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  1. Nach Deutschland schiffen, um sie hier bei der Gamescom zu verteilen, war wohl zu teuer. Auf 'nem anderen Bild hatte ich noch Taschen gesehen. Aber immerhin gab's hier die Buttons und die Mount-Codes. Die passten noch ins Handgepäck.
  2. Muss ein wenig aufs Geld achten, daher "nur" Heroic. Aber da grün im Spiel eh meine Lieblingsfarbe ist und ich die so wählen konnte, ist das gar nicht schlimm.
  3. Look for a kin that suits your needs. That is, if you don't have time, I assume that you mean you don't get to play that often? Look for a kin then that's not focused on things like raiding but instead more on other stuff like questing, for example. Edit: Well, apart from what the others suggested. I just think that there might also be a suiting kinship for you out there on top of the problem you have with finishing group quests.
  4. Hoppla. Hast natürlich recht. Ich verwechsle die beiden Wörter ständig.
  5. Geld haben sie schon. Aber genau das wollen sie auch behalten. Ich finde, Kerindor trifft es ganz gut. Da haben wir ein Feindbild, das nehmen wir. Ich höre im Englischen jetzt aber keinen russischen Akzent heraus. Wenn sie ihn unbedingt so darstellen wollen, sollte der Akzent immer dabei sein. Oder nirgendwo. Aber so wirkt es unstimmig und auch seltsam. Meistens will man ja was damit aussagen, wenn man einen Charakter mit einem bestimmten Akzent versieht. In diesem Fall ist es aber wohl eher Zufall? Sehr seltsam. Editiert, da falsche Wortwahl.
  6. You can see the prices if you switch the language. And scroll down. The highest price is the one including mirkwood and some other quest pack.
  7. From lotro-Twitter: Please be aware the maintenance page is a default page displayed when site load exceeds our limits. The site is not actually in maintenance.
  8. Yep, probably better to either ask in the Turbine forums or via twitter. Although I'm not sure we'd get an answer. It would be interesting to know what's wrong about this, though. I never heard any complaints about anything being broken or unplayable as a result. So where's the harm? In the end, I can say that no matter what I think about Codemasters, I really loved the atmosphere the community management team created. I've never seen anything like that in any other MMO and I'm sad to then read that part of their activities were "unauthorised" and Turbine apparently looks down on something like that.
  9. I've always thought that LotRO is exceptionally panicky when it comes to servers and the chance/risk of them crashing. It's happened in other games and we survived. Usually, most of the characters survived as well or found themselves at a resurrection point afterwards. Unauthorised does sound a bit condescending, though. Bad little children. Baaaad!
  10. Ich hab gerade ein Abo für Star Trek Online laufen. Solange Perfect World jetzt nicht auf einmal die Spiele abschaltet, kann ich da ein bisschen rumgammeln (und wenn doch, dann geht's halt zu Guild Wars. Man hat ja mittlerweile genug Auswahl an Spielen ).
  11. Oh, I'd just read that posting on the forum and really liked it! Very nice comparisons, especially. I also hadn't noticed the topic's locked already. It was only a matter of time, though, I guess? Funny explanation, though. Because the discussion is spinning in circles, it gets closed. And agree to disagree? An official statement would have been nicer (although I don't think we'll ever get one).
  12. Our kin leader is a RL friend of mine whom I met online several years ago. We had met in a forum and had decided to meet in RL (it was an international forum and all of those from Germany met up - one half of the group had also previously met online and then became friends in RL and the other half consisted of me and two others whom I'd also met online previously and then in RL ). Said kin leader currently has another of our kin members and two people with whom we've been in a kin before visiting her. They're from the Netherlands, UK and Finland. I'm going to meet them later this week and am excited as I always am when I'm meeting people in RL. So far, almost all of those meetings I've done have been great and only strengthened the friendships. My character name kind of stuck from way back when we were in the international forum. Everybody had shortened my name there to "Mia" and as it sounds like a real name, it quickly became a nickname that some people still use to call me. I don't mind that, though.
  13. Oooh, I love stats. ^^ I guess it's not too surprising to see Germany on the top, right? I think I remember Maneki saying that the EU LotRO community consists of quite a lot of Germans. Either way, I'm glad there's this place now. Especially after hearing some stories of why people were told off after posting something on the official Turbine forums.
  14. Nope, I don't think they deleted any old accounts. Never heard of it being done, at least. Maybe you have to log on first before the characters appear on that website. And... erm... maybe you also have to have put something into the Hall of Monuments which you can only do with Eye of the North. Oops.
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