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  1. A closed thread that had no info in it. Bravo Turbine...
  2. Yeah, back when they took down the forums with the security breach, they managed to develop some problem where posts weren't appearing in teh correct order. That we could understand. What Jackalope is saying is that he deleted a lot of his post (maybe all of it) before posting it... and yet it was still seen and replied to. Which is truly creepy.
  3. Interesting read Jackalope, thank you
  4. I thought that chat channel colour change thing was already a reportable offence? I know it was a few months back when it came out...
  5. Turbine don't seem to believe in customer support either in or out of game at present. Which is a shame.
  6. In GW you don't have to use any buttons to walk, you can point your mouse where you want to go, click it, and your toon will run there GW offers the Hall of Monuments system to earn points which translates into items and titles for GW2. Fluff for the most part, but fun nonethless. I've got to 29/50 with it... It does require a little grind but it's something to do when Lotro drives you up the wall!
  7. And the thread is bumped down off sticky status. Can't see us getting an answer...
  8. It wasn't clearly explained at all, do you not recall the giant thread of complaints that followed Turbine's (finally) pricing the expansion in TPs?
  9. Lotro already has sad panda... obviously someone at Blizzard thought it was such a good idea they expanded on it
  10. Hur. Hur hur hur hur! I actually looked at the date on this one to see if it was April 1st... and was shocked to find it isn't!
  11. Trollshaws you've already outlevelled: that's roughly 35-42ish. Misties are roughly 40-46ish I guess (tope estimate may be a little off, it's been a while!) Angmar is 40-50 ish and has a lot of content but much of it is grouped and it's somewhat hard to get folks interested in it, although one big plus is that is you get that one, you can also then do Carn Dum, Urugarth, BG and probably the Rift. Forochel is 44-50.
  12. That's just dandy, but unless I slept for a VERY long time last night, today is the 23rd, not the 24th... Edit: they seem to be working for me at the moment.
  13. I have no idea, but it really makes threads disjointed while you try to figure out who posted where and which post answers what :S
  14. Tried to get it back onto the topic but who knows how long that'll last lol! Edit: do wish they'd get the posts in teh wrong order thing sorted out, it really does make my head hurt...
  15. COOKIES!! *dives in with hobbit-like diligence* *munch munch* *snarfle* *spray* *munch* *wipes crumbs off front* Now, where were we?
  16. The absolute silence is what's got me the most. Would it really kill them to post an update every 24 hours, even if it is that they're still working on things? At least make the customers feel like you remember they exist...
  17. *watches a squadron of pigs flying past* Some info, any bloody info would be nice at this point. Their communication is worse than rubbish.
  18. Funny, I've been getting all sorts of emails from Blizzard and I've never touched WoW. Or any of their other games, for that matter. They go straight in junk
  19. Oh I've already had Celestrata pm'ing me, don't you fret *sigh*
  20. It was asking no more than my post further down did Since mine hasn't been binned, I find it odd that the otehr has...
  21. I would dearly love to know why another post (and an inoffensive one at that) got removed after the thread was closed then...
  22. Not quite on topic but close. For giggles, might want to watch this topic, it appears posts have already been deleted from it just for mentioning the recipe cock-a-leekie soup! Moderating over there just went off a cliff...
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