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  1. 26 minutes ago, Almagnus1 said:

    Any idiot can put out a google doc and call it a poll.  If you're going to cite that, it means the I don't need to waste my time with the rest of your post as the rest of your sources are likely just as dubious as this one.

    Also, didn't Trump poll poorly in 2016?  Coincidence?

    The google doc is created by ABC news and The Washington Post, but what about all the other polls including one by Fox News

    As for 2016 he was a behind by not by that much only around 3% in the 6 months before the election


  2. 50 minutes ago, MusicMachine said:

    I am not sure about PvP being antiTolkienesque. One of his main themes is civil wars, the kin strife, the Kinslayings, Arthedain vs Cardolan vs Rhudaur. None of the participants in these is portrayed as purely evil.

    Not a lot of Hobbit on Hobbit fighting

  3. Trump raging at Twitter for fact checking his clearly false tweets about voter fraud.  He says it is an attack on free speech.  Just how dumb is he to not understand there is no right to free speech on any social media

  4. So Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's top advisor, drove from London to County Durham, some 270 miles, with his wife and 4 year old child when he and his wife were both infected to stay with family as the needed help with the child.  Anyone else doing this would have to go, but the government are defending him saying he did nothing wrong, even though the rules say if you have the virus then do not leave your house.

    His wife wrote an article in The Spectator about their London lock down even though they were not in London.

  5. So Mick Pompeo was suspected of abuse of office and the Inspector General launched an investigation, and now the Inspector General has been sacked.  I thought Trump was going to drain the swamp, but instead you can do what you like as long as you back Trump and he will protect you.  

  6. 4 hours ago, Doro said:

    I guess Obama is the current one Trump's latching on to for more of his deception/deflections. He'll be back onto China, and then the WHO, and then Democrats, and then fake news soon enough.

    My guess is that the attacks on Obama will pivot to Biden was there with Obama so whatever Obama did Biden did, then these attacks will start on Biden.  He knows many of his supports hate Obama and he is going to use this hatred to make them hate Biden even more than they already do

  7. there has now been over 50000 excess deaths, these are deaths above the yearly average, in the UK as at 1st May.  Based on the average daily deaths of around 1600 over the past 5 years, that is around 31 days worth of extra deaths this year

  8. For those who are VIP there is some free gifts for logging in before the end of May

    A selection box of medium carryalls, choose from one of the following: Crafting, Task, Essence, Instrument or Housing Decoration. This item delivers to the first character on the first server you log into. Please make sure to log into the server that you wish to claim the item on.

    Greater morale potion (bound to character, delivered to every character a player logs into on their account between May 1st and May 31st.)


  9. There was a poll a few days ago that showed that people in the UK want the lockdown to continue, but the Government is planning to announce some relaxing on the lockdown on Sunday.  I wonder if there will be much change to the number of people going out from Monday.

    Also it seems that BAEM are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 in the UK then white people.  There is no agreed reason as to why this is the case, although these groups do have the highest levels of poverty which may be part of the problem.

  10. 7 hours ago, Doro said:

    I think Altreg asked earlier on in the thread if any of us knew anyone who has been diagnosed, and I'm still in the camp of "no confirmation but a lot of speculative bouts of illness". At this point, even if I did know someone who had been, I'd still doubt the legitimacy of any test regarding it as an outcome. Though I still currently believe it exists, I'm leaning more and more into the conspiracy side of things and don't believe this virus to be as claimed, including fatality numbers, the danger it represents, its origins, or its prevalence. It only takes a simple misdiagnosis of a virus with symptoms which are commonplace for others like it in those age groups or a faulty test to result in a new statistic.

    My great uncle died of it around 10 days ago.  He was in a care home, and fell and broke his hip.  He was taking to hospital and as he had symptoms was test and confirmed positive.  He died the next day.  He also had underlying health conditions, namely COPD which effects the lungs

  11. Covid-19 as declared a pandemic 8 weeks ago.  We know weeks before that that this was going to become an issue.  Why did it take so long to start developing the app.  Also the app being tested in the UK is centralised with users data shared with a central database and the NHS if the user declares that they have symptoms. 

    The information commissioner's office has suggested that a decentralised approach would better protect users privacy.  If people feel their privacy is being compromised then they may not use the app.  There has also been talk of legal challenges to the app due to potential privacy concerns

  12. 14 hours ago, LasraelLarson said:

    the month of May is underway as is Spring.  next month Summer officially begins.  we will soon see just how much this abates, if at all.

    Even if the warmer weather has some effect, it is going into Winter in the southern hemisphere.  So this could lead to a lot more cases elsewhere in the world, especially in poorer countries that have little healthcare

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