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  1. Wait, so SSG isn't this new group completely different from old Turbine who are going to do an amazing job with Lotro? The Lotroplayer article is very good in summarizing the problems - easier/faster than reading the forum thread. What is most telling about the Official Forum thread is that over and over players explain how unfair this is (due to them destroying their old armor), and Cordovan and SSG decide to be completely silent on this problem. I went through the Dev tracker and Cordovan is making other posts, but SSG refuses to discuss this problem with p
  2. A buyer was found. WB refused to sell. Players of the game asked WB to buy it (or to license it without any rights, just so they can keep it going).
  3. http://massivelyop.com/2017/09/18/asherons-call-emulator-lead-explains-what-went-down-with-the-cease-and-desist/ discussion of this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/70vfya/phatac_an_emulator_revival_project_for_the/ Obviously WB cares nothing for players interests. AC is shut down. I can't see how PhatAC would make them lose money. Or that they will ever use the AC IP again. Someone's summary of events: "In December of last year WB/Turbine announced that they would be spinning off their MMORPG properties to Daybreak (aka SoE), with the devteams movi
  4. Turbine has been bad at QA for a long long time, since before Moria at least.
  5. Don't get trolled by Almagnus. He has done this before. It's not worth your time. You are just giving him the attention he wants. Dude, you are way out of line.
  6. How can there be no one at SSG who can make a better trailer? The only explanation I can think of is they are scrambling to try to fix things before expansion launch, and so everyone was too busy to make a better trailer. They should have got a fan to make a better one.
  7. I feel like SSG is doing a final cash grab with Lotro. That's why prices are so high. It's once again charge a high price for an expansion they know isn't very good, but try to get all that pre-order and order money. The same as Turbine was doing for years. The expansion sounds quite buggy and unfinished, and I expect it will be like that when they launch it - except for maybe fixing this one issue. I think they will get as much money as they can from Lotro with this expansion and the High Elf, and then start focusing on DDO and other games. They probably won't spend much more de
  8. I agree. Looks like get as much money out - this is the last chance. Which it is, if they don't improve the game. Also, I read that they are making DDO a main focus over Lotro - so they may have decided to try to keep development for DDO after this expansion for Lotro is over. Maybe the DDO client and servers are not as buggy as Lotro, so they decided to let Lotro fade away after this.
  9. Cordovan just clarified on the forums. You can find his quote easily on the general forums thread on this. He said, they are "intending" to make a 64-bit client. But he said they are still looking in to it and it may not be possible. So he can promise we will get one.
  10. If SSG is truly independent, and if their only games are Lotro and DDO, then this could be the best thing for Lotro. I guess it depends if SSG will have the money to keep running and put money into the game. If Daybreak is only the publisher, maybe they can't mess up development.
  11. What is important about Daybreak is that it is recently a troubled company. It was Sony Online Entertainment before, but was sold off in 2015 by Sony. They had layoffs then. John Smedley (President) left the company and then later Russell Shanks (President) left also. I have no idea if they have stabilized financially, but this company is nothing like a typical, stable, successful games publisher. Their most recent fame is for butchering H1Z1, doing a cash grab with the battle royal mode of the game, splitting the game in 2, and then abandoning development of the main H1Z1 game. H1Z1 it
  12. It is almost unbelievable. I kept wondering if this is real. Thanks for posting it.
  13. WoW's new expansion Legion has sold over 10.3 copies already - and many people are still buying it. They have already had $515 million in sales from this expansion. It shows how making and selling a good product can be profitable. But you have to spend enough money first to make the product be good. Turbine still needs to learn this.
  14. I am playing. So far Legion is really impressive: tons of rare mobs, the game is hard enough I am dying sometimes (and dying a lot from players on a PvP server). Questing is perfect for me: it goes fast, doesn't feel grindy, leveling is fast. The class halls are nice because every class is very different (has a different house and weapon to level up). So lots of replayability. The world feels huge at this point with all the lower level zones, Draenor (last expansions zones), etc. It's ironic WoW is now doing legendary weapons that grow with you, and companions that help you fig
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