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  1. 9 hours ago, Doro said:

    Unless they're climbing through the windows of vulnerable people's houses, popping out to enjoy the outdoors isn't going to put anyone at risk. There comes a point where being locked in your own home to protect people also locked in their own home is a bit redundant.

    You have to draw the line somewhere.  If it is ok to go somewhere remote as there is little risk, lots of people will start going to remote area, so the risk increases.  If you let one family do it, then other will follow.  Everyone needs to do their bit to protect those at risk.

  2. 7 hours ago, Doro said:

    I don't blame them. London is a shithole, Devon is comfy, and being locked up in your own home indiscriminately is ridiculous. If they want to choose to be outside, they should be perfectly free to do so. Who knows how long this totalitarian imprisonment is supposed to last? Best to start civil disobedience now before it's too late.

    London is also the epicenter of the virus in the UK.  Staying at home will help to slow the spread and save lives.  It is not a hard thing that is being asked of people.  Sit on your arse and what TV

  3. So now that this game has finally released.  I have been spending the holiday weekend play this and it is a lot of fun.

    I am around 8 hours in and have only just got to Aerith in the church.  As there is a lot of new story content building the world and the characters.  There is a lot of time spend with Jessie, Wedge and Biggs getting to know them.

    The combat is fun, being a mixture of action and turn based, where you have an ATB gauge that fills up in combat, attacking and blocking speeds this up, once it is full you can active it, which puts the combat into superslow mode so that you can go into the battle menu and use abilities, spells or items.  You can switch between party member on the fly or just issues orders to them when their ATB gauge is ready.

  4. 8 hours ago, Doro said:

    She must have been getting notes from Diane Abbott.

    But there's something I must be missing about these tests. I keep seeing people asking for more tests, and the media keeps focusing on test numbers, but what exactly is the outcome for positive results for the average person? Are they put into a special quarantine or chucked straight into hospital, because that would seem a bit unnecessary at this point. Are they just advised to self-isolate, because I thought that was already the advice for anyone feeling a bit ill. They're obviously not going for the whole track and trace thing since it's too late for that. And it's not like getting tested will cure them, either. So what's with the government/media focus on tests? Feels like they're using them as a sort of distraction for the general masses, to make it look like something is being done.


    Meanwhile, in Wales, the dystopian police have arrested a lad for daring to be caught outside for the 6th time. Him driving around when barely anyone is outside is considered a risk to the community, probably the exhaust fumes carry it, right? This likely means they're stopping everyone they see outside to interrogate them about what they're doing in free air. "Oi, 0.1% of the country has a cold, you got your outside loicence?"

    If that had been Abbott, the press would be having a field day, but they are not talking about it.

    More tests allows us to see the true extent of the number of cases and the number of deaths.  The are a number of people especially in care homes that have died from suspected Covid-19 but are not being tested so their deaths are not included in the official figures.  Testing will also allow us to see when the number or new cases is falling and when it maybe possible to start lifting some of the current restrictions safely without risking a second wave 

  5. On 4/2/2020 at 8:57 PM, cossieuk said:

    So we now have over 1 million confirmed cases world wide and over 50000 deaths.  It took less than a week to go from 500000 cases to a million.

    SO the number of deaths has doubled in the past 8 days, with over 1.6 million confirmed cases.  This is a fatality rate of over 6% in confirmed cases.

  6. So I have been playing this over the past few weekends.  The lag is worse now than ever.  Sometimes it can be over 10 seconds where you cant do anything, then everything happens instantly.  I was even killed by an  Orc as I couldnt attack, but as soon as the lag ended there was a stream of red numbers and my morale just plummeted to 0.  It is really annoying.  I can only imagine how bad this could be in a raid.

  7. Scotland's CMO, who does the daily briefings telling people not to go out unless it is essential was caught at her holiday home yesterday with her husband, 3 kinds and the dog.


    She claimed that they were just there to make sure the property was secure, and then they stayed the night.  They were pictured out walking on the local golf course.

    How do these people expect to get the public to follow the rules when they wont.

  8. The US have over 250000 cases and almost 7000 deaths, South Korea has just over 10000 cases and less than 200 deaths.  Both countries had their first confirmed cases on the same day, 17/01/2020..

    The US has around 6 times the population of South Korea but over 25 times the number of cases and 25 times as many deaths.  If only Trump had acted as fast as the Koreans did.


  9. Trumps says he knows Seoul better than anyone then proceeds to say it has  population of 38 million which is more than any US city.  Seoul only has a population of around 10 million.  Why does he persist in making up such bullshit numbers that can be so easily fact checked .  Given that he does that all the time you can never trust any number he gives you.


    He also said New York doesnt need 30000 ventilators 


    The when asked about this, he said he didnt say it and has a go at the journalist

    He is a complete bellend

  10. 5 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    If Trump wasn't taking this seriously, why was the Coronovirus Task Force created on January 29th?  See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Coronavirus_Task_Force

    Yet in February he claimed that the number of cases would drop to 0 in a few days.  That is not taking this seriously. 

    What did they do in February to plan for this virus.  Why is there an issue with protective gear for health workers, even now.  

  11. 10 hours ago, Doro said:
    Tot Cases/
    1M pop
    Tot Deaths/
    1M pop
    USA 102,464 +17,029 1,607 +312 2,471 98,386 2,463 310 5
    Italy 86,498 +5,909 9,134 +919 10,950 66,414 3,732 1,431 151
    China 81,394 +54 3,295 +3 74,971 3,128 886 57 2
    Spain 65,719 +7,933 5,138 +773 9,357 51,224 4,165 1,406 110
    Germany 50,871 +6,933 351 +84 6,658 43,862 1,581 607 4
    France 32,964 +3,809 1,995 +299 5,700 25,269 3,787 505 31
    Iran 32,332 +2,926 2,378 +144 11,133 18,821 2,893 385 28
    UK 14,543 +2,885 759 +181 135 13,649 163 214 11
    Switzerland 12,928 +1,117 231 +39 1,530 11,167 203 1,494 27
    S. Korea 9,332 +91 139 +8 4,528 4,665 59 182 3

    Come on, I was pretty fucking close! 12 hours out, but still.

    Didn't expect UK to rise to 8th place, though. When did the lockdown come into effect? I guess there'll be no noticeable impact of a lockdown until around 2 weeks after it's in place, as all the infections in that time will have already happened without people realising it, they'll just start manifesting symptoms when they're inside.

    The UK lock down was announce last Friday, so it has been a week.

    South Korea has announced that they have more recovered than are still infected.  They really seem to have got this under control by acting so quickly and doing mass testing


    It reported 146 new cases on Saturday, taking the total to 9,478 - of whom 4,811 have been released from hospital.




  12. so the Prime Minister and the Health Secretory have both tested positive and the the chief medical office is showing symptoms.  This come the day after Prince Charles also tested positive.

    All are showing mild symptoms, yet all bar the CMO got tested when the are front line health care staff that still cant get tested.  As long as their symptoms where only mild they should just have self isolated like anyone else would have to do.

  13. 11 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    It's cause we're doing far more testing than other countries.  When you test more, you find more.  Key thing to watch is the fatality rate, as we could be looking at a 3%, 1%, or .1% kill rate for the virus.... but infection numbers without the rest of the data means you can't really draw conclusions.

    Of course more tests can mean more cases, but South Korea, is way ahead of the US in tests by way behind on positive cases as they acted much quicker then just about any other country.  Germany is upping the number of test to 500000 a week, which will increase the number of confirmed cases there but I suspect by a lower percentage the the US, as they have around half the cases of the US and have already done much more tests, and are further along then the US in terms of how long the virus has been active in the country.

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