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  1. I wont not bee surprised to find out that it was his own business that would get the exclusive rights, so he can make a fortune off of it.
  2. So apparently the Trump administration offered large sums of money to a German company working on a vaccine so the the US would have exclusive rights to the vaccine https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/15/trump-offers-large-sums-for-exclusive-access-to-coronavirus-vaccine What is wrong with these people
  3. The whole herd immunity plan is based of the premise that you cant get reinfected, but there are reports of people in China testing positive after recovering. So either these people had not fully recovered, are the outliers that can get reinfected or maybe herd immunity wont work. A lot of lives will be lost in this massive gamble by the government Also a bunch of scientists in the UK have written an open letter saying the policy will risk more lives than necessary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-51892402
  4. Johnson's plan for 60% to get infected for herd immunity, which is just insane, will have a devastating effect on our economy in the long term. Focus on slowing the spread, and saving lives. One the number of infected swamps the NHS the death rate will rise as there will be some that could have survived with medical help but wont be able to get it. Slowing the spread could minimise the impact on the economy
  5. The US has a much larger landmass than both Germany and Iran combined, US Land mass 9.834 million km² Germany land mass 357,386 km² Iran Land mass 1.648 million km² It is possible that the virus will spread quicker in more densely population countries like Germany and Iran
  6. Boris deserves the flak. Not stopping the football matches was a bad decision. Thankfully the FA's have decided to do so. Well the is not a significant risk in large gathering, having 500 people means that you need paramedics on had, taking them away from were they are needed. The governments plan seems to be prioritising the economy over lives
  7. The head immunity idea is utter bullshit, it will lead to many unnecessary deaths. The aim for 60% herd immunity, with a death rate of 0.7% (this is the rate seen in South Korea) will lead to around a quarter of a million deaths in the UK. That is unacceptable as a policy for any government
  8. At least he can read an autocue for almost 10 minutes, and still getting things wrong
  9. If only the US had a team that was setup specially to deal with pandemics, some sort of response team, oh wait he got rid of that in 2018
  10. Why has Trump not been tested yet, he has now been pictured with someone that is infected. Ivanka has also been pictured with someone that is infected. the arrogance of people like Trump is spreading this virus.
  11. Is it meant to be an achievement to read for less then 10 minutes
  12. The problem is the Trump has spent the past week or so playing this down, saying it is not a big problem, rather than getting ahead of this from the off. Also I hope he gets him self tested as he has had direct contact with people that are now self isolating, included one that had to self isolate on Air Force One. He should be setting an example
  13. They have opted to pay for continued support . Well this is costly it gives another 3 years to spread the cost of upgrading to Windows 10. There is also the issue of software that may not run on Windows 10. We already have to use a virtual desktop running an older version of Windows for some software as that is a cheaper option than trying to make it work on newer versions of Windows. I just hope that when they do upgrade they go for the 64 bit version and then upgrade the PC's with more RAM as only having 4GB sucks
  14. Not updated them according to this post, dated 05/02/2020 https://help.standingstonegames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002036807-What-are-the-system-requirements-for-LOTRO- Also you can still use Windows 7 just without any updates, and businesses can pay for another 3 years of cover with the cost rising each year per computer. My company is still using Windows 7 and the only reason my department is getting an upgrade in the near future is that we have to access banking websites which will not work on Windows 7 in the near future.
  15. Most of his videos are blocked in the UK at least on Youtube
  16. With stupid comments like that, she would be a sure fit as a new Tory adviser https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51535367
  17. If charities are so good, why dont we just let them run everything and scrap the government
  18. cossieuk


    Wasnt he banned from entering the USA after trying to use a friends passport because of his convictions for mortgage fraud
  19. SO Mitt Romney is voting against Trump, this will mean that Trump will be the first President to have a member from his own party vote to convict them in an impeachment trial
  20. cossieuk


    That money was coming regardless of Brexit. Now we have stopped the payments to Brussels, when will we see that money. Also Brexit Britain is now following the Trump administration by banning journalists from Downing street briefings. At least all the journalists that were not banned had the decency to not attend the briefing https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-brexit-news-journalists-walk-out-no-10-briefing-a9314996.html
  21. cossieuk


    So when does the NHS start getting the £350 million a week
  22. Still dont hate the person, hate the belief
  23. I would say so, hate their beliefs but dont hate the person, they may not know any better, especially if they are surrounded by others who have the same beliefs
  24. All societies have some restrictions on speech, even your beloved USA. Try walking into a cinema and yelling that there is a fire, when there isnt one and see what happens to you. Also civilised people do not hate people for something that they have no control over, ie skin colour, race, sexuality etc
  25. Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 65, described impeachable offenses as arising from "the misconduct of public men, or in other words from the abuse or violation of some public trust". Such offenses were "political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself". According to this reasoning, impeachable conduct could include behavior that violates an official's duty to the country, even if such conduct is not necessarily a prosecutable offense. Indeed, in the past both houses of Congress have given the phrase "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" a broad reading, finding that impeachable offenses need not be limited to criminal conduct. Does impeachment need a crime to have taken place, it would seem not
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