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  1. Frebrand USA – Player DarkCntry from California, level 43 human hunter. Alts: Bumruche. Has a few old LOTRO journal posts, plays late nights. Main play styles exploring, questing, roleplaying, socializing and fishing. I know I've seen some of you complaining about this forum poster....just leaving this here. Members of my kinship were selected and I trust them 100%
  2. Wow, what a jerk! Putting a light bulb in a socket and then using the 'feature' of turning it on shouldn't result in an exploded light bulb either. omg, it's really disgusting that a company would want an asswipe such as this as their main 'out there' guy.
  3. And now it has been extended to 24 hours! Wow, they fail their time allotments often, but rarely do they call it out ahead of time. WoW. Wonder how many times they'll extend it once it gets to the 24 hour mark...
  4. Wow, Acid, yeah I didn't need to take any to get an awful hallucination of what you painted
  5. I dunno if I'm unlike most people, but I have almost every book by JRR and Christopher Tolkien, and I read a chapter or 5 from some one or 5 of them almost every day, lol. I cannot pick any favorites. I think Beren & Luthien might be my favorite story. I very much like the super heroic parts tho, Gandalf vs Balrog, Ecthelion vs Balrog, Glorfindel vs Balrog, Earendil vs Ancalagon, Turin vs Glaurung, Fingolfin vs Morgoth, all inspire me a billion times more than marvel super heroes
  6. I loved ALL aspect of MMORPG in Lotro when I played. From hard core kinship raiding and instance grinding to solo skirmishes and world exploration. Also in that mix were two forms of rp, I very much got immersed in whichever racial character I was playing. I've felt like elves, men and hobbits in my real life moods based on whatever environment that character was currently in, as well as hard core, plot-based, multi-player rp events and many many musical light rp events. I loved it all. Now I only log in when I absolutely MUST be in Middle-earth. Over a year after walking away from every day playing and trying other games, and the LOTR void is still apparent. Sad
  7. I always liked the skirmishes. They blend in with Tolkiens story quite well I thought. And "lieutenant" is a title I felt Turbine actually grabbed from Lotr since Tolkien used that term himself. I like almost all of the skirmishes and think they're great for solo players like myself.
  8. Pillars of the Earth-Ken Follet The Greatest Knight (trilogy)-Elizabeth Chadwick The Last Kingdom-Bernard Cornwell The Witching Hour (trilogy)-Anne Rice
  9. There is STILL something wrong with me not being able to log my warden in firstly among my characters. It still hangs until it finally loses connection. But I can load in all other characters just fine. And THEN log them out and load in the warden. And this started with Update 6. With the very next patch I was able to log in the warden first ONE time, while communicating by emails back and forth with Turbine tech support. So I closed the matter after logging warden in that once, then it reverted back to not working. I gave up.
  10. I find the most hilarious thing to be the reason listed as to why she closed the thread. To avoid it being "flame bait"!! Because she/they KNOW it would happen. Because they KNOW they suck. omg....I'm lol-ing big.
  11. I went to the Lorebook and then to game releases, and randomly picked one, Mirkwood official launch. There are links to all the dev diaries associated with that release, and they worked. Not sure how else anyone got to them, but thats how I always did it.
  12. Dang, even Bullroarer isn't looking too healthy.
  13. My Norn Ranger~ Talonra Nothing special about GW2 armour in my opinion. This is what I've found I like best so far. Have not done a single dungeon yet and not yet level 80
  14. That may be true, but I find it difficult to believe that if Turbine had become the big money maker that the IP should bring in, and what WB were hoping "Turbine's" microtransaction model would bring in, I doubt there would have been any layoffs. Turbine is ruining their own product I believe. And probably giving WB the run around as to why their game is failing "oh, gaming everywhere is suffering, blah blah", which may be true, but it's obvious Turbine would be suffering much less if they'd get their heads out of their asses. WB has no issue putting big bucks where they know they should, i.e. The Hobbit movie.... Had Turbine proved worthy, I'm certain Lotro would have benefitted. If you haven't been over mymiddleearth.com lately OMG! you really should! I cannot describe all the awesomeness going on over there. I check it more than my facebook page and thats all day long, every day. There's 24/7 music radio, podcasts, CSTM, artists, writers, publishers, everyone gets free blog space, gamers, TONS of contests!!! I just won a "Key to Erebor" made by WETA Workshop just for commenting on an interview with one of the sculpters. It's Tolkien and more. There's groups to join, google hangouts, The Tolkien Professor, Ted Nasmith has his art site there, it truly is as they say, a cutting edge type of community. Please everyone, go check it out!!! The founders of the community did indeed meet up in LOTRO, on Landroval server, but it has evolved into WAY more than Lotro.
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