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  1. Or you could just accept that if you complain about spelling and grammar, some smartarse is going to... well, be a smartarse. :-) It was meant to be taken in jest - as usually evinced by the smiley - but if offence was caused, let the record show that it was unintentional and I am sorry. Incidentally, there is an option on forum posts to disable the conversion of text emoticons to their graphical equivalents. Some of us remember (and prefer) the internet before graphics... Oh, and a further edit: yes, the WoW community is awful and getting worse. It's a shame.
  2. ...or try a different class. WoW isn't really the same target demographic as lotro, but the 1-20 experience was greatly overhauled for all classes with the most recent expansion. It's a huge improvement over the game from 6.5 years ago.
  3. Does "Nefarian" play WoW? Maaaaaaaaaybe... I played it a lot until the end of Burning Crusade, but then I found I no longer had the ability to dedicate the time to raid. I enjoyed WotLK because I could still run 5-mans in pick-up groups without having to rely on guildmates to drag me through content. However, since Cataclysm, with the crappy community and attitude towards strangers (no, not everyone who isn't wearing epics is a "bad" or a "noob"), I find I'm spending more and more days between logins. Like others, I've also started poking into Rift. Pretty fun so far, though whether it'll last or not is too early to call yet.
  4. That would have worked due to the redirects that used to be in place across the domains. However, it looks like www.lotro-europe.com has been changed to be a straight redirect to www.lotro.com, which will stop it from working at all. As others have said, you can still get to the forums (until they're removed) via http://community.codemasters.com/forum instead.
  5. Contract expired and no agreement was reached to renew it.
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