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  1. One reason for Belgium being so high is they are counting people who have died outwith hospitals were it is suspected that they had Covid-19 but not been tested and confirmed.
  2. A Trump economic adviser is calling those protesting the lock down modern day Rosa Parks. I dont get how people can be so dumb https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a32195452/stephen-moore-trump-protesters-rosa-parks/
  3. He only cares about getting the economy going again as that is what he has based his whole presidency on and if people have to die so the DOW goes up again he is fine with that
  4. The UK government has now advised healthcare workers to reuse PPE when stocks are low. How will this effect the rate of infection and the death rate https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52335561
  5. Looking at the death rate in the UK, just imagine what that would mean if the UK had went with the governments original plan of herd immunity. 65 million people, with a 60% herd immunity. That is 39 million people. With a 13% death rate that is over 5 million dead.
  6. Could it have been they were trying to get a better deal, in their opinion, for the American people
  7. I want to just add that the music is fantastic. There are times when I just stand still listening to the music.
  8. This is Covid-19 not Covid-1 There is nothing you can say to defend that level of stupidity. She has the cheek to say the American people deserve the truth. She wouldn't know the truth if it bitch slapped her
  9. You have to draw the line somewhere. If it is ok to go somewhere remote as there is little risk, lots of people will start going to remote area, so the risk increases. If you let one family do it, then other will follow. Everyone needs to do their bit to protect those at risk.
  10. London is also the epicenter of the virus in the UK. Staying at home will help to slow the spread and save lives. It is not a hard thing that is being asked of people. Sit on your arse and what TV
  11. Why do people have such a hard time following such a simple rule https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-52261055
  12. So now that this game has finally released. I have been spending the holiday weekend play this and it is a lot of fun. I am around 8 hours in and have only just got to Aerith in the church. As there is a lot of new story content building the world and the characters. There is a lot of time spend with Jessie, Wedge and Biggs getting to know them. The combat is fun, being a mixture of action and turn based, where you have an ATB gauge that fills up in combat, attacking and blocking speeds this up, once it is full you can active it, which puts the combat into superslow mode so that you can go into the battle menu and use abilities, spells or items. You can switch between party member on the fly or just issues orders to them when their ATB gauge is ready.
  13. If that had been Abbott, the press would be having a field day, but they are not talking about it. More tests allows us to see the true extent of the number of cases and the number of deaths. The are a number of people especially in care homes that have died from suspected Covid-19 but are not being tested so their deaths are not included in the official figures. Testing will also allow us to see when the number or new cases is falling and when it maybe possible to start lifting some of the current restrictions safely without risking a second wave
  14. Three hundred thousand and thirty four, nine hundred and seventy four thousand tests. What? Now we know why we have not seen her before now on the daily briefings
  15. He just used a common misconception getting it wrong again. Many people want their doctor to give them antibiotics when they wont work.
  16. Who wants to tell him that antibiotics dont work on a virus
  17. SO the number of deaths has doubled in the past 8 days, with over 1.6 million confirmed cases. This is a fatality rate of over 6% in confirmed cases.
  18. Not really a surprise, he didnt have much chance of being the Dems pick. Also dropping out now means that the remaining primaries can be cancelled, which may help slow the spread of Covid-19
  19. This is why America is some much worse than other countries
  20. So I have been playing this over the past few weekends. The lag is worse now than ever. Sometimes it can be over 10 seconds where you cant do anything, then everything happens instantly. I was even killed by an Orc as I couldnt attack, but as soon as the lag ended there was a stream of red numbers and my morale just plummeted to 0. It is really annoying. I can only imagine how bad this could be in a raid.
  21. Scotland's CMO, who does the daily briefings telling people not to go out unless it is essential was caught at her holiday home yesterday with her husband, 3 kinds and the dog. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5460581/coronavirus-scotland-catherine-calderwood-chief-medic-covid-19/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=scottishsuntwitter&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1586033299 She claimed that they were just there to make sure the property was secure, and then they stayed the night. They were pictured out walking on the local golf course. How do these people expect to get the public to follow the rules when they wont.
  22. The US have over 250000 cases and almost 7000 deaths, South Korea has just over 10000 cases and less than 200 deaths. Both countries had their first confirmed cases on the same day, 17/01/2020.. The US has around 6 times the population of South Korea but over 25 times the number of cases and 25 times as many deaths. If only Trump had acted as fast as the Koreans did.
  23. So we now have over 1 million confirmed cases world wide and over 50000 deaths. It took less than a week to go from 500000 cases to a million.
  24. Trumps says he knows Seoul better than anyone then proceeds to say it has population of 38 million which is more than any US city. Seoul only has a population of around 10 million. Why does he persist in making up such bullshit numbers that can be so easily fact checked . Given that he does that all the time you can never trust any number he gives you. https://news.sky.com/story/trump-gets-seoul-population-wrong-by-28-million-after-boasting-he-knows-south-korea-better-than-anybody-11966163 He also said New York doesnt need 30000 ventilators https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-coronavirus-ventilators-fox-news-hannity-covid-19-symptoms-a9429661.html The when asked about this, he said he didnt say it and has a go at the journalist He is a complete bellend
  25. Yet in February he claimed that the number of cases would drop to 0 in a few days. That is not taking this seriously. What did they do in February to plan for this virus. Why is there an issue with protective gear for health workers, even now.
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