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  1. Omg. DarkCntry is the only member of the Turbine staff I've ever had a problem with (sic). His offensive post was deleted at least in the goodbye thread, to the credit of the mods.
  2. For several years, I relied on Gamespot for honest reviews post-release. Nowadays though I look at so many news sources that I know almost everything known about a big game before it releases, so I don't use these types of reviews. I am more interested in where LotRO goes from here. They were due to for a "lackluster" expansion after Rohan. It is too bad they threw skirmishes under the bus. That is the new game system I've enjoyed most. The criticism that Turbine keeps making these new systems and then abandoning them seems valid to me.
  3. Never go against Doro, when death is on the line.
  4. The people poisoning the game aren't really the people over here. You'll have to think outside the fanbox, dood. Honestly, I've about decided that Cryptic/Perfect World makes Turbine look like bumbling angels, and I'm re-installing.
  5. Nymphonic was always so mild-mannered and neutral. It's sort of hard to jump on him for anything. I have to wonder what class he plays though where he had all of these useless skills that needed to be knocked off. I don't know what that would be. That is brilliant.
  6. Well. The vast majority of casuals who have ever played LotRO since 2009 or 2007 or whatever have not played during the last several months at least. There are far more inactives than actives. So they have to figure it all out again anyway. Now it is a lot easier to come back than before. So he or she is going to react better than the alternative. The main bad thing about this system, looking at the Massively video today, is the two-point penalty for cross-tree builds. They should have bent over backwards to avoid this. Unless they are selling a loathsome cure in the store, which would not surprise me.
  7. That exact thing has always happened. It happened to me years ago. I even asked explicitly for my thread to be closed, and they ignored the request just to see me suffer more.
  8. I stated a clear disclaimer up front on my blog post that I did not show up for this beta invite (although I did appreciate it, given the former extent of my criticism), and I haven't been obsessing about this like die-hard fans. I.e. I'm an ex-player with three characters at cap taking an objective look at the situation. Also, I didn't imply it was a unique view of TSK--he is just the only person I've seen up to now and through that whole thread talking in public about the monetization, which should have been obvious to anyone with a brain from the day one. If you feel a clarification or elaboration is necessary in regards to a great contribution to this revelation that has gone unrecognized, then I would suggest helpfully commenting on the post itself. Thanks a million. My condolences also to Fred. From what I saw, you did get up in his face quite a bit, meaning an infraction was warranted, but a perma-ban seems far too harsh, especially given your intention was technically constructive and an objective observation.
  9. First of all, this appears to be a gaseous leak from the beta, so it should maybe be shut off. Secondly, as someone said, the mentioned feature can be (surely--one can only assume--) switched off, and even if it (hypothetically--) annoys some people at the moment, it's still in beta. There is no fire alarm to see here. One could also note that mounted combat will be very dynamic with lots of fast movements, circling and doubling back. Keeping track of where your opponent is will be extra-difficult as well as extra-important, which is probably why they are working on this feature. Players might not realize this initially, and consequently think they will never need the feature, and it's just annoying.
  10. This does happen. (Banned from the beta, probably not the game.) There is no app, but it's not entirely luck. Pre-ordering will "improve your chances." There are also other ways to get keys. Keys were given away on LotRO's Twitter last week and also via a Gamespot promotion.
  11. So, are you quitting the game then? And you refuse to give Microsoft a single penny (or pound, or whatever) as well?
  12. LOL. You beat me to it. It's just a BETA (sarcasm). I've started liking Chrome for the LotRO forums. It seems to be working fine. Last time I heard though, it wasn't officially supported. Good luck OP, hope they get it working for you.
  13. I don't know whether she's made an official public statement, but I would assume just "she". I haven't said anything due to rule #9, but as an LGBT person myself, I feel more educated than most. She's playing life hard mode. She's an amazing person to be in her position in the first place, not to mention doing that video and looking/sounding so good. I would suggest reading this link if you want. Who knows, maybe you'll get a brownie point. How to respect a transgender person.
  14. Normally I don't buy the doom and gloom, but this time I have a feeling that it's on target. No matter how good Rohan is, it isn't going to appeal to everyone, and there is a lot of quality competition. Turbine's yet-unnamed MMO also must be struggling. They've been working on it for over four years now. Maybe they plan to announce it after they'd sold as many copies of Rohan as they think they can. That would be a surprise.
  15. I get a little irritated when someone posts a thread where they have a problem, and a fanboy makes a post that just says "I've got no problem." (i.e. usually thanks to their I7, solid state drive, etc.) Example--someone posted they have silly long load times. Catisa's full post: "Just closed my client and started it all fresh to compare with OP ... 54 seconds from clicking icon on desktop to character loaded and playable." Ok, that's great. Good for you.
  16. This is what I don't get. I cried a river in the forums over the store buttons in the interface when F2P came, and I could hardly find anyone who felt the same way. Now everyone is rallying over these dummies. Why? Still trying to figure out this phenomenon. I don't like the dummies because they are more advertising, but on the other hand they at least have an immersive quality to them. Now add a traveling dwarf chemist that is your source for accelerator scrolls (haha), and a big new in-game stable where you can see and buy store horses. These things are intrusive advertising, but from a roleplayer perspective they almost make "more sense" than clicking a button on your UI and lo and behold your character has a shiny new horse.
  17. I didn't get to read that, but that's sad. I thought the crowd here was at least intelligent and educated if not entirely civilized. I'm just surprised at the amount of people who didn't already know about Celestrata and who she was--Seraphina Brennan from Massively. Anyway, I loved the video! I commented in the thread about the Sapience video that I liked how the Turbine people were real and down-to-earth compared to the snake-oil spokespeople from other MMO companies, and this kicks it up another notch. Nice job! Now let's be one big happy family and get back to blaming everything on WB.
  18. I liked the video. Aaron is clearly a genius, and I thought Sapience did a nice job. I actually prefer these guys because they are more real. I'm comparing them mentally to the slick, smooth-talking dorks from Bethesda that constituted the TES E3 coverage. I didn't trust them. I'd rather watch the Turbine guys any day.
  19. A cell forming out of bipolar lipids is one thing, but complex reproducing organisms is another. Show me a reasonable explanation for why even an amoeba bothers to wake up, go to work every morning, and make plenty of babies. Is it because the sun is shining? Because that seems to be the counter-argument to the second law of thermodynamics here. I have a B.S. in Biology, and I ended up believing more in some divine, unexplained life force by the time I graduated than when I started.
  20. I thought the same thing when I saw those--cheap rocks.
  21. Is this documented public knowledge, or just hearsay? I thought it was more due to the potential for abuse, as people pointed out. I never thought I'd see the day, but I *think* I'm getting close to neg rep powers without even trying. A hundred more points or so, and all shall love me and despair!
  22. Good post. The Rift forums are exemplary in general, and they've been the same since beta. No rep system--just a like system. No one complains or cares that those forums are lacking a bloated raft of integrated features.
  23. Why do you know you're getting screwed then if you're getting it for no additional charge? Suppose F2P had never happened. Now you don't get monthly points. You think they'd still charge extra for the wallet extension? Of course not. Every VIP would get it no charge. So what's the difference? They are giving you tokens (500 TP/month), and you give them back for the wallet, or something else. The car drives. The wallet works fine already. It's a quality of life upgrade. I don't like the store or the marketing. I'd just as soon it all died in a fire. But I just think you need to subtract the TP you get monthly from the feeling of being nickel and dimed and see what you really end up with. I am skeptical that Turbine is adding more must-have items than you can buy for 500 TP/month.
  24. I nu. I'm just a nut. Sorry about the hijack. Carry on.
  25. No, not really. I'm sure if you said "This game lacks the wings to fly, just like the dudu, an extinct bird species from Madagascar" you wouldn't have got neg rep. Suggesting graphically that LotRO players are swimming in a swamp full of poop, though, is kind of gross. That's what I think it kind of said from memory. I liked where your metaphor was going until that point. You did well not to jump into a conversation with some of the more devout neg-reppers (I don't think Khafar neg reps much), but apparently they were around.
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