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  1. Trump thinks that he can just use Twitter instead of actually going to Congress
  2. That is utter shite, you have absolutely no knowledge of the UK if you think that is true. You really need to stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid it has rotted your brain
  3. That's tomorrows issue, today he has change the narrative
  4. Its also a great way to distract from his impeachment
  5. Don't worry Mike Pompeo is committed to de-escalation. Just imagine what they would have done if the wanted to escalated the issue
  6. I dont have one either, wouldn't use it as there is little parking where I work so it would just be a waste of money
  7. Given the average new car cost in the UK is around £33500 which is around $44000 even at $50000 that is not that expensive. The average new car price in the US is $36700 To put things in perspective the average wage in the UK is £29500 ($39600) and in the US it is $47000. So your car is about 1 years wage, where as the average new car in the UK is now than 1 years wage. So I will say it again not that expensive
  8. You can get a 2018 WRX STI for under £26000 (approx $34000), not really an expensive car even modded with stage 2 costing around $3000. Not that big a deal
  9. What was that you were saying
  10. Interesting look at the Republicans defenses of Trump
  11. Cause he cant admit he is wrong and that Trump could have done something wrong
  12. Trump doesn't lie, he uses alternative facts
  13. Not sure asking another country to investigate your political rival would fall under foreign policy and if that is you r foreign policy then there is something very wrong
  14. Yes you can, there was a guy on TV in the UK last night arguing that him earning over £80k did not mean he was in the top 5% of earners in the UK, he argued he wasn't in the top 50%.
  15. What is Trump doing tweeting about a witness who is testifying at the impeachment hearing.
  16. Why has Trump not tried to have Biden investigated before now, why wait until he is running to be the Democratic nominee for President. Why did the Republicans not launch an investigation into Biden when they controlled the Senate
  17. I suspect he can afford to pay, but just doesnt. Small contractors cant afford to sue him, his lawyers will just tie the case up for so long they would go bust. I dont believe he is as rich as he claims, but he has made a lot of money from being the President, all the trips to his hotels must add up to a lot on money
  18. Isnt Trump a rich old white man. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50340989 Michael Bloomberg mulls presidential bid
  19. cossieuk


    Not sure how good the polls will be this time. The Lid Dems, Greens and Plaid Cymru will most likely not stand against each other where one of them has a good change of winning. They did this at the last by election and it worked. Well Labour wont do this, it would make sense for supports of anti brexit parties to vote tactically in marginal seats to make sure the Tories dont get a majority. Also in some of the marginal seats the Brexit party could cost the Tories the seat by splitting the Brexit vote, will be interesting to see if the stand in Tory marginal areas
  20. cossieuk


    So we are going to have an election and most likely at the end of another hung parliament and still no change on Brexit. Then it will be a Christmas recess so nothing will happen before January.
  21. cossieuk


    Not just Boris' lies. Farage had more than his fair share
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