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  1. Hey guys. I know it's been forever since I've been part of this community, but I figured you would like to see my final words on LotRO. http://agdom.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/i-regret-to-announce-that-this-is-the-end-lotro-officially-in-maintenance-mode/
  2. One word: unplayable. The zone is litered with art resources. Tack on the snow and it has become the most taxing zone ever in LotRO. This is worse than the Forochel blizzards that used to bring people's systems to a crawl. Throw in the mob minefield of Elites (because everyone plays a Captain, apparently) and you get death. Some more death. Then some more death after that. Going to the main town is like watching a slideshow with a narcoleptic professor. Now add a slot machine and you have the worst game update ever. Honestly.
  3. Here's a suggestion: try to find some administrators that aren't completely one-sided and condescending. It makes the forums seem more friendly and inviting rather than a snake pit. And if you really have to ask the how, I point you to this fiasco: Anyone in a position of authority on a forum would immediately shut down a religion-bashing circlejerk--except an administrator who took full-part in it (and even went as far as to split the topic and create a famous "religion" topic on a board that has nothing to do with religion). I get that everyone is in their teens/twenties and thinks, "Hey, I've read Descartes and Nietzsche, so I know all about concepts and beliefs that are older than recorded history". I also get that it's very popular to harp on religion. What I don't get is why anyone who call themselves a responsible adult decided to divide the community because he clearly showed everyone that he is not impartial (as anyone in forum administration should be) and instead he's rather condescending. Might I suggest to err on the side of caution? Or, possibly, to consider that, hey, one should not clearly insult someone else on their belief system, especially when said person came out of their way to defend his own kin? It might make the site seem less of a joke and it might prevent community members like me from leaving this site.
  4. Wow, I think I just realized how long I've been gone. Update 7 has been revealed? I still haven't done much of Update 6.
  5. I don't understand what is so blatantly difficult to understand about this topic. A year ago. It was changed over a year ago. To sum this up: this thread was started as a religion bashing party and that's exactly what he got. Even when a mod split the thread so the religion bashing could go on in peace in another thread, it still poured back into the same thread. And there's no end in sight, which, as anyone who has been on the Internet longer than ten seconds knows, it will continue to never end until someone says, "Isn't this a LotRO forum?". By the Nine, if I wanted to read people arguing about religion I'd just go to r/atheism or something. I came to this community to discuss LotRO. Is it really that difficult to stay topical?
  6. The only nonsense here is your continued lack of knowledge on the subject. http://www.lotro.com/support/1033-coc Nowhere in the code of conduct does it say "you cannot talk about religion". And rightfully so; saying you can't talk about religion is about as silly as saying, "you can't talk about Plato" or "you can't talk about midichlorians". The more I look into your gripes, the more and more it looks like it's an obvious attempt to easily bash religion. You'll excuse me if I don't wade through an eight-page off-topic post that has nothing to do with this thread any longer. I believe the entire point of your gripe was, "this kin, called the Soldiers of Christ, is proselytizing in-game, which is against the CoC". It was further analyzed that that's not their kin name, they don't proselytize, and when this all came to fruition, you, what, found another kin on another server by that name? Alright, congratulations (except they're on Brandywine and Crickhollow). It's almost like starting a thread on another inappropriate kin name that hasn't gotten to the chopping block of a GM yet. EDIT: I'm just going for a home run here: http://www.teamsoc.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=209&t=48987&sid=b0719862414f76e074072eec3c27dd8b When they first started out, their kin name was 'Soldiers of Christ', which they were forced to change. They changed it to an abbreviation. They then later talked about another name change that had nothing to do with Christianity so they could observe and abide by the CoC even further. Keep yelling smoke when there's no fire, I'm not coming back.
  7. I'll never understand that game. If you become a darkside Jedi, doesn't that mean you're a Sith?
  8. Calling out Sapience on anything is pretty much the same as committing seppuku.
  9. Isn't this off topic discussion? What's it doing in general?
  10. I'd like you to address this as well. After looking at their Code of Conduct, they are not the proselytizing flying monkeys you've made them out to be. One of their kinship requirements has anyone under 16 requiring permission from their parents to join the kin, so your "I don't want my kids involved" spiel is kind of thrown out the window. Given that these people look about as threatening as a stuffed teddy bear, I'm sort of leaning on this just being an attempt to bash anything that deals with religion. Allow me to point out the irony: Tolkien was a devout Catholic who heavily drew upon Christian ideals and elements when he wrote Lord of the Rings. Eru Illuvatar is pretty much a parallel to God. All the characters we love are drawn from Christian ideology. So hate on it all you want, but you're playing in a virtual world that is based off of Christian ideals. I'd venture a guess that Christians probably have more of a reason to be involved in LotRO than any other MMO (until a Narnia MMO pops up). To reiterate: we're arguing about a kin name that doesn't exist.
  11. Right, so back to the topic at hand... "Warning" people of a kinship isn't going to fly, regardless of what the kin is about. It's unfounded mostly because you have no proof and you're calling people out specifically (again, another ToS violation). Their kinship website is offsite, which means Turbine can't use it as far as accountability goes. All you can do is report their behavior in-game if they ever seem like they are proselytizing. Or you do what every other person does when they come across something they don't like; you put them on your ignore list. Other than that, seems like it was justified. Just need to keep calm and carry on.
  12. Yeah, but it's not a Sith.
  13. Well, at least I know I won't miss out on the festival horse this time around. I was already content that all my new characters received the pre-order goat mount with MoM, but it only had 60 morale (plus it's a goat). Now all of my characters will receive a horse mount that mirrors the equivalent of kindred mounts. Not too shabby.
  14. Well, I must say, if it weren't for Mass Effect 3's ending, I'd probably be playing LotRO and being equally as frustrated by the lag. However, as I am working on an immensely crazy project, most of my time is being spent in trying to rewrite portions of the game while writing end-game sequences to literally hundreds of variations. I'm 28,000 words deep.
  15. My only question is: why hasn't PureBloodedWorg been perma'd yet? Every time he posts, it's just, "Trololololo".
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