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  1. RPGCodex has an interesting front page news feed.  From there I jumped to Numera's Tumblr blog, which I enjoyed poking through.  I bookmarked Pillars of Eternity too, since the development of that game looks really interesting and discussion-worthy.


    I comment on Massively sometimes.  It's a random popcorn activity.  The writers are--I don't know--real and likeable there.


    Thanks so much all for the responses.   :*)

  2. Was just wondering where else you guys go for games.  If there are any other forums that are good for discussing and reading about MMOs and RPGs.


    It seems like there are a lot of options, but they're either not fully-featured, or I've never gotten pulled into them, or they fall far short of feeling like a community.  LotRO community is a wonderful little nook, but it falls a little short if someone isn't playing LotRO at the moment.  Is Steam good?  MMORPG?  :?

  3. If it's true, than things may be even worse than I thought. If it's not...well, some nurses are going to be in hot water.


    Well, some nurses are definitely in hot water for going and taking commercial air flights after treating the Liberian Ebola patient.  That's beyond idiotic.

  4. Coupled with that: if my workspace finds me surrounded by little "yes sir" sycophants fresh out of associate-degree-programs who would go along with any unethical move without standing up and daring to (creatively) question it, all the more reason to bolt.

    You mean the earnest, hard-working young man that Turbine tweeted on Oct 3?  https://twitter.com/lotro


    Looks like there's your Beorning dev, then. He's got some concept art up on screen 2.  I'd take that job.  It's better than mine.

  5. Not sure how much I'm allowed to say, but I can say this much.

    Those who think the LM Dev is the one assigned to Beornings are wrong.


    Oh - I'm sorry if I misunderstood what he was saying.


    I made some deviled eggs last week and they were really tasty OMG my abs aren't flat anymore gtg

  6. Took a look at  the beorning "support trait tree line" (yellow) and logged off in dismay. Sure enough, what I saw there were the group healing/support potential that was stripped from the Loremaster in HD, mated with Captain's abilities to put marks on allies/mobs that modify support/offensive skills.


    I've never played a Cappy, so cannot judge how close this resembles what it lost in HD (my guess though, is that it's a robbery). But as LM is my main, what I can judge - and what I have just seen - is Turbine taking the LM players' feedback on how to enhance the LM yellow line (feedback that has incessantly been given ever since HD beta and fallen on dead ears) and APPLYING THIS FEEDBACK TO A NEW PAY-FOR CLASS.


    While continuing to ignore the original class for which the feedback was actually being given. 


    I am usually reserved in my posts, but I will make an exception. FUCK YOU TURBINE. 


    This answers the big question why the Loremaster developer (who shall remain nameless) has been blatantly absent from the forums and silent for nearly a full year now.

    Under orders, I assume, to break the class and let the silence string the players along into incessantly brainstorming on how to fix the broken yellow line. Then sell it back to them in a new package. Hey, Beornings are all about lore of the wild and regenerative powers of nature, and Loremaster players love that shit, right? Even the bear form is the direct copy of the Loremaster bear. Who needs the bloody LM anymore when you can pay to play as his damn bear, with better healing and support in yellow? Fuck you, turbine.


    I don't think it's fair to blame the LM dev.  What would you do if you wanted to keep your job, and you had to develop a new class, and you're allowed to have no new animations, no new models (?).  And stealing mechanics had to involve the whole dev team as a meta-plan to redesign the class trees.  As a LM main myself, what do you mean "better healing"?  Is the Beorning a main healer, then?  Or do you mean that somehow they maybe Beorning able to do even more than BoH, Water Lore, and spirit pet but still not main heal?


    It's hard for me to get up in arms about the support role when there is no real grouping anyway to compete for spots with the new class, even if I cared about being geared to group in the first place in this game.  I wonder if Wardens are actually more affected by Beorning tanks since that's a direct conflict while the support still supplements, but if Beorning can main heal while LM's can't, then that's going to make another cranky kitty up in here.  I've been wanting that, so I can relate to your frustrations in terms of the forum input stuff.

  7. A full scale panic would also strongly impact the economy, you are not working when you don't want to meet anyone.


    Panic is the last thing you want.


    I'm actually looking to move into the stock market this month, so I'm hoping for massive panic.  LOL.

  8. Yep, you start by choosing one, then at level 10 you choose a second and later on a third, you have 28 points at max level iirc to spend on skills. The difference between this system and Rift, is you don't have an initial class like warrior, rogue etc, you simply choose your first set of skills then add any two other skill sets later.

    Can you then switch back and forth between like 8 different builds though?  Or are you stuck forever with the one?


    Gosh, that spam is the most horrible thing this kitty has ever seen.  I need to go hide.

  9. Actually, Trion's moderation has been worlds better than Turbine even with the changes. No comparison, really. The key is differing definitions of "toxic." Whether things stay that way is another story entirely.


    What's amazing is how often the devs jump into conversations and mix with the players in the forums.  It's very cool and civilized-like.



     I have purchased a few mounts, which is strange as I never normally do that!



    Right?  It's like it's all laid back, and they don't get up in your face with the store, and then you're perfectly fine with handing them some benjamins.

  10. I don't think cancellations are because of EQN announcement.  Especially that some of them were cancelled before it.

    I also think intermission itself is not gonna cut it as oversaturation is only one problem amongst many and not even most important one.


    That's not what I said.  I said "after EQN", every company will have.., i.e. at a point in the near future, when EQN releases.  What do you think is the most important problem?


    An article yesterday that also calls it the end of an era: http://www.mmorpg.com/showFeature.cfm/loadFeature/8966/Blizzards-Titan-is-Dead.html 

  11. My feeling is that it's not a "decline" so much as the end of an era, since after EQN every AAA dev company with MMO aspirations will have either gotten their big project out or canceled it for now.  A Fallout MMO may still be lurking out there in Bethesda/Zenimax somewhere, and Blizzard will come back with something in a different direction.  The market is very saturated and needs an intermission really, which can become a healthy interregnum if WoW continues downhill.

  12. I think Rift needs to hire a few decent writers who could create a few decent characters. The only interesting character I've met so far was the Hag in Gloamwood, and I killed her 30 minutes later. She had a story, some complexity. Every other Rift character so far has been quite one dimensional. Most of them are lunatics, fanatics or idiots. It's been very hard to relate to any of them.


    Quoted for truth.  They just don't seem to have a grip on characterization or its importance from the standpoint of the player.  And that extends to location and dungeon characterization.  The chronicles do make an effort in this direction.

  13. Oh man, and I got all hyped... I don't get why they can't just enable proper floaty names, atleast in pve


    Right?  I was all hyped too for a minute there.  Oh well.



    Someone else who bought a lifetime sub for Champions Online!  I'm not alone!



    Also a lifer.  Loved that game in beta.  It got really old really fast though.

  14. I'm playing Rift again now, and that's what I'd also recommend.  Free to check out and see it, unlike ESO, which is a fine game like someone else says, but it has lacking features like no AH and no nameplates.  And only 4 classes right now.  Rift also has a new long-awaited expansion coming in October, so it's a relatively exciting time.  It also has only four "classes", but each class has multiple sub-classes, and you can build for any role. The additional role souls are the most expensive things in the game though.

  15. Their stupid thoughts are leaking into society, that's why.

    Films are apparently misogynistic because of the bias towards male characters. Hence the need for Tauriel in the Hobbit, to appease the feminazis.

    Their poison leaks into everything.


    And......this is why we have and need "feminazis."  Good job.

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