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  1. Originally I'd have said they are just ways of saying the same thing, but reading through I'm not so sure. The RPG aspect of the name does link back to the old P&P games as Trilwych said, and there are two ways of interpreting that. First the mechanical: 'play a class, kill things, take their stuff and level up', part that MMOs do. For me though, to be a MMORPG it has to have more to it. Its not just playing a character; deeds more than words. That sense of interaction with the world, consequences, freedom and permanence need to be there. Most games cannot do it, after all, in a P&P game, the rest of the world is run by a human, and trying to mimic it just leads to more mechanical systems like reputation. The more free and sandbox-like a game is, the more your actions interact with other people, and for me, its more of a MMORPG. This highlights what I am getting at, for a real MMORPG this happens as little as possible. The more a game is instanced, the less you have to deal with other players, except on your terms. As an example, you could run through the whole of the Asheron's Call world without ever meeting a loading screen, until you entered a dungeon. Even then, there was only one instance of each dungeon. So in the 'Dark Forest' example, you get to 100 people in the area, the 101st still goes to the same place. It leads to human alternatives to instancing. Rather than getting their own shiny copy of the content, a group arriving and finding it full either: negotiates a time to go in, or goes somewhere else. If the game has PvP; solve things that way. If the situation is handled badly, it impacts on all involved. (Or in Eve battles, players keep trying to get to the fight until the node crashes.) Essentially the roleplaying is in the choices the player makes in dealing with everyone else (and their consequences). In an average themepark game, you don't get to make those choices very often; hence MMO.
  2. The i7 etc are the recommended specs; not minimum. To run it, its just suggested the usual core 2 duo or Phenom X2, so everything in-between is just balancing quality VS performance, and as you say, most of that is down to GPU. (Edit, as I thought the lower specs I found were official; seems they have nor bothered with anything other than the recommended level) I always wonder why they stuff i7s into spec lists at all, unless Intel are 'sponsoring' them. An i5 does just about everything you could possibly need for gaming, until they get to the point where you actually need more than 4 cores to run something. Equally a first generation i7 will not be as good as say an i5 2500k or newer so.....? As far as the game goes? If it doesn't have a multi-chaingun wielding Hitler; it just ain't Wulfenstein.
  3. The point was not that there was nothing new, but that there was nothing posted. Until recently they had still been going through the motions at least. When two of the biggest flag-bearers of the game over the years seem to have given up, when one was a huge lover of the fluff side of things, and both the demographic Turbine seems to be aiming at, it feels like we are close to the end.
  4. Strangely, the worst sign for me was seeing that the Spring festival had started and had a bit of a play last night. Then headed to CSTM this morning to see exactly what was new, and........nothing. Something might be posted later, but it felt like the end of an era.
  5. I was going to take the time to trace it back and see how closely related they were, but then remembered she is also his Mother-in-Law, which for me is more than creepy enough on its own. .Edit: -- Tolkien to tabloid TV in one phrase...
  6. Remember when tripled revenue was going to get us so much new content.
  7. It isn't Finesse you are thinking of, but the Gloom/Radiance mechanics. The latter only would have mattered if you were in the Raids(?) in Moria through Mirkwood. Not sure if this is just nit-picking, but from what I remember if a critter was still floating around with gloom, it would largely be unbeatable with the way the mechanics work -- since it taps into the way hope/dead works. Besides, its only about raid bosses in any event, rather than the sort of critters the guys in the thread are talking about. Finesse on the other hand is very much still around, and equally not really noticeable until you meet bosses -- There was a lot of discussion amongst Loremasters that finesse made a bunch of book legacies irrelevant as it did all of their jobs on its own (Unless you were fighting something like a boss, that needed you to go the extra mile.) Just took one of my crafting alts (Lvl 40 RK) out to Angmar to see for myself. Wandered around flattening landscape critters a level above him. Two was fine. It became an issue when it was 3:1, but I was essentially button mashing -- it has been so long since I played the character that I had no idea what I was doing. He's under-geared, I'd never bothered building virtues and still he was fine on the landscape. Things might have got harder, but not much. Maybe people have to pay a bit of attention now, but we still are not back to the point to where most of the above is relevant, unless you are doing things that traditionally wouldn't have been possible.
  8. This. I went to go and try things out, and actually got beaten, but had to go out of my way to make it happen. With a Loremaster, a bear can still beat an on-level (with me) signature Orc on its own while I watch, but a light armoured class seems squishier in itself. Then again Sic'em is still a finisher that just makes things go away. Not tried things red-traited yet, but if fighting is much harder in that line, it just highlights how overpowered the pet line still is. It is certainly a step in the right direction, but to get defeated I still had to screw up while fighting 2 signatures and 2-3 normals simultaneously. It was a fight that I should still have won If I'd thought it through rather than just diving in (pretty much the only tactics needed recently).
  9. Of all of the things in the letter, some I could take, some made me shudder (mostly for the lore reasons described above), but I agree this one was the real kick in the nuts. Take my Lore master, the main that I rolled up because of its complexity, strip it slowly of that complexity (and worse in game terms; the need for the complexity), and then put in a new class that seems to do what he did. The funny thing being that I really don't need to play a shape-shifter, as right now my pets can handle almost anything without me
  10. WOW! Thanks all. I only popped back to check my post -- posting at 2 am more often than not leads to stuff I might as well have written in Mongolian (or Klingon), but to find these responses already; amazing. Thanks to all. The fact that people are already defaulting to discussing issues with challenge modes gives me confidence in finishing a lot more instances than I had originally thought, unless the same mechanics apply in the easier modes (I'll work my way up to T2C). It also proves I was right to ask here, and sadly is what I would have hoped to get back on the official forums a couple of years ago; but now.... In terms of practicalities, I'm going to be doing things on a Loremaster, which does mean the advantage of a pet. Probably traited blue unless it makes sense otherwise (Yellow -- unless additional AOE damage trumps CC) . The strategy ideas are great as well, and adds to the hope of just how many fights are possible, and so worth attempting. I'd already thought about the Twins and figured that dying horribly isn't an issue go keep trying until I either work something out, or it becomes clear its too hard. Some of the examples people have brought up were situations I was worried about, like Helegrod with level pulls, and bosses with instakill mechanics -- although I was playing around in Barad Gularan a couple of days ago, got about half way through before realizing I had no fear pots (not just run out, but made more and left them in the vault). Had a pop at the Rogmul anyway, and burned him down before he had a chance to put the eye on me. DPS races are another tough one to try, but right now Sic 'em is still almost unfair as a finisher.
  11. By that I mean purely down to mechanics. No matter how smart or tough you are, the way the fight works means you just cannot do it alone (or even if cheating a bit with a bear tank). I'm more than happy to get my arse kicked repeatedly trying to win a fight, I was just wondering if people could help by pointing out some of the ones where it isn't worth even starting. I vaguely remember that there are a fair few Raid bosses in this category, but I'm really not sure. There are bits and pieces of information scattered around, but I'm hoping that the people who have run these instances many times (way more than me) will take pity, can probably say Yay or Nay instantly, and save me bucket-loads of research. Many of these places I have not been in for years, and certainly not alone. I guess I should say that my reason for asking is simply because I have got a refreshed interest in playing (at least for now), after discovering that fighting under-level bosses is far more fun (and dangerous) than current landscape content and levelling. So planning to see how far I can get in the various instances -- places to explore, deeds to finish, and embarrassing ways to die are all good. Normally I'd post something like this 'elsewhere' but these days I get the feeling it would degenerate into name-calling, a firestorm, then get locked before I got any useful thoughts. Besides, so many people with the right kind of information are here anyway.
  12. Yep, the hiding it bit is hard, but the flip-side is that it is nearly 2 weeks later and no one is seriously considering (at least publicly) they might be looking for an intact plane on land. If this was Intentional, it would have either been done with an 'ask no questions' deal in place, so by creating the initial confusion they got a window to work in; the plane would be gone already. Alternatively, imagine a 'chop-shop' version of your uncle's company (scarily enough there is already a term for it: 'Strip and dip'), Less money, but the parts are easier to hide. Stripping it would still net 10s of millions, if not more, so still an astounding haul. Sadly there are always companies who will financially cut corners, or look the other way if the price is right, so there will always be a market for this stuff (if you are careful). Not saying this happened, but the more I think about it, I'm surprised it has not happened already, especially as more and more of the value of a plane is in the smaller high-tech parts like control systems, avionics and the like. Its depressing when you look at a situation, and start assessing it by assuming the worst of humanity. Usually it saves time
  13. There is currently a 'slightly used' 777 on Craigslist. You pay all delivery charges. Maybe I'm just warped, but about a week ago it struck me that if anything else worth over a hundred million vanished in a suspiciously deliberate way, you'd wonder if someone had nicked it. With a plane, the first thoughts are terrorism or accident. and while there have been plenty of hijackings over the years, the plan is always to leverage the money or whatever they in return for giving things back (or not blowing them up or...). Not sure if anyone has ever just tried to steal the plane.
  14. From the start of SoA to Mirkwood release. The original game had its irritations -- things like the quest chains that ended with fellowship quests* (to a lesser effect you could say the fellowship epics as well), but for the most part they had the balance right. Moria was wonderful in a terrifying fashion, but you could see that the original Devs had not planned what to do if the level cap was raised. The trait system was a nice way to sidestep that, the LI system less so, and for the rest it began the drift towards gear-based progression, originally through radiance, and then all of the flagging and currency systems that followed. LIs caused my first break from the game, when it became obvious that the system was designed to do the same thing again, and again, and again,...... Back in Moria, someone would ask about a second age and not explode in flames when you explained it dropped off of an Orc in the Waterworks (and of course second-agers were worthy of asking about in the first place). Moria also forced them to deal with mob density issues and make the first adjustment to the combat system, which together lead to the polarized game we have today where the game is largely trivial landscape content and group instances, with nothing in between. Right now I'm messing about with soloing Uru and Carn Dum (I know its nothing new; but its new for me). While relatively easy, it is still harder than any of the Landscape content I could be doing instead, and its way more fun. *Not talking about places like Dol Dinen, and have no problem with the quests themselves, but after an hour following a storyline with a couple of friends, to get to the end to hear: 'bollocks we need more people' was utterly fristrating. Add to that, back then when they said fellowship required; they meant it. Trying to prove them wrong got....expensive.
  15. I joined here as soon as I heard about it as the Codemasters' forums were shutting down; but Lurked for the most part. Posted at the other place, when it was a nice and helpful place to be (especially the class forums and the like). I personally have never had any of the clashes many people here have had, and have no real animosity because of that, and in fact still post occasionally over there. The truth though is that there is almost nothing interesting to discuss going on over there, and invariably any thread that is interesting disappears. When something does turn up, you can read the OP and think of interesting points, then realise the thread will get locked and/or deleted sooner or later. At that poinr you wonder whether it is worth bothering at all. (Perhaps that is the plan) Here there is free (and usually polite) discussion, so if you really want to talk about LOTRO why do it on Turbine's version? It helps that for whatever reason that many of the individuals worth reading and replying to are here as well -- Whether through choice or expulsion.
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