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  1. FYI: Not even going to read this. I've been drugged (not sure if I was raped since I lost all memories), and also assaulted twice. My friends have been raped, including one who actually killed the guy after she got his gun. Don't need to be further traumatized by Doro.
  2. Correct. Women don't have ridiculously high rates of rape and sexual assault in the U.S. because they rape themselves. And I suspect the relative domestic violence parity is probably due to a higher percentage of men making reports because they are less afraid of the consequences.
  3. Oh, ok! I'd lost the tone of the thread. Thanks for clarifying. What do they say? Archetypes? Apparently I need to work on my Sarkeesianese. Cheers, Doro.
  4. She's my Champions Online beta character. Hell Fox. My favorite Champions character was Calamity Cricket, but she didn't photograph well. Sweden reported today to be considering adding sexist gaming labels to games. Sweden is the #3 happiest country in the world right now, but that ranking may plummet after Doro attacks. http://www.themarysue.com/sweden-gaming-labels/
  5. I've heard the cost of making a game box and physically distributing it are like 50% of the price of a new game. Digital distribution is far cheaper, but that savings was never was passed on to the consumer when the distribution model shifted. The public is still paying the same regardless of how they purchase, even though digital is far more profitable for the publisher.
  6. That registers as an evil witch/mother trope, which is still about male fantasy, so it's can't support female main characters in games, imo.
  7. No cosplay girls is fail! It wasn't even cold in NYC today. Just cold enough-
  8. Goblins vs. Gnomes is a good idea. Makes me want to play Hearthstone. Not so sure about Overwatch. If they really did borrow or convert the Titan gameworld and won't admit it, then it almost looks like they were in fact making Wildstar so-- Thanks for the write-up. Do you have a personal blog?
  9. And since this thread has now accomplished Godwin's Law, which violates the #1 forum rule, it should be closed. I'm offended. Either that, or I'm calling out the mods for a humiliating failure to do their jobs.
  10. This is a fascinating field study in how social structures devolve once the caveman percentage reaches a critical mass.
  11. There is absolutely pressure from models, even directly from boyfriends. Agree though that picking domestic violence against woman only is a mistake.
  12. Don't think this is true, but it's another good example of men in this thread overtly feeling defensive from feminism. Maybe you haven't played GTA, Max Payne, or the last Tomb Raider, a game that really gets off on brutalizing Lara.
  13. Rift's version of Gamebryo uses a single-core, which means all of those AMD cores aren't doing anything for you. The 4Gz seems really good though, so you probably don't need to worry about it. I'm not a technie, but I've just seen the complaints over the years in the Rift forums. Here is a recent thread where people talk about it: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/newcomers/440776-bad-performance-my-new-pc.html
  14. Agree with both of these points. I know you don't want AMD for Rift. The graphics card looks super.
  15. Thanks for posting the Norway thing. Had no idea they and Israel had mandatory military for women. Not sure how I feel about that. I suppose it's fair, just like the men can wear long hair now. Locally here in Arizona, it's a Republican-run smear campaign of half-lies every night. Same old thing. I'm 100% motivated now to go and just pull the Dem lever.
  16. Right? And then once you find some you like, by the time you realize you need more, they don't make them anymore. Because good things always have to evolve into worse things to drive revenue and profit margin. Microsoft proves that. All I want is some comfortable women's boxers, and I get this crap. Why do I need a bow tie and two inches of lace frill on boxer shorts? I read Sexual Personae in college and agreed about as much with Paglia then as now. It's silly to call feminism "moribund". Women have to keep pushing back like Democrats have to keep pushing back against Republicans in the U.S., and there is a lot of overlap. A neutral majority doesn't mean anything in the same way that a neutral/passive majority also doesn't vote in elections, except...this issue has a much higher who-cares factor. Paglia is drop-dead genius isn't she? She hypnotizes your eyes with her mind. Thanks for linking the videos.
  17. Silverangel

    WTF is Glyph?

    In the case of Archeage, this is debatable due to the rootkit anti-hacking stuff it installs, which supposedly then doesn't uninstall itself fully even if you uninstall the game. This is just what I've heard.
  18. I started happened long before this century, when hunting was replaced by gathering and agrarian societies, and group cooperation and home-making became the evolutionary advantage instead of killing and eating. I was shopping for new undies today, and I'd like to challenge Doro to embrace his inner sister to buy and wear the below undies, the better to gain a perspective on what it's like to be a gamer geek girl, since he seems to be trying to be an expert. Just for a few weeks, the "supergirl panties with tutu."
  19. Wondering what the significant changes to the Beornings appearances are. Now that I've already applauded Turbine for the tattoos and the sturdy female body types...
  20. Right. She's clearly a no-name who is just trying to get attention. If Felicia Day stays silent out of serious fear, and then the fear is immediately clearly justified, it's sort of hard to say this doesn't really exist. Thanks so much for linking this. Duly signal boosted to all of my 150 Tumblr followers (lol..). And thanks for reminding me there is more of a groaner anti-hero ending than the recent Dexter final season (Felicia in Dr. Horrible).
  21. Silverangel


    He's a doctor. He comes back to the U.S. after treating Ebola patients, and then he goes riding the subway all over the place. It's mind boggling.
  22. Oh - that's brilliant. Thanks a million, nosam.
  23. I was under the impression that "deluded, overly sensitive special snowflakes" were being villainized in this thread, but making a distinction between degrees of overreaction is a good point. I changed the tag out of kindness. It's probably a lot harder than most people would think being transgendered, and the same could be said for a woman constantly living under the male gaze. It's dismissive to banish treatment of women issues to a far off place like the Middle East and say it's only imagined here in the U.S. where ongoing misogyny, at the very least in the form of rape threats and violence, are documented and happening right now.
  24. I had a trans person take issue with a tag I used when I reblogged her selfie a few days ago, so I changed it for her and apologized. I didn't understand what the big deal was, but who am I to judge how she feels about something? And who are you? It seems to me that raising an eyebrow and scoffing at other people for their feelings makes you a worse person than people who overreact and imagine things.
  25. It seems like if you want to discuss programming, then that's what you're in for. At least there is Stackoverflow. I can't think of another venue where upvoting and downvoting works so usefully. Heavy up and down-voting in game forums seems to just rend the fabric of their very existence.
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