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  1. I'm multi-boxing in WoW, and hoping to get into the SWTOR beta next weekend. I ran out of steam playing through Isengard, but I know I've got months and months to get to cap and do my crafting. There is no hurry.
  2. Thanks all for the info that skirmishes are getting nerfed and the daily quests gone. I haven't played in weeks, but I guess it would be a good idea to log in and do a few every day up until the patch. On my F2P alt there is no good alternative to level. Maybe that's why they are killing them--to stop people from leveling free on skirmishes and make the grind much more painful unless they buy?
  3. I *love* Dungeon Finders. But single-server, and then random dungeon, you can't select one, which consequentially is probably necessary to make the numbers work and the queue time reasonable... It's the Instance Join all over again--nice tool that will be used, but still only making it halfway to what it needs to be. That's just my opinion--disappointed when I heard more about it. Halfway across the bridge, critical hit from Balrog, bye.
  4. LMAO! That is such a perfect observation about Dark Cntry's Enmity of Forum Trolls sig. Just had to say that... because I can.
  5. I think the people with max rep were orchestrated that way by Turbine--they got too much too quickly after it was instituted. I don't think the majority of complainers, historically, are still playing.
  6. I used to really be annoyed by the ads, but now I don't notice them so much. I couldn't even say if they've been made less obtrusive. The noticeable buttons right on the game interface still bug me though.
  7. Lotteries entered and fingers crossed. Is this the first blush of a coming horse-oriented Rohan expansion, with mounted combat and all of that?
  8. This is true. I was just having a chuckle this morning about the wording on the Forochel quest pack ad screen--something about "eternal home" of the Forochel people and the contested "battlegrounds". Battlegrounds? They mean those little control points where you fight six guys to flip it.
  9. Yes, but the problem is that they can't include all the items because the expansion isn't finished and those things aren't available to bundle. The dungeons are part of the expansion and people who pre-ordered will get them automatically. I was under the impression (not going to go hunting for a source) that when the dungeons are released we will see updated complete bundle deals then.
  10. The Isengard "expansion" in the store is currently pretty clear that it's a quest pack. It says "quests" two or three times. The only way the language could be clearer is if it explicitly said "Quests only. So-and-so must be purchased separately". And it probably *should* say it like that.
  11. If you mean the thread of complaints following the announcement in which the TP pricing was clearly explained, then yes, I remember that. It's a good point that it was a pretty late arriving. I personally feel like Turbine is being generous, not greedy. My life sub paid for itself long ago, and I got the expansion (or will be) in its entirety for free (as well as my playing partner), while Turbine didn't necessarily need to sell it for points at all. Yes, that's for a lifer account, but should also apply to any sustained VIP. On my second account, there are enough free book quests back from the start of vol. 3 through Isengard, and skirmishes, and stuff left from Mirkwood, etc. to get those characters to 75 without buying the expansion. If I still want it at some point, I'm sure it will go on sale. It's interesting how the TP vs. dollars complexity can be turned to argue almost anything. It's unfortunate that a clear standard of looking at TP vs. dollars hasn't been established to cut through the Gordian knot of these arguments. Oh snap, Agamemnon, I think I used another metaphor.
  12. The Skirmish Trait Max Rank store-only is yet another ridiculous thing, but this post is only good in that it sums up every wrong argument that people can make about ROI. The blogger's notion that Moria set any kind of standard or expectation about future expansions made me eyeroll. I think it should have always been clear that LotRO would be very lucky to ever see anything of that scope again, especially given the slim result from it in terms of profit (no net profit at all from box sales, iirc someone said.) He should ditch this angle of attack for being a little bit childish, as if in the holidays of 2008 his parents gave him 10 gifts, so only five gifts this year? WTF I THOUGHT WE HAD A STANDARD OF EXPECTATIONS HERE? I also don't agree with his points to dollars ratio of $50. He had a choice of how to pay, and it was clearly explained. He didn't read, comprehend, or do his research. He can't fault Turbine for that.
  13. Mittelerde hat Piraten, die besser als Pandas sind. Theoretisch. Panda Piraten, keine kann man nicht besser machen.
  14. I think they are trying to deliver the innovation to their as-yet-unnamed new MMO project. I just wish they would announce it so we would at least know what Turbine is sinking the majority of its investment dollars into. I am not that underwhelmed by Isengard, but I have been away since early last spring when Rift released, so I am also seeing an LI system revamp (still no real idea what I'm doing with shards, melding, and the newly scaled relics), some dungeons, and a couple skirmishes as new in the game within the past six+ months, plus more to come.
  15. I would go with Angmar for the Fem quest armor set, the dungeons, there are more deeds there for better virtue rewards, the landscapes are more interesting, and the quests are more challenging. Forochel is easier to solo if you just want to level and prefer killing wild animals and creatures instead of orcs. It's a matter of opinion. Some people like one and some can't stand the other.
  16. Yes, thanks. I joined the rebel alliance today.
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