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  1. Here is the link to the official EVE Online Dev Blog on the Fight! Titled: The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming’s Most Destructive Battle Ever http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-bloodbath-of-b-r5rb/ A 21 hour epic!!!
  2. The Copyright to Tolkien's Estate is Split. The film & merchandising rights were sold off in 1969 while the 'Tolkien Estate' still owns all the rights to the books. This split was how there were two Lord of Ring Games a while back! One was licensed as derivation of the Films from Warners, while the other was Licensed as a derivation of the Books from the 'Tolkien Estate' As the 'Tolkien Estate' is still British, I think!, they might get a fairer hearing than from Money Grabbing Mega Corp. Time Warner! Wikipedia - Tolkien Estate
  3. Well it had to happen sooner or later! After SOE's purge of unprofitable games Cosmic Rift, Infantry, EQOA & Star Chamber. As well as Celebrating 13 years! As of 15th March 2012 Original EverQuest is 'Free to Play. Your Way. ™' SOE's EQ Forum - EverQuest Free to Play and 13th Anniversary Game Update
  4. Well I tried SWTOR! Due to a major problem at work I nearly missed the entire Beta Weekend But did I get a Smuggler to L11 and a Bounty Hunter to L6 in the limited amount of time I had to play on Sunday Evening! My main observations: Levelling was so easy, no deaths, most to the time taken was in the talking! Giving the game its due though, most of that was the lack of NPCs due to the tidal wave of players! So most objectives I didn't have to fight to get to them to be able to complete the mission! The lack of Anti-Aliasing did make the game rather jagged even at
  5. Well Reading a few of the Japanese blogs & forums it would seem that this is what went down! M2 was a free to play game that relied on it's RMT shop to survive Sankando were the original developers, they then sold it to Hangames who did the final polish and set up the server and ran the game through their main game portal! Hangames also have about 20 other Online games that they run at the same time, with an average of 100,000 players over all their games online at anyone time! The only updates to M2 since launch were new items that could be bought in the game shop
  6. I almost checked to see if it was April the First! Massively:- Hangame MMO Accidentally Deleted, Shut Down Forever I would not have liked to be the Server Manager that had to tell the CEO of the slight OOPS they just had with the game!!! It makes Turbine look almost professional
  7. Nice! Minecraft just won an award as well! BBC Technology - Minecraft wins gaming arts award
  8. Yes! As wikipedia shows quote: 'As of July 2011 Opera has a 1.65% worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to Net Applications.[110] The browser has seen more success in Eastern Europe, including about 47% market share in 2009 in Georgia, 43% in Ukraine, 36% in Russia, and 8-11% in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic' link to page: Wikipedia - Opera Browser
  9. The thing to always remember is the word 'Free' As Dan Ariely of Duke University showed in his book: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions 'Free' has a powerful pull: His experiment was simple: In the first part he offer his test subjects either a Lindt truffle for 15 cents (~half retail price) or a Hershey's kiss for 1 cent. About three quarters picked the Truffle (As a personal aside: after tasting Hershey's VILE Chocolate I wouldn't be surprised at that result, I just assume the quarter who picked the kiss had no taste buds!!!) In
  10. Just type 'LARP Masquerade' into Google. They have been wanting to do this internationally for years! If CCP pull it off that is what they are going to get, 1 huge global online LARP game!
  11. As someone who still plays RPG ever since the original 'Chainmail' showed the way in 1971, yes I am over the age of 50 The concept of CCP's online version World of Darkness as a 'sandbox' based on the White Wolf RPG has intrigued me! So I had a look at EVE to see what to expect! As with anything I do, I researched it first! The current CCP trouble stems from a $14 million dollar loan to fund their expansion which was due this October! As far as I can tell the latest expansion in EVE was to showcase the WoD engine 'Carbon' for the first time in a live game situation.
  12. Hi All It seems a Joint Committee in Westminster has decided that websites could be liable for libel damages for any comments not posted under a person's real name! BBC News Politics:- Websites 'should carry libel risk for anonymous posts' So if anyone here decided that a line had been crossed and they wanted money, as I assume none of us are using our real names?? MueR could be liable if this got to be law in the UK
  13. Hehe! Thanks for the Info about using non-alphabetic characters! I went to update my Password again to put some non-alphabetic characters into my password and now I am locked out of my account!! When I went to change the password, the password changer kept coming up with an error 'old password word not recognised' As I was very carefully about typing in the correct password from my notes & I had used the same password to log into my Turbine account, so I could change my password, I am now a bit stuck! As I cannot get into the game, or my turbine account! But I can
  14. What gets me is after Sony, Codemasters & Nintendo attacks as well as the DOS attack on CCP. It would seem Turbine just buried their heads in the sand or worse didn't check the security implications of an update! I hate that the fact that they don't even allow non-alphabetic characters in their passwords??? Well password changed! So after losing my Sony details, Codemaster details & who knows maybe even my Turbine details. I am really glad I use an individually crafted password & login name for all my internet activities! <Humm! Now where did I hide
  15. Denzyl


    Hi MueR Honesty is a rare and endangered trait in today's lawyer ridden corporate world! Add to that the promptness of it after the problems arose and were investigated! Now if only newspapers, politicians and corporations acted like this the world would be a far better place
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