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  1. Look up Bob RIvers - he has some of the best Christmas parody music out there
  2. Fred - your Hytbolt Guide was definitely the best player material I have ever experienced in any computer game I have ever played. Rick Heaton's dastardly treatment of you is extremely unprofessional and he should be severely reprimanded (or worse) for such total lack of professionalism and not living up to what would be normal expectations as his role (or lack of in this case) community manager
  3. Woeg

    HD class changes

    NDA appears to be lifted - I was in beta. I am so dumbstruck by the lack of vision of this expansion (having bought all of them in the past and relatively content with my previous purchases - despite lag/bugs/crashes). The changes to my hunter pre-B5 were so horrendous I had little heart to play on live until this past week - maybe the 2 months off were a good thing - but I am not sure at this point if I will play LOTRO in the future or not - despite my love of leveling and all my alts from 33-80. The lack of response from the devs and Heaton's condescending attitude (paraphrased: "These changes are coming. Period.") The entire beta process was a bug hunt - nothing more - nothing on substance changed and the game is so dumbed down I am having more fun these days playing Master of Magic and Colonization in DosBox.
  4. Woeg


    So - by extension - posters on the "official forums" really really should get permission from either the Devs, CM or GM to repost any of those posts or pieces thereof as well .... seems like a slippery slope that goes against what most community sites/game forums have long followed for years
  5. I have been wondering that since Sapience made his claim against a web site and some of the posters here - (and according to some sources has followed up against said player violators, although I note no one here claims any action was taken against them) Edit: added clarification that Mr. Heaton had taken action against NDA violators that post here
  6. Good morning my name is Sapience on the "official" forums - can I also be banned from LOTRO forever ?
  7. Awww - I had forgotten about Winamp but I sure loved it when I used it - it was so far ahead of its time. Might have to give it a shot again.
  8. Winamp is still around ? Wow - that's a blast back to my win95 days ....
  9. Brrokk - personally I don't think you qualify as a "fanboy" - as a dwarf I am quite sure you have rabies ;-)
  10. Since primarily the loyal base reads the official forums, spamming it (even for a noble cause) is going to make the poster look bad - and get labeled a malcontent or worse. It was also be annoying for people that MAY actually be looking for valid information. The AC players already know about it - and I suspect many gamers do as well - taking the childish spam route is not the way go (third party sites are a better bet - imo)
  11. A consideration - and not sure if it applies - but when the lifetimers have a large stock of TP - keeping the stock large would seem to be to the players advantage (even if not playing) - I am thinking in terms of an outstanding balance sheet in that if I haven't spent my TP - Turdbine still can't claim these as assets since they are still outstanding - probably a bad analogy and I am not explaining it well - but a few will catch my drift
  12. That is helpful ! I wish I knew that last weekend when I was playing - I kept running back to vendors (I tend to be ocd about inventory management)
  13. Thanks for all the tips folks ! They are all helpful :-) I do tend to be a completionist (unfortunately) so I rarely try to rush to level cap . I created my characters on Threesprings shard and used the guild finder to find a "mature" guild - it seems to be very busy at the higher levels. I do find the patron benefits useful - and I did want to throw a little money at the game to support it (My idea of f2p (for me at least) is to check it out to see if you like it - then throw money that way when time/budget permit Keep the info coming - I haven't check out the official forums yet (given the lotro forums - I was kind of afraid to .... )
  14. After all I have read on the upcoming Lotro changes with HD - I am thinking its time to expand my wings somewhat and give Rift a try. Any tips when making the transition ? I have a few characters in their mid teens now and seem to enjoy it - although my "Destroyer" is a little squishier than I thought he would be. (I'm using the preset soul tree) Also - if I sub - do I get a supply of the rift coins each month (like tp for a vip sub in lotro) or are those separate ? Thanks ! (p.s. my play style is casual, non-pvp I do like the nature of the server pop having at the rifts as they appear)
  15. Curioius - I was playing LOTRO before the beta, was not banned on the forums, occasionally posted here (rarely over there) - like the game - hate the official forum management of what has been said here and on the official forums find the changes dismaying to say the least This guy obviously got seriously butthurt sometime this week to latch on to Doro like a leech - lol
  16. That's awesome Crell - and certainly mirrors how I feel from what I've seen on the forums/dev diaries
  17. I find when using 'follow' on resource nodes you have to be relatively close - where as before I could click on one on the edge of my radar and follow would take me to it - also follow on the fellowship I was in did not work - my horse started running the opposite direction - thankfully I was on hunter and not guardian (my reflexes are too slow for melee mounted combat without follow - if I wanted to play xbox I would get one)
  18. And they broke the /follow command for mounted combat ...... time for me to level some low level alts I guess
  19. #1 Fix the lag - like many have said #2 Modify Hobbit presents like so many have said to remove the "Vegas" factor
  20. In Misty Mountains ??? I only every had it happen in Forochel - and I've been through a lot of blizzards here in Maine and in Misty Mountains
  21. As a side note - the signal to noise ratio here is become just as bad as the "official forums" (and I know I have not aided that at times) I have been leveling another guard and having a blast running the epics (just finish Vol 1 Book 4 yesterday) - so for some of us the game is still enjoyable. The forums game has become a drag
  22. Curious that the fan-bois can post about other games and 18 hours later the posts are still there - but any non-fanboi post about another game and the post gets deleted within an hour .... The mods can't be too busy since I notice other threads are locked. Another prime example of favoritism.
  23. At least hunter tracking was restored to its previous usefulness before one of the updates broke it
  24. My intent was not to paint anyone here as anti-Lotro in any way shape or form (sometimes I really wish English was my first language instead of my 3rd language) - and I apologize for any misunderstanding - I should have phrased that better. I guess I would paint myself as anti-Turbine management (I am of the opinion that many of the devs are trying - and the poor GMs and CS reps with their hands tied and muzzles on are in for the shaft no matter what they do)
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