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  1. Sincilbanks

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    It's all yours sir!
  2. Sincilbanks

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    It's yours Jedy2, just PM your address to me...
  3. Sincilbanks

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    I doubt it, it's for the original European service, but you could ask the new guys CS if they will honour it I guess?
  4. Hey all, Just been doing that clearing up thing and found a couple of items someone might want rather than sending them to the tip, seems a shame to do that rather than try and find a loving home for them Original LotRO Europe Collectors Edition box with Lifetime subscription - brand new unopened and in shrink wrap # 0289 Middle Earth tea towel map FoC to a good home, just need someone to cough up the postage...
  5. Sincilbanks

    Customer Service Begging For Compliments

    Wow, words fail me...
  6. Sincilbanks

    Spring Fest 2015: Turbine Strikes Out Again

    I'll translate that as: New items still in development for the festival, They meant to delay the festival but forgot to turn off the settings on the server that auto-enable it so it went live Players complain no new content for the festival Turbine turn the festival off as was intended to await new content Happened while I was at Codies once when they intended to roll out new content during the Spring festival In the planning meeting with them I reminded them it would go live at that time and was that a problem? Long silence at their end... Later on that day they said "no problems anticipated" Three days later we were told the Spring Festival would be delayed until after the content release...
  7. Sincilbanks

    Dev posts regarding population consolidation

    The only reason I can think of is the unique char ID's, since the EU servers started from scratch they would conflict with the US ones (either that or the 2 sets of code are patched to different versions but this seems unlikely). I do recall the char ID is something that is more than a simple ID that uniquely identifies that record, (iirc) it probably holds more info than just that within it and so it's not simply a case of blocking out a range of ID's on each set of servers. For instance you couldn't simply give a char a completely new ID in the database and it work... Would it be unsolveable? I don't think so (like all code problems it's probably doable with an infinite amount of monkeys), but I don't see Turbine having the resources to fix that problem in the timescale they want to move at...
  8. Sincilbanks

    Dev posts regarding population consolidation

    "Are any of the old CM people still around, maybe they could shed some light" I still pop-in.. fire away...
  9. "Reading comprehension 101, they did not say they would ban him for asking for a refund, they said they would ban him if he got the charges reversed, it was very clear in that letter." Standard procedure in the MMO industry for fraud prevention, if the account is charged back it's banned and then await an appeal from the player. It's the only way to prevent thousands of stolen credit cards being used to fund the farmers.
  10. Sincilbanks


    And when was the last time you got messaged on Xbox live with a photo of someone's dick? Online live chat is a cesspool for everyone but my Xbox messages have never had the content in them that many women have demonstrated happens on a regular basis. This isn't about having different standards in live chat for women in gaming it's about being left alone outside of that environment without having to put up with an inbox full of messages from tossers who think its OK to harass a women once a game has finished. That's what (as a man) in general I don't have to put up with..
  11. Sincilbanks


    I don't think they are updated any more but here's a good insight into the daily experiences of average female gamers, http://fatuglyorslutty.com http://www.notinthekitchenanymore.com I really don't see why any gamer should have to put up with regular messages and communications of the ilk contained in these websites, fortunately as a man I don't normally have to...
  12. Sincilbanks

    Blizzard shuts down Titan game they'd been working on

    They binned the whole thing in 2013 to restart it, only with 30 developers it would seem. Prophetic words from the article... "The publisher often cancels projects that have been in the works for years if it believes that those games don’t meet its standard of quality."
  13. Sincilbanks

    British Education System

    Until successive UK governments stop treating education like a political football and actually listen to the professionals it's simply going to be round after round of extra admin piled on top of each other as each government thinks the answer to providing a world class education system is more performance measurement...
  14. So one of my very bright sparks had a notion at one point that peer-to-peer services often use UDP and that some users were getting their bandwidth throttled by their ISP when using Lotro since they *might* be identifying it as a peer-to-peer service. That kind of technical stuff is not my strong suit but one of my guys was pretty sharp on this kind of thing and came up with the theory (and I emphasise it was only a theory) that this may be the reason why some gamers were only really experiencing any kind of lag on Lotro and not the other games they *might* be playing, it would also explain why it was happening on some users with high end rigs and that some users were experiencing it even when their ping rates were very low. As I say, only a hypothesis but with all of these kind of things it fitted the behaviours we were seeing but we never got a chance to test it out and validate / invalidate our hypothesis.