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  1. Agree completely. Plus, there are "black" bears and the cute white ones. The black bears have lightning attacks. Everyone knows that.
  2. Agree. I'm only ignoring Anidore(sp?) on Landy, but he's not even a back-in-the-day obnoxious troll, just too much posting. Zesty is back; haven't seen him in forever+.
  3. Don't understand why you want to gear up for a new Xpac. Won't your gear by definition be obsolete soon?
  4. I reported "Cannabaceae" on Landroval, explained the drug reference, and Turbine closed my ticket without doing anything. If that isn't a drug reference, a violation of an explicit line in the naming policy, then I don't know what is. Maybe that particular GM was a pot smoker, not that there is anything wrong with that, so the rule was ignored, which *is* wrong.
  5. Was just now reading this thread in the OF. Just a pathetic way to treat your players. The more things change, the more they stay the same at Turbine. Imagine the complete lack of conscience or sensitivity those GMs must have to do it in the first place, and then threaten a ban.
  6. How bad is droid programming that they will use a default blaster attack over and over at jedi with lightsabers?
  7. Silverangel


    I've been into cyberpunk art recently. I won't promote myself here haha, but I was originally inspired by the art of CF-12, who is a Russian artist. http://cf-12.tumblr.com/ And for the tumblr noobs, link to archive for better browsing: archive.
  8. Is it possible to make an MMO so complicated that it's a turn-off to think about going back and dealing with it? A fair bit disappointed with the collectible card minions. I was hoping for LotRO skirmish soldiers dialed to 11, not a riff off of SWTOR, melded with Neverwinter collectible monetizability. Turning Hammerknell into a raid IA zone is cray cray living on the edge though. Thanks for posting.
  9. I watched Blue Is The Warmest Color tonight on Netflix. Normally I like French and lesbian sex, but it was just plain boring. This movie on the other hand was recommendable:
  10. I quit playing because the bosses were too hard for my Templar. I kept dying and dying. On the exit poll (which was very good btw), I put that the solo play was too difficult. J/K I just really wanted to troll Spidey. Hoping to re-sub to ESO when I get to 100 in LotRO.
  11. Interesting. Thanks for posting. The only things I would pay cash money for right now on my main account would be a no-holds-barred account to account character transfer, or Beornings playable by elves. Neither of those things will ever happen. So.
  12. Not 100% sure what counts as "traditional" instances. The only group instances I did during Rohan besides Bells of Dale because my kin asked me to, were the Moria dungeons in group or solo. Before that I enjoyed soloing or dual-boxing Uru and CD to get deeds and class quest items.
  13. That is so annoying. Good luck to Sapience. I'm sure it will be more satisfying trying to do something that matters and makes a difference instead of managing this AWSD monkey business. I hope the old guard continuing to abandon ship is a sign of life and not of approaching doom.
  14. This is what I have up in my browser atm.
  15. Silverangel


    It's only 41 C here right now in the Arizona desert, but it is supposed to be 45+ this coming week. That's 114 F. Looking forward to summer being over.
  16. It's just background to me personally. I would focus on the highlights, which should be designed to distract from the in-between art spaces. Angry Joe criticized the rock textures in his ESO review, and he was rightfully scolded. If you posed the question: would you rather have content, i.e. a new dungeon to explore that uses recycled textures and borrowed wall furniture, or no new dungeon/content? The answer is sort of obvious. Also in response to the article criticisms, it's great they are putting in a few fishing quests and making the hobby relevant. Just because you are level 100, there should be no new fishing quests? At what level should fishing quests get cut off as being beneath the heroic characters any more? I would be more critical of all fishing quests being doable at any level of fishing skill.
  17. Aw, thanks all. The angry forum with a heart of gold. Sometimes things happen that put things in perspective, you know.
  18. The producer letter existing is appreciated. Impressed by the LI change. Wildstar seems to have an achievement-based evolution of its legendary items, and it's impressive that Turbine guys are stepping up to the challenge, allowing legacy unlocks based on content you complete (implied from the forum snippet that was posted here). This is worth putting effort into over another level cap increase if they can milk the system in the press. LI's are a big reason people leave. On the other hand, the essence system defrays the step forward by creating another thing that needs grinding and slotting. Beorning at L1 is a good idea. Global chat is excellent, and so is increased friends list. Really not much to complain about. I just got out of the hospital, and I'm not well enough to sit at my desk chair and play anything, but maybe this weekend. I'm looking forward to checking out this update.
  19. Telling you the truth is treating you like an adult. Demanding proof, facts, and to be treated like an adult is actually childish. Posting in support of Sapience. Article is lame.
  20. I would rather watch the Brazil guys play scrabble, skip rope, and drink wine coolers than watch Germany do anything at all with their balls. Watching the Saturday game.
  21. Played the beta, and just don't enjoy the F2P aspects, like LotRO. I loved Neverwinter Nights by Bioware, such a beautiful, well-made, classy game. How many single player games have had three+ expansions. Plus it had the online multiplayer mode with player-made and hosted private/public multi-zone campaign maps.
  22. Probably Dreya Weber for A Marine Story and The Gymnast. Ellen Page is my future pick now that she is out and doing a lesbian film. Or maybe Anthony Ray Parker, who played Dozer in the Matrix. Every word he says just drips with subtlety and innuendo. When he says "Everything a body needs", my lips whisper unbidden "yes--oh yes--" and I have a horrible urge to get filled up with that glop.
  23. Welcome to this microcosm of angry smart people. I mostly lurk too because I feel dumb whenever I say something. My personal kin on Landroval is The Puddifoot Pipemaids. Let's have a civilized party sometime on one of the 20-something days a year that I still log in.
  24. The screenshots do look a bit like a hodgepodge of rehash, but that's predictable. The ships and the sea look pretty good. Hope there are palm trees and beaches. And pirates. And pirate rep. And parrots. And wenches.
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