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  1. Thanks so much for supporting it this long Muer - your work was appreciated by many even if they never let you know
  2. 🌲 Hope it was safe and enjoyable for all
  3. Bombadil is their pay to win server (imo) but with that being said it throws sort of a bone to the pvp crowd who are so often ignored (although I don't pvp)
  4. Although you were quoted by another poster (twice) and that's still up at the time I write this - hilarious
  5. Twitter update 20 minutes ago - anyone other than the fanatics surprised ? Our downtime is taking a bit longer than anticipated. We will let you know when the worlds reopen. fwiw - wasn't as much longer as I thought it would be
  6. fwiw - SWTOR having problems today as well - but at least not into day 6 (yet?) edit: looks like they cleaned up their servers - or at least when I tried earlier
  7. They had to destroy the swabs made in the factory he visited because President Dumb Ass didn't wear a mask .....
  8. Woeg


    Yeah - I saw that - and that's when I remember the lag kicking in (ROI and when they moved servers it seemed to get worse - I think their virtualization is really bad - imo)
  9. lol - that's great I will do a little homework 🙂 Currently doing a little SWTOR as I'd forgotten the class stories
  10. Thanks Doro - the reviews showed that but didn't mention if it had been fixed - maybe will give it a go during the forced work at home period
  11. I stopped playing LOTRO for the time being and am looking at Imperator:Rome and Ark Survival - anyone had experience with either ? edited for typoes and content
  12. If its anything like the server upgrades I participate in every few years - good luck and hope it all goes smooth ?
  13. I have not - but the first thing I would try is downloading/installing without Steam if you haven't tried that
  14. Thanks for the write up and pics !
  15. Didn't it (Amorey) eat a ban on the OF for trolling - after years of it ?
  16. Ahhh - glad to hear that worked out - I hate getting stuck on land scape quests
  17. I just looked at the Wiki description and I remember having a hard time triggering that one on one my toons - I think I wandered back and forth around the injured Manléof's and had to fight off some spawns before triggering the next step - but its been a while since I was in Wildermore P.S. I'm pretty sure I did the logout thing as well, and killing something nearby as well - something triggered it though is all I remember - lol
  18. I don;t remember that quest specifically - but I remember being confused by some of the Wildemore quests - the directions were not clear - did you try looking in the LOTRO Wiki with the exact quest name ?
  19. Woeg

    Other MMOs?

    Time to fess up Doro - you probably have Notepad, Wordpad and/or other text editors (Sublime comes to mind) - and we all know that's how scripting starts you bad boy ?
  20. Her and her husband had problems with the Atari 2600 when all you had to do was insert the cartridge .....
  21. I just ported into MT on my guard and I would crash approx. 25-35% of the time - no problems and none of that lag I used to have when first zoning in Wasn't on long but romped through a part of Mordor with fire and smoke (Udun) then to the next zone with no hitching on war steed - then one of the camps and chewed through a half dozen orcs no problem As pointed out in WC when I was on though, only 55 non-anon on at the time so there is that to consider
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