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  1. I got in on the first wave ... I had preordered & entered my code a couple hours after they announced the game was available for preorder.
  2. Yeah I guess I enjoy it still … although it’s not the best PvP experience I enjoy it mainly due to the people I play with & hang out with in TS … if it weren’t for them I probably wouldn’t bother with PvP at all in LotRO. I sent all 6 monsters over to the new server … it was pricey but I rationalize the expense as follows. As a hardcore gamer I used to buy a new game at least once a month, often times it was 2 per month. I have been playing nothing but LotRO for last 4 years, I bought the lifetime sub when it was available for 99.99 & bought all expansions after that, so technically I haven’t spent no where near the amount of money I would have spent console gaming with playing LotRO, so due to that I don’t mind “investing” some money into LoTRO here & there.
  3. Who else is having a hard time thinking of a list of possible names for all your characters? I am about to burn a fuse thinking about this ... it's driving me nuts! I want to play all 8 classes & I want every one of them to be a different race as to mix it up as much as possible ... then I have the added challenge to come up with a Legacy Name that can tie all 8 of them together ... GAAAH!!!
  4. Well I too was looking to stop playing LotRO for a while ... but since they lifted the server xfer ban I just had to xfer my creeps to a better pvp server ... now my friends & I are having quite a bit of fun getting to know the new server & starting a whole new KOS List ...
  5. I didn't trust it ... I deleted my beta client & redownloaded the game ... just rather have peace of mind & have no issues come early launch day then to have some bullshit keep me from playing the game early & having to redownload game at that time ... sigh ... I swear I am so excited ... I been waiting for this game since they announced it years ago ... I know I am not the only one feeling like this!!! After all the beta testing I just cant wait to officialy start my character & see where my stories lead!!!
  6. Well since I have 2 lifetime accounts I will not be leaving LotRO completely, as others have said I will be milking the lifetime sub as long as I can. However, now for the first time in 4+ years of playing LotRO my time will be now split between it & another MMO Game which will be SWtoR ... since I will be playing all 8 classes for the sake of the storylines I can say with certainty that LotRO will be taking a backseat for a while.
  7. Hmmm ... interesting. Okay here is another question, because depending the answer to this question I was going to maybe split play between servers. Is the crafting I do with say the republic side, can only be shared between my republic alts or can I craft say with my republic toon for my imperial toons & can the mats I collect with one side be mailed or shared between both factions? Reason I ask is, if I can craft & share resources & the like between both factions then there's advantages to having all your toons on one server. However, if that's not the case then I was thinking of maybe splitting my game time between a PvE & PvP server. Maybe have say my Empire toons on PvP & Republic toons on PvE.
  8. Looks like most people will be on PvE servers ... this is my second MMO with LotrO being my first. I love PvP in LotRO & most of my LotRO buddies are PvPers as well so we all opted for a PvP server in SWtoR. I am a bit skeptical now because I see how so many people are going PvE ... is there something I should know about PvP servers that maybe everyone knows but I seem to be in the dark about? Does this mean that every quest I do I will have the added stress/challenge of getting my ass handed to me by a gank squad of PvPers roaming around? I guess I just don't quite understand the differences between the two ... hmmm ... I think it's time for me to Google this ... lol.
  9. My friends & I created a guild & it's gonna be deployed but I did tell my friends that what means most to me then the guild name is the name of my characters, I am VERY picky about that & if the names get taken (unlikely, but if they do) I will keep trying different servers until I get the names I want ... I hope I can get them on same server as my friends but if not then I guess I will be making new friends ... HAHAHAHA ... sounds mean but I just can't get into the game unless the name, bio & history of the character pulls me in, I don't really RP but I still like my toon to have a backstory & all the RP elements in place for me to play the game.
  10. I'll have to check my mail to see if I was selected ... but knowing my luck I am sure I wasn't.
  11. Thanks to all that answered my question ... I appreciate it.
  12. Question ... & I apologize if it's not on topic for this thread ... was there a option or place on the characters to write up a "Bio" for your character much like LotRO has? I don't remember seeing one & was wondering if there was one at all or if you have heard of them maybe implementing one at launch?
  13. I couldnt put it better myself. I too was thinking the same ... this will definitely be a good guage as to see how they address the concerns of their player base, especially since this topic has been recieved with so much criticism, the official forums literally had 4 threads dedicated to this topic & 3 were closed & deleted off the forums by Bioware to the surprise of the forum community.
  14. Since this thread is just talking in general of our thoughts on the game ... heres a pretty popular topic I found on the official forums & I'd like to know what you guys think. The issue about the surnames being tied to this lagacy system they are implementing after you finish chapter 1 of the story line on your first character on the server you are playing on ... what are your thoughts on it? I think it blows!!! You can tell they weren't going to allow surnames at all ... but to appease the masses they allowed this "legacy" name to be used as a surname if you'd like or a "title" ... problem is that all characters on the same server (light & dark side) will all share this legacy name or surname if you choose to show it as such which is utterly ridiculous from a RP standpoint. So if you want to have all your toons with different surnames then youd have to create them all on different servers. Which I would have no problem with but it sucks cuz that means I cant share resources/crafting/legacy points with all my toons or say play with my friends with all my toons since they'd be spread out on all different servers.
  15. Thanks you guys ... I kinda thought that was the process as it's the only thing that'd make sense if I was going to be able to get in early, but I just wanted to make sure ... I'll be asking for the 15th-20th off from work to take full advantage of the early access assuming that I get to get in all 5 days since I ordered my copy as soon as it went on sale ... from what I gathered on their site they will be letting people into the game slowly going in order of when the game preorder was purchased.
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