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  1. Oh I wasn't suggesting playing dirty really. Changing is search results is something that happens ever single day by businesses and interested parties. All the time. (I did it for mine as well) It's public knowledge about how to alter Google search results. But your point is well received.
  2. If the user's of this board were so inclined it would be fairly trivial to be the #1 search result on google for LOTRO forums. Just have to use our collective domains, etc... Basic Google algorithms are well understood. It just requires diligence and some planning.
  3. No worries at all. I just tried again, and while I wasn't able to login to the forums initially, I was able to reset my password at myaccount and then login afterwards. So either I was being messed with a bit, or chalk it up to the craziness of their forum authentication system again. I lean towards the latter.
  4. Sorry, that's what I meant to say. They can ban, enforce, and revoke privileges on their servers for any or no reason. I meant there is not 'right' to use their (Turbine's) forums.
  5. Well morally they shouldn't. Ethically they can. It's their forums and they can do what they like. Free speech does not exist beyond the boundaries of what they permit. What was awesome is I could have stayed logged into the website with my current cookie. But I logged out to test that they had done this after I noticed it in another browser. Bad form, Turbine. I still have other browsers logged in...
  6. The cookie that is posted to the server includes session data. The text from the wireshark dump posted previously by me is the auto-save feature in action. If you skip past the POST header and cookie session information you will see: do=autosave&securitytoken=1320791250-fee41fa2acaba6ce69e64248e87e78e1ba7b9e25&posthash=&poststarttime=NaN&ajax=1&&pagetext=testing%0Athis%20is%20a%20message%0A%0Ai%20wonder%20if%20it%20auto-saves&title=Re%3A%20Tracking%20an%20Old%20Goat%2C%20Originally%20Posted%20by%20Berephon&contenttypeid=vBForum_Post&contentid=0&wysiwyg=0&parsetype=2&parentcontentid=429690 This is posted to the server every 30 seconds and is the content of you message window. If you strip out the %20s that represent white space you will see my test messages being sent to the server every 30 secs. Whether or not it gets written to a local cookie is immaterial as this is the actual post of the data on the wire. Anyone who wants a pcap can just ask me for it. I can't test anymore because Turbine has now locked my forum account. My contribution to that train wreck thread was one post of one sentence, that I deleted after about 15 secs of thinking better of it. You want a better example of heavy-handedness. There it is. I sat on my infractions and sech for the past few days of posting over here... never got an infraction, or a warning, of a PM. After posting up thread about how the auto-save feature really works, I am now locked out of the forums. Have a nice day.
  7. Sweet. Turbine just locked my community account. What a super fun double plus good company!
  8. Just refuting you comment "and as for what VB does when it saves a post being made is to make a cookie, it doesn't have anything to do with the DB". At least in this regard you are making a claim of technical knowledge that is either ignorant in the best case or misleading in the worst. I don't care about the rest of your opinions really, they are yours to have. Seriously. But don't throw around things as facts and expect that people will not call you out when you are wrong. Especially when they are exceedingly germane to what this thread is about. This is a different forum. Welcome.
  9. Here's an auto-save post. Please try to talk about things you understand. Wireshark: POST /ajax.php?do=autosave HTTP/1.1 Host: forums.lotro.com User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:6.0.2) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/6.0.2 Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8 Accept-Language: en-us Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate Accept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7 DNT: 1 Connection: keep-alive X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8 Referer: http://forums.lotro.com/newreply.php?p=5805067&noquote=1 Content-Length: 361 Cookie: turb-lang=EN; __utma=99896329.885084861.1314032312.1320771106.1320786785.106; __utmz=99896329.1319421214.98.25.utmcsr=lotrocommunity.com|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/forum/topic/935-official-forums-down/page__st__660; __utma=222813958.499303141.1315949275.1318887795.1318889866.18; __utmz=222813958.1318889866.18.18.utmcsr=forums.lotro.com|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/showthread.php; bb_languageid=1; bb_lastvisit=1319221910; bb_lastactivity=0; bb_sessionhash=f19b565772bd66463721483dd7718d6c; bis_last=1320697955; last_group=user; __utmc=99896329; bb_thread_lastview=5dc58b506b1d2cfd5f996d52770e7bd983a41e45a-15-%7Bi-429592_i-1320698161_i-429651_i-1320788010_i-429543_i-1320761564_i-429690_i-1320791041_i-429812_i-1320770938_i-429806_i-1320770929_i-429827_i-1320770229_i-429750_i-1320769245_i-429782_i-1320769053_i-428147_i-1320768268_i-429813_i-1320768879_i-429367_i-1320788819_i-288540_i-1320764699_i-429833_i-1320772499_i-429890_i-1320789196_%7D; bb_forum_view=8a74794bfeb553698c83595d7670ac5b67caef55a-1-%7Bi-72_i-1320704361_%7D; __utmb=99896329.65.10.1320786785; SitePassSessionID=779978%26%262bd992fdbbb7bf985c9d8d5d4d843779 Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache do=autosave&securitytoken=1320791250-fee41fa2acaba6ce69e64248e87e78e1ba7b9e25&posthash=&poststarttime=NaN&ajax=1&&pagetext=testing%0Athis%20is%20a%20message%0A%0Ai%20wonder%20if%20it%20auto-saves&title=Re%3A%20Tracking%20an%20Old%20Goat%2C%20Originally%20Posted%20by%20Berephon&contenttypeid=vBForum_Post&contentid=0&wysiwyg=0&parsetype=2&parentcontentid=429690
  10. I saw it. Obviously I am not the OP or the ShadyNation, but I saw what happened as it was described. If what was said is true, then SN responded to text in a forum message that had not been 'posted' yet. The interpretation being that some folks have access to the forum DB to see what is saved as it is being typed, but before it is actually posted. Technologically it's completely feasible. Every 'save' updates your forum 'comment' in the DB but does not flip it to 'published'. So it is possible that mods or customer-mods have an interface into the db that shows *all* comments, even ones that have never been pushed to 'publish'. Really it's just a flag in a normalized DB.
  11. Yep, I saw it too. Kind of like when I see folks forget to log into alts on other message boards for trolling and then refer to themselves in the third person because they forgot which account they had logged into. If the sequence of events you describe is accurate, it explains why that person has been on my ignore list for years now. Professional Troll.
  12. "To understand the genesis of the "free-to-play" revolution that's taken over Turbine, it's important to know the most prominent husband-and-wife team in game design, Kate and Fernando Paiz. As executive producers of The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online, respectively, they're directly responsible for morphing the shape of Turbine's games-and quite possibly the future of the MMO industry. It all started with There.com" http://www.gamepro.com/article/features/216227/money-for-nothing-and-your-kicks-for-free/
  13. Well it could be a couple o things. Some types 'age out' if they are old enough. Likewise, a CS rep can 'remove them' manually as well. Generally speaking though, unless someone is being magnanimous, they are always keeping them whether you see them or not or whether or not they have 'aged out'. They've said as much in the past. Which leads to how they have the ban at 20 or so infractions IIRC. Also, generally they have said no one ever gets invited to betas or the like if they have *ever* had an infraction.
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