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  1. Woeg

    Minas Morgul Preview

    Thanks for the write up and pics !
  2. Thanks for sharing that !
  3. Didn't it (Amorey) eat a ban on the OF for trolling - after years of it ?
  4. Woeg

    The Search of Gársig's Farm (Wildermore, Rohan)

    Ahhh - glad to hear that worked out - I hate getting stuck on land scape quests
  5. Woeg

    The Search of Gársig's Farm (Wildermore, Rohan)

    I just looked at the Wiki description and I remember having a hard time triggering that one on one my toons - I think I wandered back and forth around the injured Manléof's and had to fight off some spawns before triggering the next step - but its been a while since I was in Wildermore P.S. I'm pretty sure I did the logout thing as well, and killing something nearby as well - something triggered it though is all I remember - lol
  6. Woeg

    The Search of Gársig's Farm (Wildermore, Rohan)

    I don;t remember that quest specifically - but I remember being confused by some of the Wildemore quests - the directions were not clear - did you try looking in the LOTRO Wiki with the exact quest name ?
  7. Woeg

    Other MMOs?

    Time to fess up Doro - you probably have Notepad, Wordpad and/or other text editors (Sublime comes to mind) - and we all know that's how scripting starts you bad boy 🙂
  8. Woeg

    64-bit gossip

    Her and her husband had problems with the Atari 2600 when all you had to do was insert the cartridge .....
  9. Woeg

    64-bit gossip

    I just ported into MT on my guard and I would crash approx. 25-35% of the time - no problems and none of that lag I used to have when first zoning in Wasn't on long but romped through a part of Mordor with fire and smoke (Udun) then to the next zone with no hitching on war steed - then one of the camps and chewed through a half dozen orcs no problem As pointed out in WC when I was on though, only 55 non-anon on at the time so there is that to consider
  10. Woeg

    64-bit gossip

    That was gonna be my first test if I get to it - that and Mordor on the highest setting for my card (its a 4-5 year old card but works well for me)
  11. WC was full of that garbage on Anor as well - (or at least if was yesterday morning/afternoon when I was on) - I
  12. Yes - the spring festival is the flower one - lol (I tend to just do the ale quests and convert for the leaves I need)
  13. Yep - festival went live this morning (US EDT or EST - whatever the hell we are using this week)
  14. Woeg

    22 Hours

    Gatorade (or lemonade is worse imo - from experience destroying keyboards back in my win98/drinking days)
  15. Woeg

    22 Hours

    On the legendary servers they have an xp throttle to not level as fast reducing it for a short time
  16. Woeg

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    I just went through all 4 regions on my LM and rather enjoyed it - but I reached level cap during the process so was over leveled for everything after Udun. (I did like watching my polar bear tank some of the camps though ....)
  17. Woeg

    Moria soon on LS?

    CKA often chimes in soon after Doro - with more garbage - it probably drives her nuts that Doro doesn't respond
  18. Woeg

    Game Down

    What server ? I know arkenstone has had problems lately
  19. Woeg

    Has anybody seen this?

    Personally - I haven't found the whales to be any bigger douchebags in game that the average player (f2p or not) - in fact I find the attitude of the 10-40 year olds just as bad or worse or than those over 65
  20. Woeg

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    Yep - and so obvious to all 😉
  21. Woeg

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    I love one poster's response to one of the ignored in the Next Region thread: "Get a grip. Don't open threads and invite discussion if you don't want an alternate or opposing viewpoint. Geez!" I guess you aren't allowed to post in the thread unless you want to kiss the poster's backside ....
  22. Woeg

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    FWIW - that's a good list of the fanboi trolls to ignore (imo) - and I had one of the call me a bully in WC one afternoon a couple weeks for calling them out on BS they were posting - when I said they had no more information than I did and were posting BS conjecture
  23. Woeg

    New Raid

    I think Dunland and Rohan have been that way for a long time now - maybe even from the start of the introduction of those zones (but suffering from CRS my memory on this one is vague)