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  1. Just nitpicking here but those are milli seconds. Micro seconds are ╬╝sec. The rest is right though, 130 ms = 0,13 sec. Anyway, does anyone know their server address so I can do a few traces? I hate to start digging in their forum for that info. If someone has it handy it will spare me of some boring search.
  2. Ha,a guessing game. Let's go for the title My guess is less than a day, around 12-15 hours. Servers up for a few hours till they realise there is something wrong, shutdown again for 4 days till they fix it. Then months away, when there is some big sale going on, we are going to temporary lose our TP due to a glitch (that will strangely last for the same period as the sale) they forgot to anticipate in the transfer.
  3. Are you going to take the beta forum as well? Nice piece of history. Usually is here but it is down right now, so it is hard to check.
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