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  1. I took a break from LOTRO and finally got around to doing all 8 class quests in SWTOR. They were amazing and I wish more games did extended stories like that. I know SWTOR has changed a lot from its original state but for a semi-casual like me it was easy to get into and advance and not get hung up min/maxing weapons/armor/etc. The community actually is pretty decent once you get past the 2 starter zones and stay away from fleet
  2. I think this is spot on - almost anyone playing for more than a short time will have or will soon have capped characters if they want them. The anniversary is aimed at the longer time players - and is completely optional. The completionists already will find they need to buy content and get to high levels
  3. I'm surprised they let it run that long
  4. Woeg

    How DEAD is LOTRO to YOU?

    Been playing through all the story lines in SWTOR (6 of 8 done) but plan to go back and catch up to the epic on my main at some point (I actually like being an expansion behind - when I get to it - not so many people competing for the same mobs/locations/resources)
  5. Woeg

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Sorry you have to go through all this - enjoy what you can and take it 1 day at a time
  6. Excerpt: The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online have been acquired by Standing Stone Games, a newly-formed independent game studio made up of the same groups that have been working on LOTRO and DDO for years. We remain committed to both games, and are thrilled to be able to take these games in exciting directions for a long time to come. Standing Stone Games will operate as an independent studio, with global publishing support from Daybreak Games.
  7. Woeg

    Screw You 2016

  8. Woeg

    Screw You 2016

  9. Woeg

    Hello from Cordovan

    What's the name of that demon that appears if you mention their name 3 times ?
  10. Woeg

    WoW Does LIs... Correctly =(

    Wow fanboi ..... talks like a duck .... walks like a duck .... etc.
  11. Woeg

    Camelot Unchained (DAoC 2) building video + intro

    It will be interesting to see where this goes - DAOC was my first mmo and I remember it fondly
  12. Woeg

    Update 18 Release Notes

    It wasn't terrible with rep accelerators (which aren't priced too badly from skirmish camps - I tend to horde my marks though)
  13. Woeg

    Hello from Cordovan

    The smell or the substance on your hands ? :-)
  14. Woeg

    Problems with starting a new kinship

    You may want to provide us with the name - stuff I don't find annoying/offensive some of my overseas friends do - and vice versa
  15. Woeg


    What level were you at ? (asks the guy killed by gray mobs way too often ...)
  16. Woeg

    Random question, re-playing lotro

    What server are you on Darmokk - I can get you some recipes/tools if you are on Arkenstone ? As for Beorning - I recently leveled one to 100 - but didn't do any end game stuff - they level really fast (like everything does now - but I think bears do it a little faster than many classes)
  17. Woeg

    help please

    I didn't realize it was that high - thought it was more in the 495-595 range but yeah - 995 is way too high
  18. Woeg

    help please

    It is an item in the Turbine Store - not sure how many TP it takes to unlock - I don't think it was a huge amount but wasn't trivial either
  19. Woeg

    New LotRO Store coming

    FWIW - I had it happen twice yesterday (I think - or Thurs) but haven't had it happen today at all
  20. Woeg

    Finding a New Server

    FWIW - world chat on Arkenstone (probably like most servers) is full of so many hosers they are going to get lost in the noise anyways regardless of their believed self-importance on the OF
  21. Woeg

    Finding a New Server

    Yeah - she moved to Ark - and immediately went on the ignore list of many on the server (including mine) - she does try to be helpful I will give her that but she has something to say about everything and needs to beat down a dead horse
  22. Woeg

    Finding a New Server

    Worldchat on on Ark is mostly pointless conversation with only a small number of trolls (and a couple of really irritating pre-teens that like to stir things up with their immaturity and stupidity) - it ain't a bad place once you have a small number of the worst offenders (and their 23 alts) ignored - you can get help for most quests and there seem to be some decent kins around (although I choose not to go the kin route for personal reasons - my first kin was very much a FOTM kin that would jump from game to game and their was pressure to join them in the new game - even when I had no interest - the second kin suffered greatly from absent kin leaders and/or not being leaders at all). I have fun with the PUGs I join - but I tend to join the ones with the more sensible leaders (mostly the occasional rare Pel run - my schedule does not allow me to do very much in the way of raiding unfortunately)
  23. Woeg

    2015 Player Councils announced

    Sadly that appears to be the case - its curious how such a small number of butt lickers can really ruin the OF
  24. Woeg

    2015 Player Councils announced

    Now if someone at Turdbine would see Leixy for the douche they are .....
  25. Unless the poser actually saw (and is not assuming) what the NDA says he has no legs whatsoever - sounds like the normal bitter -" I wanted to be a great dev but QA kept proving my code is shit argument" ;-)