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  1. Codemasters used the exchange rates that were correct when they first offered the service and then never changed them, which is common business practice. Turbine are not using the current exchange rates
  2. Orions latest info regarding gambits http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5412018#post5412018
  3. I wont put all the blame on Sapience, he is just the mouth of Sauron (Turbine/Warner Bros) and is just doing as he is told. Although the wording used should be a lot better as it does come across as very rude
  4. Dont imagine many people will be using the world transfer service going by the prices $24.95 €21.95 £18.95 per transaction http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?&postid=5411528#post5411528 The old prices with CM were £11.99 / €17.99 / $24.95 per transaction. That is a rise of 58% for us Brits and 22% for those in the Euro zone
  5. and some people are actually happy Turbine are taking control. Also when did CM have the tools to do these events if they were no authorised to be used, surely Turbine could have disabled them
  6. They are allowing posts in General discussion to help with the transfer in case people have any issues
  7. I must have been in another layer as there was only a few of us there including 2 chickens
  8. Actually it is not a good deal if we are not paying VAT. Current 12 month sub in the US is $119.88, which converts to £72.65 before VAT (£87.18 after VAT)
  9. Same from me, here is to a great forum and a great community
  10. Just use the command /servertime and this puts the current time and date in the chat box
  11. A while back I said other companies would be looking at Turbine to see how DDO and LOTRO did after going F2P and would look to copy if it increased revenue and it appears that it is starting to happen. I would not be surprised to see more companies following this trend
  12. The link doesnt work any more, looks like Turbine have removed the thread
  13. You mean Beelzebot Just noticed the similarity between that picture and Dnotes avatar
  14. The closest I ever came was playing Hero Quest
  15. Not coming that soon for the EU players since we are not likely to get it before the transfer to Turbine
  16. Go into general discussion and it is at the top of the forum
  17. It would be nice if someone from CM could give us an update. I know some of the staff are reading this topic
  18. I have just changed my password without any problems so it is working just now
  19. Looks like a lot of vBulletin forums have been hacked http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php/379072-Site-hacked-can-someone-please-help
  20. Anyone else unable to get on to the CM forum
  21. There is a game updates sub-forum which could be used
  22. Turbines forum is forever logging me out and back in again when I click on different topics it is rather annoying
  23. Would everyone have to run around saying everything is Shiney and would we have to learn Chinese
  24. While I will try to post the info first, if it is not admin only then best to let anyone post the info so that it doesnt get missed. Also any discussions about the updates could go there and not in general discussions thus keeping everything in one place
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