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  1. Woeg

    2015 Player Councils announced

    Now if someone at Turdbine would see Leixy for the douche they are .....
  2. Unless the poser actually saw (and is not assuming) what the NDA says he has no legs whatsoever - sounds like the normal bitter -" I wanted to be a great dev but QA kept proving my code is shit argument" ;-)
  3. Woeg

    Jon Stewart leaving Daily Show

    Serious Bummer
  4. Woeg

    So Ive done as Frelorn has asked

    I think Fyrebrand and a couple of others on the suggestion forum are desperately trying to use the old tricks to get any open, honest discussion shut down as before.
  5. That rules !! Off to read up on it !
  6. Doh - nevermind .... was looking through settings a little bit more and think I found it ..... must learn to read ......
  7. I'm starting here and haven't looked much yet - but - Coming from other mmorpgs - on my melee classes I often use the 'follow' command to get up close and personal - when playing around with a Jedi I found I missed that style - any way to easily set up a keybinding for that ? thanks !
  8. Woeg

    Skyrim Question

    Thanks for the info everyone - I am not sure why I dislike the combat model so much - but it just doesn't work for me even though I find the rest of the game very enjoyable
  9. Woeg

    Skyrim Question

    With all the talk of Skyrim elsewhere - is there a decent mod that removes the twitch factor (no offense to the console gamers - just not for me) that makes it more pausable like say Baldurs Gate or Fallout 1&2 ? I did a quick search but didn't see anything - but it was very quick search Thanks !
  10. Woeg

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Dang ... just when I was feeling omnipotent
  11. Woeg

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    I AM Odin - all bow before me !
  12. Woeg

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Ahhh Bloom County +1
  13. Woeg

    Sapience leaves LOTRO

    Agreed - mature adults don't need to resort to "ghey" or anything related or to threats of personal violence. As much as I detested to former 'Community Dictator' - I wish him well in the future - even if he was a total $#($* with regards to LOTRO. His karma, or lack thereof will get him in the end and we don't need to wish anything bad on him.
  14. Yeah - but with all the negative posts from Mar-whatever and the other usual suspects the thread was locked of course so they got their wish - although it is surprising it staid up as long as it did Ol' Mar-whiner is probably having fits it didn't get locked down first thing this morning
  15. Woeg

    Your doom is nigh! Quitting smoking...

    The thing (and I do not suggest this method to anyone) that worked for me is when I was in a rehab center for 6 weeks due to a leg injury where I was limited to a wheelchair in a facility that did not support smoking - it was winter time in northern New England and although they would have assisted me in going outside it would have been cruel to the staff and too much work to bundle up (when I was so weak from my injury) . FWIW - I found quitting drinking far easier than quitting smoking
  16. Woeg

    Perma-Death Adventure

    North Downs - I have taken way too many alts through Lone Lands (which I enjoy) but I am curious how the revamp worked for ND - if you want - I can try to log on my woodworker and get some bows made up for ya - think I still have some wood somewhere (or it won't take long to gather what is needed for a bow/spear)
  17. Woeg

    Perma-Death Adventure

    Yeah - there was a time when GOTWT was great - mostly a mature community that was just plain fun to do stuff with. Spooky and Gandir were particularly adept at running raids - imo - and going slow enough to explain things even to the "casual raider" like myself
  18. Woeg

    Perma-Death Adventure

    I played on one of everything - about the only class I was probably competent in was hunter though (at least on a raid) I wasn't sure who your main was but I recognized the name
  19. Woeg

    Perma-Death Adventure

    Hope you feel better IIodid - I see you are on Ark and in GOTWT - I used to be in that kin - some really nice folks there - if you need a hand give a shout in GLFF/WD
  20. Woeg

    The REAL top MMOs list

    DAOC ? Although very dated
  21. Woeg

    Do you run traditional instances?

    Out of curiosity - what is considered Traditional Instances ? The SOA Epic Instances ? Or the Skirms and so forth from Moria onwards ?
  22. Woeg

    Does anyone give a stuff anymore?

    Brokk - with all due respect you are playing semantics with the word dead and you know it (and quit being a "Doro" - it does not suit you) A game where most of the players I grouped with for 7 years are long gone, very few open groups and I can level all afternoon and see 2 people in the same zone (and the level does not appear to matter) indicates a dead and dying game. (This coming from DAOC after it had died) Am I still having fun with Loto ? Absolutely Is Rick Heaton and Fuckard ? Absolutely But trying to deny that Lotro is not dead - give it up.
  23. Woeg

    New Guy Here....

    Welcome to the land of the discontented :-)
  24. Woeg

    Merge the Servers. Good Grief!

    Do some of you read what you write ? Some of you sound (or are trying to sound) like the bloody pope of the Roman Catholic church for what belongs or not in a game other people besides you play (and pay in some case) ... though shalt not insert offending behavior - raid, rp, pvp, pve, other abhorrent behavior sheesh (apologies for rant)