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  1. Sorry about that Fitty. I have a horrible memory. Googling "elder scrolls statue resin" does seem to hold up in multiple sources.
  2. Putting a buy button on the basic inventory bags is bad. If I want more inventory, I know where to go. I don't need a stupid buy button winking at me every time I open my stupid bags. The rest of the patch notes sort of scrolled by in a blur of loathing.
  3. Pretty sure he said "resin" in the unboxing video: http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/01/31/heres-an-elder-scrolls-imperial-edition-unboxing-video/
  4. Link is dead at the moment, so - this kitty will not discuss.
  5. Mirkwood. I had fun soloing the Death from Below quest on my LM and Guard. I did hundreds of skirmishes. For quite a while my QK Burglar was #1 ranked solo skirmish burg on Landroval, and my LM finished in the top ten of the one skirmish contest event they held. Then Turbine combined currency with regular instances, stopped putting out new skirmishes, and flattened the relic curve, and those days went away. I wish they had stuck with skirmishes and made soldiers more into companions.
  6. Elves, kitties, and moon sugar. Good choice, and good luck!
  7. I post here because I stay logged in, and these forums are easier to navigate. The LotRO forums are lots of bad vibes, like a gingerbread house in teh middle of a dark forest. Why would I want to go in there and start eating things. That would be stupid.
  8. WoW proves the content model is sustainable. SWTOR and ESO are proving that making over-expensive 100% voiced content is not. The 100% voiced content is failing to create deep settings and characters, which are the pillars of fantasy fiction. I don't have much interest in spending days and weeks of my life building things for the profit of corporations, especially when they are slathering F2P and RMTs on everything (Cryptic). I also don't have much interest in content not created by professionals in a way that builds a coherent world and character cast. I disagree with this, which is why I'm resubbed to WoW now, having never played Eve or ever labored over the Neverwinter adventure tool. I created an elaborate RP-flavored home in Rift, but that was that. Smedley's rhetoric sounds pretty typical, like drul said. SWTOR preached its own rhetoric when it was in development.
  9. I don't know of anything I ever said in the official forums that made any difference. This forum has intelligent people and conversation with typically the latest buzz that I can get to quickly. LotRO Community also keeps you logged in, which I really appreciate. I don't like the look and feel of the official forum, and it logs me out. The log out over and over underscores the impression of a barred castle door with French guys on the other side. Still don't have anything against Sapience though. I've never been convinced that blaming the face is the right thing. I have no way of knowing if it's him or really his superiors making policy.
  10. Oh ok. I see what you're saying. The race/faction unlock is a small advantage if you want to look at it like that, because the racial bonuses are significant bonuses, right? Those bonuses you get are in a skill tree that you spend points in, and the trees are unique to each race. So you could be an Orc or Nord playing in the Aldmeri Dominion and be slightly better at some things than the races native to that faction. Thanks so much for posting the video! I checked Joe's website last night, and again this morning, and I still don't see the video there.
  11. What? The important thing that we don't know is when and how the pre-order unlocks will be available other than pre-ordering, since the Explorer pack promises it's exclusive to the pre-order, but not specifically that the race/faction unlock is exclusive to the Explorer pack.
  12. FWIW, this thread makes me feel a lot better about abandoning my warden at the end of RoR. I still worry that some day I will regret it.
  13. They don't need an excuse. Boxing is allowed in every major MMO that I know of, including Rift and WoW. Also, a warg boxer is a lot sexier than nerd rage. So that's decisive right there.
  14. An additional race and race/faction unlocks is not "fluff". The unlocks are a major game-changing feature. This "ah whatever" attitude is exactly how the big game companies are getting away with pushing this further and further. Triple dipping. They said the subscription would give you 100% of the game, and they were doing it for the integrity of the game. Pfft. They're pulling a 180 degree Turbine maneuver, and they haven't even launched yet. It's a bad idea to be in this launch anyway. They're two months out, and they still have the NDA on lockdown. Now they are pushing these super enticing, must-have features for the pre-orders before dropping the NDA. HRM.
  15. I think the Misty Mountains are a good candidate. It could use another quest hub in the Caldwell Pool area and better routing to Goblintown. Add a road and get the critters off the roads. My first thought was Trollshaws, but what are they going to do with that? That would need a lot more inspiration to be inspiring.
  16. Nothing I can think of. There are some things that could happen that would get me to level an alt though: license confirmed renewed, leveling pain and legendary pain greatly reduced in some ways, if TESO doesn't hold my interest, if World of Darkness keeps getting delayed, if I lose my job and have more free time, etc.
  17. Perplexing is a good word. Going to Rift from WoW is okay, but going to Rift from LotRO makes you realize things you've been taking for granted. Talking about the failures of Rift story writing requires an essay.
  18. Ditto with this, but it's hard to beat LoTRO's game writing, which is very important to me. The NPCs in HD were portrayed even better than RoR. If other MMOs and RPGs in general continue to write crap and spit out flat characters (cardboard) with no development like you see too much in Rift, then I'll likely keep going back to LotRO for the storytelling and camaraderie with the cast. For 2014, I'm predicting additional skill trees in the traits panel, whether it is multi-classing or some sort of prestige class trees like ESO promises (vampire, werewolf), where you switch over to get the different skill set or the additional set adds on to your current skills and stats. An Ent play class starting at high level would be fun, but it's hard to imagine how it would happen.
  19. I agree. There is something lacking. The main stories have some good points, but having to level up two or so levels between every lackluster story quest lost my interest. If I'd leveled at launch with everyone else I would have made it to endgame maybe, but coming in a year later with empty zones and boring quests didn't work. My character is stranded around level 30, and I have no interest in returning. The super adventure box was the most memorable experience in the game. The starting zone for the Sylvari was very pretty.
  20. Oh--that sounds cool. :] I'm not much for festivals, but I like my Shamble Stick from the summer festival. It's a permanent item that lets you polymorph people into a shambler creature if they don't have it toggled off. I've used it a few times when people ride up and park on top of me with their mounts at the auction house, which is rude. Agree that festival currency is persistent in your wallet or whatever, along with all of the other currencies. Well, not all. There is at least one currency from a special event that is completely useless now.
  21. I don't know of another community with fans more rabid than LotRO's. I know I like the TSW community site less than LotRO's. If the concept of "community" includes the devs and community managers, then I would pick Rift over LotRO because the devs and company are so awesome and communicative, even though the troglodytic cauldron of know-it-alls and complaining PvPers can get annoying.
  22. Saying mounted combat is "simply not fun" is silly and ruins the OP. You simply can't reduce the MC experience to "simply not fun" to make an argument of any kind. It's just not simple. Period. Ok, I'm being satiric on purpose. I hate when people say "period", because it's the same thing. It's bombastic and reducing the point to black and white at the same time, which things never are. I just did the quest "Ride Against The Goblins" with Frithild and her Rohirrim, and it was the most fun I've had on a quest in quite a while. (I got to gird her too before the battle, which was nice.) I was happy to see a MC instance quest and MC being used in HD. If they didn't do a new system, people would be bored and complaining that it's just the same thing over again.
  23. I was right about no holy trinity not working in dungeons, ultimately boring combat and classes due to limited skill bars, especially about the game and franchise being more PvP focused than people were willing to believe, and the escalation of store, which anyone could predict. GW2 is a very good game. The hype was wrong. These things are not mutually exclusive. These things *are* off topic in this discussion.
  24. This is a good point, but the hype for GW2 was ridiculous. I tried to tell people in LotRO off topic, and people posted long arguments about why I was wrong, but I wasn't. I was wondering if ArenaNet had a team of dedicated hype people actively working game forums. Also, ESO is subscription, which could be a big point in its favor. GW2 launched with an in-game store. ESO is also using a loose version of the holy trinity. The lack of a proper interface is horrible, but they are already hard at work getting LUA modding into the game, which one can expect is intended to compensate and let the players create what they need in a way that the devs don't have to support the features while focusing on the cross-platform core.
  25. It's so expensive that it seems like it will do more harm than good.
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