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  1. A tanking champion with melee AoE attacks, a hunter with ranged DPS, and a minstrel with heals and buffs should be able to rip through just about any on level skirmishes/small fellowship instances without problems. The key to success, though, is everyone learning their role in the party.
  2. My kinship is made up entirely of real life friends and people I know from other games. Some of us started out playing Unreal Tournament together back in 1999, sticking together in FPS games (UT/UT2K4/UT3/Q3A/COD/COD4/BF/BF2/CS) until around 2006 when we expanded into MMOs. Right now we're spread out across about a dozen games, (including LOTRO) and many of us have max level characters in at least 4 or 5 different MMOs. (I have 36 level capped characters across 8 games, including my four level 65s in LOTRO) It's really kind of nice to be able to login to other games, hang out with friends and
  3. While I applaud the OP for the work he's done and agree with many of the organizational revamps, I'm very much against the proposed kinship and personal blessings proposed. In my opinion, as head of a smaller kinship, a system as proposed would kill smaller kinships who were unable to attain higher levels. Smaller kinship = fewer members = fewer blessings/buffs = decline of the small kinships and consolidation into a few mega kinships where individuality become less relevant. Additionally, I feel that as proposed, a revamped system of this sort would almost force ALL players
  4. One of my Turbine infractions, earned while discussing the anniversary mounts was for saying: I also got an infraction for this one: I still don't find anything wrong with those posts, but I sure as hell got two infractions for them. (luckily I got screen shots before the thread got deleted) The day after I got those, someone started a "Turbine anniversary appreciation" thread. I simply replied that "I'm just thankful that I only got two infractions from the last Anniversary thread." Needless to say, one more infraction was added to my collection... I
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