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  1. 32 minutes ago, Doro said:

    That's actually been making me smile recently. Gamers are looking at all these normies in lock-downs and going "this is nothing different". Back in its peak, I could go a month solid without needing to go outside, just wasting time fucking about with friends in LotRO and raiding with my kin. Absolute, mind-numbing bliss. But it was a very different beast then, with a very different community. I wonder just how many people will pick up their old WoW accounts though? That's got to have quite the uptake.

    How many will be getting Disney + in the UK now that it has just launched.

  2. 18 hours ago, Doro said:

    The surprising thing about all this is just how quickly and suddenly things are changing on a day by day basis. I genuinely couldn't guess where things will be by the end of April.

    Given that people are not practicing social distancing, the videos of Richmond Park are ridiculous, it will get a lot worse. 

  3. So given that we are all advised to stay in doors for the foreseeable future what TV show do people recommend.  I havent added anything from Disney + as it doesnt launch in the till the 24th March

    Travelers - Netflix

     The Expanse - Amazon 

    Picard - Amzon

    Star Trek - Netflix

    Smallville  - Amazon Prime

    Still Game - Netflix

    Suits - Netflix


  4. It may be that some of them would have died this year anyway, but many would not have.  The youngest death in the UK is currently 41.  Younger people will die from this.

    Well the number who die each year will end up balancing out over the next couple of years, the NHS is struggling and it is only a matter of time before the staff start having to make the horrible decision of who to treat and who to just let die as the dont have the resources to treat everyone 

  5. All Trump had to do was acknowledge that people as scared, but that everything that can be done is being done.  If people listen to and follow the advise from the CDC then America will get through this and be stronger for it.

    It is an easy question to answer, and sound presidential.  Instead he sounded like a dick

  6. 1 hour ago, Almagnus1 said:

    So... Trump's looking into doing a bit different form of an economic bailout, like actually helping the average citizen. https://www.thehour.com/news/article/White-House-coronavirus-plan-aims-to-send-2-000-15140061.php

    Well this is a good idea in principle, it only helps out for a short time, many a month or 2.

    Also sending all those cheques out and thus having all those people going to the bank is not a great idea for slowing the spread

  7. 19 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    I think that's the general gameplan, as I've heard that the virus does worse in warmer weather so if we can slow most of the population getting infected until summer, we might be able to mitigate most of the issues related to coronavirus simply by managing how fast people get infected.

    Even in warmer climates it is still spreading, just look at Australia where temperatures are in the mid 20 C range.

    Also even if the warmer weather does help, the southern hemisphere is heading towards winter.     

  8. 12 minutes ago, Splay said:

    I doubt this could be true and not already known. When the history of this virus unfolds, if somehow it were true and Americans did nothing about it. Well, that would be a sad day. Not only would it show future Presidents they can have excess prosperity after leaving office, but why wait, because they can do it while in office. In the event it is true, then that would make Trump a super-hoarder. Something which I never condone or admire.

    Not saying it is true, just it would not surprise me.

    So the latest advise from Boris is to avoid unnecessary contact with other dont go to pubs, restaurants, cinema etc, yet the schools and universities are to stay open.  How does this make any sense.  The secondary school I went to has over 1500 pupils and is 1 or 3 that size where I live, surely this is a mass gathering.  

  9. 20 hours ago, Doro said:

    I think at this point a shorter list would be what's right with them. Imagine wanting to keep the rest of the world from a potential solution for the sake of some capitalist power grab.

    I wont not bee surprised to find out that it was his own business that would get the exclusive rights, so he can make a fortune off of it.

  10. 2 hours ago, warspeech said:

    This thread has a description of the strategy and the reasoning for it/possible risks (I think the thread is about 15 tweets total)




    The whole herd immunity plan is based of the premise that you cant get reinfected, but there are reports of people in China testing positive after recovering.  So either these people had not fully recovered, are the outliers that can get reinfected or maybe herd immunity wont work.  A lot of lives will be lost in this massive gamble by the government 

    Also a bunch of scientists in the UK have written an open letter saying the policy will risk more lives than necessary


  11. 2 hours ago, Doro said:

    As harsh as it sounds, the economy is vastly more important than a minority of lives. Hit the economy hard enough and you lose lives anyway, but at least with a relatively stable one you can focus on long-term issues that benefit the majority. The nature of this virus means it's going to spread regardless, it's just about how quickly and how capable the systems in place are at dealing with it. Pragmatically, it makes sense to not hit the economy for the sake of a dragged-out crisis. And there's an uncomfortable silver-lining to the virus in that those most at risk are the sick and elderly...

    Johnson's plan for 60% to get infected for herd immunity, which is just insane, will have a devastating effect on our economy in the long term.  Focus on slowing the spread, and saving lives.   One the number of infected swamps the NHS the death rate will rise as there will be some that could have survived with medical help but wont be able to get it.  Slowing the spread could minimise the impact on the economy 

  12. 1 hour ago, LasraelLarson said:

    why is the 3rd most populous country (US) with 4.24% of the worlds population behind Germany the 19th most populous with only 1.07% of the worlds people?  ...  or Iran which has (or had) similar numbers to Germany.


    The US has a much larger landmass than both Germany and Iran combined,

    US Land mass 9.834 million km²

    Germany land mass 357,386 km²

    Iran Land mass  1.648 million km²

    It is possible that the virus will spread quicker in more densely population countries like Germany and Iran

  13. 32 minutes ago, Doro said:

    They always do for PMs, especially Tory ones.

    Boris deserves  the flak.  Not stopping the football matches was a bad decision.  Thankfully the FA's have decided to do so.  Well the is not a significant risk in large gathering, having 500 people means that you need paramedics on had, taking them away from were they are needed.  The governments plan seems to be prioritising the economy over lives

  14. The head immunity idea is utter bullshit, it will lead to many unnecessary deaths.  The aim for 60% herd immunity, with a death rate of 0.7% (this is the rate seen in South Korea) will lead to around a quarter of a million deaths in the UK.  That is unacceptable as a policy for any government


  15. 10 minutes ago, Doro said:

    Meeting daily with seemingly nothing done still, sounds more like an easy pay-cheque. The US is still as unprepared as every other country with a bunch of lying idiots in charge, except there'll be more economic turbulence because of knee-jerk reactions from the White House, as has been the case with pretty much every international issue Trump touches. You can't give him credit for ineffectual policies designed for superficial appeasement (the political equivalent of pretending to type on a keyboard to look busy at work). The virus is already there, it's spreading like it did for Iran, Italy, and South Korea, and the task force twiddled their thumbs waiting for it knowing full well they didn't have anything useful in place.

    If only the US had a team that was setup specially to deal with pandemics, some sort of response team, oh wait he got rid of that in 2018

  16. The problem is the Trump has spent the past week or so playing this down, saying it is not a big problem, rather than getting ahead of this from the off.

    Also I hope he gets him self tested as he has had direct contact with people that are now self isolating, included one that had to self isolate on Air Force One.  He should be setting an example

  17. 20 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

    Speaking of which, the only way to have the support extension was if your business had already filed for it.  If you're waiting until now, you're screwed.  If you're just a random dude, you're not getting updates as all of those agreements are made with the understanding that the business will be upgrading and must provide an upgrade plan prior to that agreement's acceptance - not to mention that it's a very, very costly option.

    Either way, you're rolling the dice and doing something stupid at this point.

    Your company's stuck in the past, and they need to move forward from Windows 7.  It's not a smart thing (cyber-security wise) to keep running Windows 7.

    They have opted to pay for continued support .  Well this is costly it gives another 3 years to spread the cost of upgrading to Windows 10.  There is also the issue of software that may not run on Windows 10.  We already have to use a virtual desktop running an older version of Windows for some software as that is a cheaper option than trying to make it work on newer versions of Windows.  

    I just hope that when they do upgrade they go for the 64 bit version and then upgrade the PC's with more RAM as only having 4GB sucks

  18. 1 hour ago, Almagnus1 said:

    So amusingly, the last known OS LotRO supports has gone EOL, as seen https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search?alpha=windows 7 service p .

    Has LotRO updated their system requirements anytime soon, or are they basically considered a retrogame at this point in time?

    Not updated them according to this post, dated 05/02/2020


    Also you can still use Windows 7 just without any updates, and businesses can pay for another 3 years of cover with the cost rising each year per computer.

    My company is still using Windows 7 and the only reason my department is getting an upgrade in the near future is that we have to access banking websites which will not work on Windows 7 in the near future. 

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