet they did nothing about it
  17. At least CM used the same exchange rate all the time, although they could have updated after a year or 2, but Turbine cant even use the same exchange rate just now. The exchange rate they are using for the world transfer is approx £1 = €1.16, yet for the special 12 month offer they are using is approx £1 = €1.13, so who knows what they will use for monthly subs and for store points
  18. Did they get the 20% kin house discount
  19. Codemasters used the exchange rates that were correct when they first offered the service and then never changed them, which is common business practice. Turbine are not using the current exchange rates
  20. Orions latest info regarding gambits http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5412018#post5412018
  21. I wont put all the blame on Sapience, he is just the mouth of Sauron (Turbine/Warner Bros) and is just doing as he is told. Although the wording used should be a lot better as it does come across as very rude
  22. Dont imagine many people will be using the world transfer service going by the prices $24.95 €21.95 £18.95 per transaction http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5411528#post5411528 The old prices with CM were £11.99 / €17.99 / $24.95 per transaction. That is a rise of 58% for us Brits and 22% for those in the Euro zone
  23. and some people are actually happy Turbine are taking control. Also when did CM have the tools to do these events if they were no authorised to be used, surely Turbine could have disabled them
  24. They are allowing posts in General discussion to help with the transfer in case people have any issues
  25. I must have been in another layer as there was only a few of us there including 2 chickens
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