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  1. Thanks you guys who are posting screens and info.


    So essences is the new gear system.  More stuff to sell in the store.  I hope the existing player base is into this, but aren't legendary items far too much of a headache already?  Alts are already almost extinct, so why not light a fire with the dead corpses.  On a positive note, if this system brings back random gear drops in the form of items with good slots, then I suppose that's a step towards what some players are wanting.


    Rune-keepers, arguably the least-played class in the game now, fewer online than even burglars the last three times I polled the population using the /who tool on Landroval, and they just get a tooltip fix and a riffler adjustment, and furthermore some of their skills now crash the game.  LOL.

  2. Well, let's be fair.

    Some people buy PCs with many cores but slow cores and then they act surprised when single-threaded games run badly. No sympathy there.


    You mean let's be fair that multi-core has been around forever and LotRO and Rift still haven't been coded effectively to take advantage of the tech that everyone has?


    I do know what you mean about players coming to the forums with their AMD 8 core story of woe, but still the fair goes both ways.  Of course I have no problems on my (insert all of my obligatory amazing and ridiculous system specs here in geeky e-peen loving detail.)

  3. With WB lately it's about being late to the party.

    When MOBAs became popular, they had to have one.    What they got was guardians of middle earth.  When that did not pan out they went with IC.  IC is still in development and has been in open beta for far too long.  


    Wait, then how are we explaining the console game that has been in development at Turbine under Jeffrey Steefel for the last five years?  I just assumed IC has been in development for this long, since they never said anything about abandoning an entire project and starting over like Blizzard can apparently afford to do.



  4. I agree.


    Trion make you feel valued; you feel like you want to buy the odd thing because of how pleasant an experience the whole game and its free2play model is. You never feel like you don't matter or that you are being screwed.


    This is true.  They are all class, and genius programmers/designers on top of that.

  5. Good to see someone calling them out on things like the ridiculous horse price to drive players to the store and the Imperial edition charging extra for a race.  Game companies just keep pushing these craptactics if no one speaks out about it.  There are also bugs (missing shard/rock) that were there all along in beta and were never fixed.  Should companies also be allowed to get by with that?  The missing auction house was also total dev spin by Zenimax.  Their reasons for not having an AH have nothing to do with noble concepts of game design.  They just didn't want to or couldn't deal with/pay for developing it.


    I love Joe even though this wasn't his best performance, and if you think he's just a game basher, then see his brilliant and glowing Guild Wars 2 review.

  6. I have Office starter and Photoshop, so I don't need Gimp or Open Office.  Word starter is so annoying though because Microsoft takes care to load the little ads in such a resource-inefficient way that every time an ad loads, the cursor changes to an hourglass on my high end gaming PC with a fast HD and cable broadband.  LOL.  Such complete bullcrap.  And it's set to stall the cursor when you start typing, sometimes every 20 seconds.  The good old F2P MMO strategy of annoying the user into paying to make it go away.  Still, I use Word because of ease of use compared to OO, the same reason I use Audacity instead of Adobe Audition.  So.


    7. Ease of use, works best for me

  7. There is a lot to like in this letter.  The Beorning class is puzzling.  Is it a light armor tank?  No, because that rage thing won't work.  Is it just more CC?  Is it a LM that shapeshifts instead of summoning a pet?  Is it race locked?  I assumed it would be tank/heals.  That's what MMO devs are supposed to do in this position.


    I've long wanted to see the seacoast in LotRO, and ships.  And pirates.


    I think Mr. Campbell did a decent job of apologizing for the housing not happening.  They've researched it thoroughly at this point, and it's just not feasible.  What else is there to do.

  8. throwing in the term "social" in front of whale is also disingenuous.  as these mammals "pod" socially to bond, hunt and derive the basic altruistic benefits of any group behavior.



    This isn't what I thought it would be - players who will pay for social rank-ups, whether in-game or meta, getting special treatment from the devs or whoever.


    Ironically, when I went to the Escapist website to watch this video, I had to watch a 30 second XBOX commercial first, which Jim previously slammed for horrible monetization schemes.


    Thanks for posting this awesome video.  Here is a beefy flash drive with hobbit presents on it, Turbine.  You know what to do.

  9. Fun post!  Also saw your first ESO "I hate this game" post in the ESO forums: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/61027/level-1-and-i-hate-this-game


    Spite doesn't feel hollow to me.  It feels good.  I gave Trion upwards of $100 last year, and heading towards $100 for Blizzard is this year.


    I'm struggling to find anyone making better elves than LotRO elves, though.  This is turning into an issue.


    Hope ESO truly works out for you long term, TSK

  10. Skills points are for your class, weapon, guild, and passive lines - they are not for attributes.  Attribute points for magicka, stamina and health are not affected by you spending skill points in anything including crafting.


    I forgot there are two separate pools of points.  So after you have enough points, L20 or 30 or whatever it takes to develop a weapon of your choice and an armor of your choice so you can fight things, it becomes a decision of whether you want to invest in Alchemy, or Werewolf, Mages Guild skill tree, your racial bonuses (?), etc.  Thanks so much for talking me down from the edge of the cliff OMG.


    Hope you guys have fun on Sunday.

  11. Silverangel, do some more research on something before jumping to a conclusion.

    The are plenty of skill points to go around, and besides, as stated above,you don't NEED to try and master all the crafts on a single character.

    Granted you could do so, and still not 'gimp' yourself, it would just take substantially longer.

    Sigh... Play it, don't play it... Who really cares other than yourself in the grand scheme of things?


    I played three of the betas, which is research. I  did not have "enough skill points to go around" at lower levels.  Every one is needed for more health, stamina, magicka, and the next better skills.  I assume you played to L50, thoroughly explored the point allocation and balance, and personally determined everything will be fine, then, so you can better explain why?   Is this how you normally argue against points in forums - "who cares other than yourself", or is this a fanboy post because you actually care a lot more than I do, having pre-ordered?


    @Catfink the idea that you can max skill lines, and later in the game each point means a lot less, is a good argument, but having to decide whether to craft or max your combat is not a good plan in this kitty's opinion.

  12. I just learned this from the ESO Crafting FAQ:


    If you choose to do so, you can advance in or even master every crafting profession we have—just keep in mind that skill points are limited. A skill point spent in crafting is one you didn’t spend on a combat skill that you might want on the battlefield, so make sure you consider your choices carefully.


    Really?  That's just horrible.  You have to gimp your combat and stats to be a crafter.  I can't imagine ever crafting in ESO at the expense of my spell power, higher level spells, strength, or whatever.  A little imp was whispering in my ear to preorder against my better judgment, but that takes care of that.  You can hardly find the materials anyway except by luck, otherwise you're running around like a fool with no minimap tracking.

  13. Nice work!  I was like O.O with the no smoking sign.


    Here are a few images of Leonore's (RP-Faeblight) Shimmersand sky-bandit camp.  She throws trespassers to the pond plants.  There is some scaffolding in the first image.  Under construction still.  It's designed to be a PvP map someday maybe if they implement that.






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