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  1. I've just re-asked the question if we have to pay VAT or not. Thats a good deal that they have going but then I have 2 lifetime accounts and dont need more!.

    Anyone else thing 2-3 days is very optamistic?

    Actually it is not a good deal if we are not paying VAT. Current 12 month sub in the US is $119.88, which converts to £72.65 before VAT (£87.18 after VAT)

  2. just took a pic of mine too - good idea and thanks for it! of course turbine could claim that the photos were taken who knows when since screenies have no dates :(

    Just use the command /servertime and this puts the current time and date in the chat box

  3. A while back I said other companies would be looking at Turbine to see how DDO and LOTRO did after going F2P and would look to copy if it increased revenue and it appears that it is starting to happen. I would not be surprised to see more companies following this trend

  4. I'm probably just blind as usual but where's the forum announcement? I looked at Codemasters: News & Announcements and didn't see anything. Same with News & Announcements in the LotRO subforum.

    Go into general discussion and it is at the top of the forum

  5. I'm still hankering after a Firefly MMO, but as the series almost 10 years ago and the first attempt at an MMO failed, I fear that boat has finally sailed.

    Would everyone have to run around saying everything is Shiney and would we have to learn Chinese

  6. While I will try to post the info first, if it is not admin only then best to let anyone post the info so that it doesnt get missed. Also any discussions about the updates could go there and not in general discussions thus keeping everything in one place

  7. A one time way to gte some nice points is to role a character on every server and in the introduction you get a quest which gives you 10 points to buy another quest from the store. Take the points and dont buy the second quest. You can only do it one per server but it doesnt take long and once we can role on the US servers you can do it there for even more points

  8. Was wondering if there could be a sub-forum, that is admin only posting, for the patch notes, dev diaries etc. This would keep all the information in one place making it easier for people coming back to the game to find out what has changed with out spending ages searching the entire general discussion sub-forum. People could still discuss them as normal in the general section

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