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  1. We've had quite a few kin meets over the past few years and have a another lined up for the first week of July in Bath, UK. It's great being able to eventually put names and voices to faces. Also, when people have meets, who keeps up with the game names? Calling kin mates by their real names doesn't seem right somehow!
  2. Excellent idea! Well thought out and laid out. If I was a bank manager I'd only want to see a profit/loss sheet and I'd lend you a few k to go and do it! As a kin leader myself I've thought many times about what could be introduced to make being a part of a kin more enjoyable and, also, easier to run. Things like a kin deeds, a calendar, log and kinbank. I really hope this proposal gets the attention it deserves as you've obviously put a lot of time and effort into the idea and presentation. Good luck... I await the day with baited breath...
  3. The Blades of Arnor - a mature, easy-going and friendly kin are recruiting! We are based on the Snowbourn server and are up for just about anything in the game as long as it's fun. Questing, crafting, exploring, hunting, grinding, soloing, grouping, raiding, monster playing, pipeweed smoking, beer drinking, it's all good. Our aim is to be the * most friendly * most easy-going * most helpful kinship We have members from all over Europe and the rest of the world. We don't badger our members about their level or progress, we don't put demands on them to group or join events or play for x number of hours a week. We're just about the game, the friendship and a few laughs along the way. Our only membership requirement is that you're relaxed and easy-going with no e-peen issues. If we sound like the kinship for you, register at bladesofarnor.guildportal.com and we'll get you in ASAP! Alternatively, speak to one of our Officers in-game and we'll take it from there. The current officers are: Nermy (leader), Avon, Helmer, Aelric, Dimodir, Jored, Aeranduil, Kelthain, Ithacus and Oane. Also, since July 2010 the Blades of Arnor has been the official LOTRO kinship of the Light Knights Gaming Community. The Light Knights is a online gaming community which focuses on fun, friendship, merriment and achievement. In addition to the LOTRO kinship we currently have an active guild on the EU Hellscream realm of World of Warcraft. We are tentatively forming a squadron in preparation for Jumpgate: Evolution/Dark Prophecy and we will be defending the Galactic Republic from the evil Sith Empire in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also play many other games together such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead, Race Driver: GRID, DiRT2 and Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2. The Blades was founded by Bron on 16 April 2007 and has thus been going for four years. We have a beautiful kinship hall at 5 Waterbank Road, Gloruihir, Falathlor Homesteads and Kindred crafters in all professions.
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    Hello guys. Good luck with forums...
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