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  2. Congrats on getting your account reinstated Bohunk. I just got done deleting mine. Cheerio
  3. I agree wholeheartedly that the LOTRO community does not have what it takes to do what the EVE players did. They are FAR too tolerant. It’s always “Wait until the next update”, or “It will get better with the next expansion.” Ad infinitum. The bottom line is that they just can’t let go. Possibly because of all the great times and memories they have, possibly because of all the really great people they’ve met. And unless/until Turbine changes their customer service to actually service their customers, I will never play nor purchase anything from Turbine or WB ever again. Period. Even if it’s a gift. I’ll take it back to the store, and exchange it for something else. I’ll also never play LOTRO again. Period. This is a personal decision. I don’t expect the rest of you to follow suit. Do or not do as your own conscience dictates. I certainly won’t convince anyone here with words to do or not do anything. If they’re ready to move on, they will. If they won’t, then nothing I say would matter anyway, as we all make excuses to justify our actions, or lack thereof. I’ve seen it on the main LOTRO community for years now. They’ll just take it, and take it, and take it. Nothing I’ve seen indicates the contrary. The Titanic is sinking, and all the band can do is keep on playing, and denying that the inevitable is happening. It doesn’t HAVE to sink. But it will continue to sink because people won’t take the necessary action to save it. So, when it sinks, ultimately, I’ll lay the blame squarely where it belongs, upon the shoulders of you, the players. When it does finally sink, you can look in the mirrors and congratulate yourselves on a job well done due to complacency, lethargy, and just being too darn ‘nice’ for your own darn good. Maybe that’s not what you want to hear. But I don’t think anyone can honestly say it’s an inaccurate picture of where the blame truly and logically belongs. Sure, Turbine and WB are also responsible, but you, the players keep PAYING their salaries. And/or supporting their product. So, in the end, that is where the buck must stop. With the customer .If a product doesn’t meet your satisfaction, and you keep supporting it, you have no one to blame but yourself for it’s lack of change. And the company has no reason to change it, as you have proven to them time, and time, and time again, that you are paper tigers. *RAWR!* We need this to change. And if you don’t do it, we’ll say *RAWR!* again! They’ve called your bluff, friends. They are sitting back counting their ‘record profits’, and thumbing their noses at you the whole time, as they KNOW, beyond any shadow of doubt that the fluffy bunny LOTRO community hasn’t got what it takes to back it up. And they know this, because we’ve all proven it to them time and again. Nothing will ever change with that company until YOU, the player, decides that it is well past time for it to end. For me, however, it ends now. Farewell. Whatever roads you all travel, may they be kind upon your feet.
  4. Contain yourself sir. See above sentence. I'm glad you think so. You call a point by point post running bull headed at a brick wall? You consider my posts nothing but bashing, yet you yourself have done nothing but spit profanities at me, all the while taking the supposed high ground. No, I've been there done that route. It doesn't work. So I'm trying a NEW route, namely a boycott. Which, to my knowledge, hasn't been done before in direct relation to WB/Turbine. Canceled accounts not withstanding of course, but I am referring to a boycott en masse. Last I checked, this was named 'lotrocommunity.com' not 'Guildwarscommunity.com' If you don't give half a rat's patootie about LOTRO, and you think that NOTHING will ever 'save LOTRO from Turbine', why in the heck are you wasting my time with posting here? Oh... wait, I get it. You think you are a special class of citizen, is that it? Buddies with the powers that be and all that? Maybe you think this is your personal little playground and perhaps you think you can violate the rules and ad hominem others all you like and there will be no repercussions? And who knows, maybe you are right. But I'd doubt it. I think you will be held to the same standards that others are, and sorry to say, you're coming up short mate. That's your opinion. It also shows, that despite yourself, you cannot seem to be civilized and behave. You call for my posts to be less negative, yet YOU sir, exhibit the behavior for which Turbine now infracts people for linking this site for. (Violates their vulgarity rule and name calling rules) I don't think I have to go back through and quote your numerous vulgarities, I'm sure you are a smart enough lad to figure it out. (Which by the way, was happening before I even joined here, so you can't pin that one on me, bub.) I've been polite to every member here, simply agreeing to disagree with those I didn't see 100% eye to eye with. Never have I used vulgarity in my responses to them, nor have I ever engaged in ad hominem with them and called them names. You, on the other hand, seem to think you can throw a temper tantrum, and still claim the high ground. I've news for you. You lose. Enjoy talking to yourself.
  5. Unfortunately, I fear you aren't going to love Turbine into changing their policies any time soon. Nor are you going to accomplish anything by pretending to have the 'high ground', and being oh so 'reasonable'. Some of us have tried that. For YEARS. Do you know what result it has had? Nil. Zero. Nadda. Nothing. However, if you'd rather make excuses and hide behind supposed higher ideals, whilst your opponents run roughshod all over you and use your tolerance against you, you may of course do so. But, hey, that's just my opinion. You have yours. I will not kowtow to them, I will not speak kindly of those who are unkind, and I shall not sit there whilst Rome is burning and say that it's only a small campfire, when the entire city is ablaze. Pioneering the kind of change that is required to save LOTRO as a viable game will likely never come through this website/forum. With all due respect, I don't think it has the stones. You'd rather be cuddly and make nice than take the hard line such a stance requires, and actually DO something about it, such as boycott the parent company that is ultimately responsible for this farce. But that is not the fault of this forum. I simply mistook it for something it was not. That was entirely MY mistake, and I claim 100% responsibility for that. So to that end, I'll probably step away from this forum. Much to your rejoicing I am sure, as I seem to be the composer of negativity. Life is not all fluffy bunnies and fuzzy peaches. Sometimes you DO have to push back. I'm sorry if you find that negative. Edit: (Removed Magna Carta comment.Apologies if it got anyone's knickers in a wad.) So, cheerio Raedwulf. May your aeries receive you at your journey's end. Edit: I wish you luck with Turbine. Years of effort has taught me the following lesson that perhaps you still need to learn:
  6. Yes, you are absolutely correct. And I did know that. Brain slip, apologies. I must have had Sap on the brain. Sapience is Rick Heaton. http://twitter.com/#!/rickheaton Coffee time for me! Though I must confess, that before I knew who it was, I thought that 'Sapience' was a girl for a long, long time due to the name sounding, well, girlish. Likewise, from the name, I thought Celestrata was a guy. It was only after reading their writing styles that I started to realize that I had it reversed. Funny that.
  7. Yes, Sera Brennan. AKA Celestrata. http://twitter.com/#!/sera_brennan
  8. Darmokk, I must say your post is very well laid out and quite convincing. Job well done. I'd say that I pretty much agree with the timeline as you've laid it out. However, it doesn't quite paint a very rosy picture, does it... This all points to drastic changes that need to be made, and a company which still refuses to recognize that it even has a problem. That lies at the true crux of the matter here. Nothing can ever be 'fixed', nor any healing ever begin, if they still refuse to see that anything is broken or needs mending. It's all upon them at this point, and where it goes from here will be determined by what they will or will not do, and whether or not they want to regain the trust and confidence of their customers.
  9. The bottom line is that people want very few and very simple things. 1.) They want Turbine to be accountable and admit they've made mistakes. 2.) Saying their sorry for the way they've 'failed to connect' with their customers wouldn't hurt either. But I agree. The highest cost here is pride. What's that old saying? Ah yes, here it is: "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18 Commonly misquoted as 'Pride cometh before a fall'. But you get the idea. Well I wouldn't exactly call what I wrote 'doom-saying', more like the logical assumption based on the fact that WB bought Turbine for it's technology, and could give a rip less about Turbine's customers, or Turbine's reputation for that matter. Think about it. IF they DID, they'd be DOING something about it. And they aren't. Maybe they think the average gamer is too stupid to figure out that Turbine = WB now. If you've heard Turbine commit to seeing the game through all the way to the gates of Mount Doom, I'd love to see where they say that. If you seen WB make a similar statement about supporting Turbine financially to see LOTRO to the real 'endgame', I'd also love to see that. I'm not saying the sky is falling. I'm just looking at whether the parent company gives a crap about the product it acquired. And thus far, the answer is no. Take from that what you may about how it pertains to the longevity of the game. But I'll say this: As long as they can keep increasing their quarterly revenue, LOTRO is in no danger. But if they start dropping, venture capitalists see that as time to cut and run, and it's anyone's guess after that.
  10. Considering they refuse to answer questions from the customers, no matter how professionally worded, at this point does that thread really serve a point anyway?
  11. Well that would indeed explain a lot, wouldn't it? 300 Million? I'd have to say, that's beyond moronic. They could have gotten Star Wars fans to voice it for free, or just given them a copy of the game for their time. Star Wars runs a huge gamut, and there are fans that obviously have incredible talent in various professions. I'm sure there are some talented voice actors out there, or even people who's voices would work quite well who don't do it as their normal profession. They could just have try-outs. 300 million vs zero. Yea, they're really smart. Nor do I. They were VERY proud of that fact, 'back in the day'. The culture change at the company has been nothing short of amazing, and not in a good way. And if this IS the case, the WB/Turbine boycott that I mentioned a few threads ago, makes even more sense. The more and more I read, and the more I think about it, the more it looks like Turbine is being drug along for the ride, and nothing will change unless WB is affected directly. I don't think they'd even flinch if Turbine went completely belly up. I firmly believe that they did exactly what they said they did in acquiring Turbine. Their micro-transaction technology. Once they've milked LOTRO for all the quick cash they can, they'll either close it down, or assign another crew to it to milk it some more. Maybe taking it 100% F2P this time, and just charging for everything in the Turbine Store. Personally, it's looking more and more like we'll never see Mordor. And I have yet to see a singular statement from Turbine that would make me think otherwise. There's no commitment there. Neither to quality of their current releases, nor to the real endgame at Mount Doom. And that is almost too sad for words.
  12. Last post for a while: The intention of my OP wasn't 'Turbine Bashing', it was to take them to task for things that are being done wrongly and to plea for it to be addressed. Everything I stated that they were engaging in was cold hard fact, that could be proven by many here very easily. If you think that the purpose of the post is 'bashing', then, I don't know what to tell you really. I have more to do with my time than 'bash' Turbine on an alternative board. I post because I care and because I want them to DO something about it.
  13. Your points 1 and 2, I wasn’t going to address, but you actually took the time to detail your petty dislike of how I format my posts and paragraphs. Sorry friend, but your dislikes are not my problem, in any way shape or form. I find it easier to read, vs many posters who post in huge walls of text and don’t know what the return key even IS. So you post the way you want, and I’ll post the way I want. Thanks. Your point 3 was dismissive and insulting. I know how to write, thank you. I choose to format my writing on forums they way I do for a very specific reason, as I detailed above. So, please, stop being petty. At least I don’t baffle you with a wall of horrible spelling and grammar, as is par the course on most forums. Your point 4. No, actually I joined the Community because that’s what I thought it was. An ALTERNATIVE Community that didn’t lick the hand of the corporation. Perhaps if you aren’t liking what I’m posting, YOU may perhaps take a break and go do something else, as after all, no one is holding a musket to your arse and making you read this. Like it or not, I’ve seen about a dozen or so very active posters here. Remove those very active people, and the forum becomes (or returns to) a low traffic archive for the old CM stuff, with the occasional, ‘How are you Bob?” “I’m fine, how are you George?” “Oh pretty good, thanks for asking, how are the kids?” In other words… boring, bland, stagnant and static. If that’s what you really do want… hey, I have no problem with that. To each their own. I joined this community for one reason and one reason only. I thought it had grapes. That really, REALLY impressed me. It’s starting to look more like raisins. Oh well, I think I’ll take your advice and go do something else for a while. Cheerio.
  14. Yes, it tells me you are a commenter, and not a creator. Nothing wrong with that. Some people create things, others follow what's been created and chime in their two cents. I thought I read that this forum was a test project for new forum software and a backup of CM forum archives. In which case, and it's only a test project, why would MueR really care what the current conversation was about, as long as the ToS are mostly followed. Is this a 'test project' or has this morphed into a full fleged 'LOTRO Community' complete with the inability to speak freely about what members wish to? And, if I may ask, if it's just supposed to be a happy, cheery, Pro-Turbine-can-do-no-wrong community, what's the point? A community of what? If nothing changes over there, there won't BE a community based upon LOTRO. It will just be a community of FORMER LOTRO players. Unless everyone is going to keep buying Turbine's products no matter how you are treated. If that's what you want, then hey, don't let me spoil your party. It was only AFTER I'd joined this community that I found out that it was a repository for EU/Codemasters forum stuff. I joined it because I was invited to by a current member (who, is none of your business), and because it looked like it was a place where people could speak their mind. An ALTERNATIVE LOTRO Community, so to speak. Also, the vehemently 'Turbine can do no wrong crowd' over at the other forum oft referred to this place in the negative, which also led me to take a look at it. Turbine sees this place as a negative entity. Like it or not, that's what this community is known for. That's what Turbine sees it as. No matter how much arse you kiss, you will never remove that moniker, nor rescind the fact that they now infract people over THERE for merely linking to the site over HERE. The vast majority of the traffic to this site during the past week or so, I'd say has been from the many threads that I, and others, have created. No one is forcing you to read it. Go 'garden'. And if I've had the wrong impression about the purpose of the community, or MueR wishes me to leave, all he has to do is ask, and I'll be very happy to oblige. It is his forum after all. I'm just a guest here.
  15. Very well stated, Darmokk. + digital vorpal bunnies for you! /\ /\ o o >o< |-| Edit... aww, my bunneh got squished. Oh well.
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