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  1. Woeg

    Black Market

    We had a lawn mower box - it ruled until it got rained on
  2. to add: I found the mounted combat definitely harder in Kingstead under U13 - haven't tried it since the Monday patch
  3. I found combat slightly more difficult at 55ish+ I was playing a hunter and minstrel through Moria and that first area in Lothlorien - I had to watch my pulls a little bit in some of those camps this time around (I played though a month or 2 ago and was pulling entire camps with not much problem). Also finishing off the Moria epic I actually had to use some healing potions (ymmv - I am very average although I have decent level 58 crafted gear)
  4. Woeg

    "Too squishy"

    The difficulty I am seeing is 86+ with non-heavy armor types - be it NPCs or players - my mini was getting one shotted off his horse which was funny and fun - but it sure makes some of the escort quests (e.g. Cheering up Eowyn) extremely problematic for both my light and heavy armor classes - I love the increased difficulty but I think there may need to be tweaking for some escort quests (and I am very very much one of the dreaded "casuals" - playing LOTRO and War in the Pacific: Admirals Edition off and on as well as seeing if I like Skyrim or not)
  5. Woeg

    "Too squishy"

    Spoke too soon ... even if the douchebag is correct (on OF - not here)
  6. Woeg

    "Too squishy"

    What's strange is the "true believers" are strangely absent from that thread (or up through page 11) - and you just know some of them don't have the skill set to cope with any changes
  7. Woeg

    U13 on Monday April 14?

    <hangs head in shame> I have actually died a couple of times yesterday and today on my level minstrel - have to learn that I can't pull the entire zone and nuke it like before .... or at least I have to pay attention while doing it - need to check if my kins are still around now
  8. Woeg

    is WildStar in trouble?

    fwiw - a carbine does not need to be an 'automatic' rifle (the ones in World War 2 typically were semi-automatic) and carbines existed back to the U.S. Civil War period in one form or another (such as the Sharps carbine) But - to quote Dennis Miller - I digress - carry on
  9. already a thread and : there
  10. If I change the crafting profession of a guilded weaponsmith from Armsman to Historian, will I loose the progress I have in weaponsmithing ? thanks !
  11. Exactly Monkralin :-) To clarify (or at least try to clarify) - my intent was not to change the crafting guild per se - just the profession (vocation ?) - so that I could keep my progress in weaponsmithing (including the guild rep) - and have scholar so that I can gather the resources - turns out I have a ton of prospectors of all levels - but only a small number of scholars and none of them into Rohan yet (they have been living off the 'droppings' of my other characters - lol)
  12. Very cool and thanks !!
  13. Thanks Brrokk - it actually would not be a major setback given I probably have enough ore stashed around to get the skill maxed fairly quickly although getting the rep back in the crafting guild would take a bit of time - my tp stock is low after using them on HD and additional LI slots on a pile of alts. I guess I will find out this weekend
  14. Woeg

    12.2 Release Notes

    So many of these bugs were mentioned, and often loudly, during the beta process - and the beta players were ignored (which is no surprise either)
  15. Woeg

    Learned something today

    Manstan was a fucktard on the forums and continues to be a fucktard here - so tired and lame like so many of the trolls
  16. Woeg

    29 hobbits..... Sapience on livestream

    But I AM a malcontent !!
  17. Wonder how much that cost Turbine - money that could have been spent fixing bugs And the "Community" ? The official forums are as useless as GLFF
  18. Heavy doses of anti-depressants can have that effect - or if his doctors are playing with the dosage ..... just saying
  19. Woeg

    Alternative Christmas Songs

    Look up Bob RIvers - he has some of the best Christmas parody music out there
  20. Woeg

    And tips for a new Rift player ?

    After all I have read on the upcoming Lotro changes with HD - I am thinking its time to expand my wings somewhat and give Rift a try. Any tips when making the transition ? I have a few characters in their mid teens now and seem to enjoy it - although my "Destroyer" is a little squishier than I thought he would be. (I'm using the preset soul tree) Also - if I sub - do I get a supply of the rift coins each month (like tp for a vip sub in lotro) or are those separate ? Thanks ! (p.s. my play style is casual, non-pvp I do like the nature of the server pop having at the rifts as they appear)
  21. Woeg

    So Helms Deep NDA has been lifted, but...

    Fred - your Hytbolt Guide was definitely the best player material I have ever experienced in any computer game I have ever played. Rick Heaton's dastardly treatment of you is extremely unprofessional and he should be severely reprimanded (or worse) for such total lack of professionalism and not living up to what would be normal expectations as his role (or lack of in this case) community manager
  22. Woeg

    HD class changes

    NDA appears to be lifted - I was in beta. I am so dumbstruck by the lack of vision of this expansion (having bought all of them in the past and relatively content with my previous purchases - despite lag/bugs/crashes). The changes to my hunter pre-B5 were so horrendous I had little heart to play on live until this past week - maybe the 2 months off were a good thing - but I am not sure at this point if I will play LOTRO in the future or not - despite my love of leveling and all my alts from 33-80. The lack of response from the devs and Heaton's condescending attitude (paraphrased: "These changes are coming. Period.") The entire beta process was a bug hunt - nothing more - nothing on substance changed and the game is so dumbed down I am having more fun these days playing Master of Magic and Colonization in DosBox.
  23. Woeg


    So - by extension - posters on the "official forums" really really should get permission from either the Devs, CM or GM to repost any of those posts or pieces thereof as well .... seems like a slippery slope that goes against what most community sites/game forums have long followed for years
  24. I have been wondering that since Sapience made his claim against a web site and some of the posters here - (and according to some sources has followed up against said player violators, although I note no one here claims any action was taken against them) Edit: added clarification that Mr. Heaton had taken action against NDA violators that post here
  25. Good morning my name is Sapience on the "official" forums - can I also be banned from LOTRO forever ?