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    I got the results of my latest PET scan. The spot on my lung couldn't be detected and the the cancer in my esophagus is half what it was, but it has spread further in my liver, so mixed results. They are going to try injecting chemo meds directly into my liver as well as continuing the chemo I'm already getting. Physically nothing has changed, I still feel fine.
  2. I found the hard way that this is incorrect. I made some name holding Creeps and forgot to delete them, when I transferred any Creeps class that didn't have an empty slot were deleted during the xfer. It was only a rank 2 Warg, but word to the wise, make sure all Creep slots are empty BEFORE you xfer.
  3. Minas Tirith would only be mindblowing if ANet designed it.
  4. Putting morons on ignore is a sign of weakness IMHO.
  5. I still hate turbine and wb, but I'm having a blast playing a yellow line Hunter atm, and seeing a few old friends return to the game. Consolidation should have happened years ago.
  6. Is there any solo content in this DLC? From what I've read it's just PvP and raids in the Imperial City.
  7. It was the players that paid that were complaining. Anyone that purchased HoT would get the original game also, so if you never played GW2 you would get the base game and the xpac for 10 bucks cheaper than the original buy in. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/3a4ktf/dont_prepurchase_heart_of_thorns/ http://taugrim.com/2015/08/30/arenanet-executes-a-deft-recovery-for-heart-of-thorns-with-f2p-and-raid-annoucements/
  8. The dailies are a nice addition for a casual like me, I just can't do Kaiden dailies because I never purchased it and I avoid scenarios at all costs.
  9. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/play-for-free-today/ Ho hum, don't really care, I haven't played the game in years, but 50 bucks for HoT is nuts, I think I'd wait for the inevitable sale price.
  10. When RPers give me shit I just tell them I'm RPing a troll.
  11. That's where they use to be, I noticed a lot less vendors at HQ, found the talismans, but nothing else, I'll have to look again.
  12. Where can I buy epic weapons with black bullion, Spiteful?
  13. Yeah, now I remember, ty, and there is a keybind for mail now, you just have to keymap it.
  14. Ok, stupid question, I forgot how to get into decorating mode to remove items, also, is there a keybind for mail?
  15. Ah turbine, the gaming company that never fails to disappoint us with disappointments.
  16. I also think this is a great idea, only if it's an open world, no holds barred PvP server, the Escape from New York server if you will.
  17. I'm trying to transfer some toons off of Riddermark, but when I try the only choices I get to transfer from are 5 EU servers, am I doing something wrong?
  18. Yes, you still do, my BW toons did. New Creeps have to be rank 1. I have a rank 1 warg on BW that got the gift box and a rank 0 spider, spider still got the gift box, but I can't use it. Shocker! turbine actually thought in depth about something, of course it has to do with the store
  19. I'm getting rich on turbine points, 5 TP for every Freep and Creep I've created in the last 7 years, some I forgot I had.
  20. I sooooooooooooo want this title.......... Instance Deeds Breaker of the Black Blade - 50 medallions, Title : Breaker of the Black Blade Complete the four following deeds in the Dome of Stars : The Dome of Stars - Tier I The Dome of Stars - Tier II Challenge : Painful Memories The Lord of Pinions
  21. Yes, the game is alive and well yet is shit canning 65% of it's servers, can I have some of what you're smoking? If you think we are all LOTRO haters then your 27 posts here just shows you haven't really been reading these forums. Please continue playing with your rose colored glasses on. BTW, how long have YOU been playing LOTRO? Some of us may have a different point of reference based on start date. I think there was only one that replied to your post negatively so edit your post to "uber tard". Reread your post, third paragraph, starts with "Game was hard....." Wow, 2 idiots on the same day, I guess LOTRO is doing just fine
  22. He said he dual boxed for group content too, but yeah, calling LOTRO content hard is rather a joke, there was some challenging content once, but that is long gone. Calling Cappy's boring is a matter of opinion, I loved playing my Cappy, only stopped when they made might the primary stat, I was always a support Cappy with a vit/will/fate build and didn't want to rebuild a 5th raiding alt. Many think Hunters and Champs are the most boring classes, definitely the 2 easiest classes to play. Calling the game rising when eliminating ~65% of the servers is rather disingenuous, don't you think? The game has been dying for quite some time, thinking otherwise is naive. GW2 is about to launch their first paid expansion. You just keep digging a bigger hole for yourself.
  23. Gotta watch the game if you want to keep up to date with the players.
  24. My Burglar is for PvP so I always used a Quick Knife build just for the DPS. In RvR action it was always easy to kill the low health fleeing Creep with Coup de Grace, but with my server being empty I rarely see a Creep at all so I started using a Gambler build. I can easily flip a Creep held OP (neutral ones are a problem, damn wood trolls) and kill Gorgoris the spider. The DPS isn't bad and the survivibility is much better than QK, but what is really impressive is the chain stuns. I have a QK bag and a Gambler bag and just made a 1st dagger that I'll build around Gambler. Thoughts? EDIT: I don't know how this tagging thing works.
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