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  1. Then we are pretty much in agreement on all these points 🙂 I find the asshats and clowns on the official forums that disparage lifetimers total boars in most cases with their head inserted somewhere where there is no sunlight to be found Whether a company offering lifetime subs is a good idea - that's a much different story Thanks very much for the clarification and Happy New Year !
  2. fwiw - lifetimers are not freeloaders - they paid while the rest of you were still sucked in by Blizzards con
  3. Woeg

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    MMT could just as easily stand for Mountain Moose Tits .... just saying 😀
  4. The xp rewarded at all levels is actually quite good (probably too good) - and you can get LI crystals with 120 festival pts Doing just 1 quest a day (such as the keg delivery) gives a box with the rewards being not so bad either (imo) - sometimes a tome and or marks/medallions (consider it a free lootbox a day) Granted - basically more grind but I guess I just look at it as another form of "dailies"
  5. The irony of that is too rich .... and what QA team - the players are the QA team since they fix nothing reported on Bullroarer (p.s. not to pile on any theoretical QA folk - I did QA for years but something that stark probably should have been caught)
  6. Woeg

    Censoring Words

    Words have consequences Nuff said
  7. Woeg

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    My bad - I thought someone said the sockpuppet douchebag didn't get a ban - thanks for the correction ! (not that it matters like you say .... )
  8. Woeg

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Sorry to see Kickman and Hurin driven off by a lowlife sycophant like this - when right from the get go the sock puppet broke many of the forum rules and gets away with it Cord must be working on his "Sap" merit badge or something
  9. Woeg


    My hunter main: You have been playing for: 5 months 9 hours 52 minutes 41 seconds My guardian alt: You have been playing for: 2 months 2 weeks 2 days 9 hours 26 minutes 3 seconds Started May 2007 - with several multi-month breaks (typically 1-4 months)
  10. Woeg

    Legendary™ Servers

    I bet those servers are virtualized on a big iron box - and cost almost nothing each - but I'm not up enough on server tech to really know - that would explain the lag many see when Bullroarer is live
  11. Woeg

    What are you Listening to?

    Sigh - even after 8 years of piano lessons (I started at 50+) I have so much left to learn - but the journey has been incredible with my interest in baroque and classical music almost catching up my love or rock and roll
  12. Woeg

    Legendary™ Servers

    Yep - he had a good write up here (imo) on how he did it and things he did and didn't do - can;t find it right now but I'll try to look for the thread tomorrow
  13. Woeg

    Legendary™ Servers

    Copying Rift and it didn't sound like it worked there either I had a good time in SOA but often was behind the curve on the epic story finding it difficult to find groups (even though I was in a kin I didn't want to but them to drag my alts through the Trollshaws one more time - lol) I don't remember it with all the rose colored glasses many seem to - it was good but not great - at least for me
  14. Woeg

    Barrow-downs death magic?

    I thought they did away with that mechanic for the Old Willow - you just loose power not endurance I think
  15. Given I have only beat the one where you try to get just 10 fish without a bad one a small number of times - I think the odds are really small I think anyone claiming the title without proof is just another fish tale 😉
  16. Woeg

    Update 23

    Thanks for the pics and info - I haven't used tavern for a several years now
  17. fwiw - I found Mordor and N.Mirk a little harder (not like early SOA) - but I had to pay more attention to pulls or ended up doing a dirtnap (on more than one occasion)
  18. I haven't found the changes that noticeable for myself in all honesty (ymmv) - my blue line seems about the same but my red line hits a lot harder now - perhaps its my build or play style - or lack thereof in both cases 😉 (this after more Mordor and finished off N.Mirkwood) I tend to quest mostly in blue then if tackling harder instances or areas where I know I will draw aggro and need more firepower I switch to red (I suck at kiting ...)
  19. Didn't many of the LOTRO programs from Turbine go to SSG ? And my understanding was that anyone that new anything about the underpinnings of the LOTRO code at Turbine had long ago sailed to the west
  20. Release notes: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664457-Update-22-2-Release-Notes Also new summer festival instances mentioned in the notes (although Summer festival doesn't go live until June 28)
  21. My hunter is fine and I am pretty casual with my approach to the game - those blue line hunters need to try a little bit more - sorry that their 3+ year old rotations don't work anymore but they need to get over it - classes change over time and my hunter at 115 is nothing like my hunter at 50, or 65 or whatever Personally it is still my main and I am having a blast with it - ymmv obviously
  22. FWIW - at high levels - my guard (115) is hitting harder than before in red line, hunter (115) hitting about the same from what I was doing on Sunday (farming SoE from gray quests in Minas Tirith and lvl 105 CoS) I know world chat and the forums have a ton of blue hunters crying foul - but they appear to be new players who don't remember the days before the blue line nerf (whichever update that was) to make blue line op (imo). It was fun but still op.
  23. Yeah - I was disappointed by the lack of attention to beornings - but some of the other classes got a much needed lift imo Personally I don't mind the hunter changes (even though its my main) - I look forward to seeing how a red line guard does in Mordor
  24. Thanks for these postings ! Very interesting to watch ....
  25. Woeg

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    Your right about discussion and I'm not about to defend a lot of stuff that I see as wrong with the game I don't personally spend cash on the game other than expansions (my gaming budget goes to EU4 and CK2 expansions which I never get around to playing) and when possible I use TP to purchase them The population is surprising and it has to be whales funding the game but there are a lot of lifers and f2p people around as well - Arkenstone seems as busy now as it ever was and I even run into people in out of the way areas where I am used to being alone note - I'm not pretending to be this guy (like some): fwiw - IF I was a raider or PVPer I would definitely ditch this game like it was a rotten potato