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  1. Release notes: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664457-Update-22-2-Release-Notes Also new summer festival instances mentioned in the notes (although Summer festival doesn't go live until June 28)
  2. Your right about discussion and I'm not about to defend a lot of stuff that I see as wrong with the game I don't personally spend cash on the game other than expansions (my gaming budget goes to EU4 and CK2 expansions which I never get around to playing) and when possible I use TP to purchase them The population is surprising and it has to be whales funding the game but there are a lot of lifers and f2p people around as well - Arkenstone seems as busy now as it ever was and I even run into people in out of the way areas where I am used to being alone note - I'm not pretending to be this guy (like some): fwiw - IF I was a raider or PVPer I would definitely ditch this game like it was a rotten potato
  3. Ahhhh - my bad and my apologies - I guess I did mention whining (and true or not - the way the folk on the official forums approach it is whining in my opinion - not discussion)
  4. I never mentioned whining ....
  5. Everything the posters said is true - BUT - its Middle Earth and despite SSGs best attempts they haven't killed it totally yet - parts are still fun and satisfying for some - ymmv. Lag is horrendous at times (even a few hours after a server restart) - quests were broken with the latest update (since patched - mostly I think) - I don't raid or PVP so can't speak to those but I see a lot of whining about both on the forums (of course its the same 4-6 people whining all the time ..) That said - Mordor and N.Mirkwoods re-introduced some difficulty to PVE that has been gone for a long time (since Moria maybe) - I die regularly on the landscape nowadays with bad hunter pulls, etc. I know Middle Earth is not the "end all - be all" for most but having tried many of the MMOs out there - only three - DAOC, LOTRO and SWTOR have held my interest for more than 30 days -
  6. Any thoughts ? I waited until the first patch so I didn't run into some of the bugs that existed the first week (like the map being off) Haven't quested there yet other than the run to the King Thranduil palace
  7. Thanks MP ! Any idea on whether this is going to be a light-gear grind with the current gear we are working on becoming obsolete ?
  8. Thanks for the clarification - its been a while since I've done anything with cards (and I no longer have the disposable income for CCG's in any event) It does look interesting !
  9. Are you thinking ME:TW CCG or the later one ?
  10. Not personal houses - but you can form guilds with just 1 person and wait until rank 7 - don't remember how long that took - it was a bit I think
  11. Primary Source: http://dulfy.net/2017/10/02/swtor-united-forces-update-server-merges/
  12. Stop looking in the mirror and you won't see that negative IQ
  13. Don't feed the troll folks ... she's getting exactly what she wants
  14. When did HD come out ? I bought it with TP in January of 2014 - but not sure when it was released
  15. I didn't realize there was a wrong way (at least on this forum)
  16. Apples and oranges - what the hell are you actually arguing here dude ? You like Final Fantashit XVIII (or whatever version they are on now) more than Lotro - we all get that But your "standards" (or opinions or play style) do not trump anyway elses - which is my point
  17. All opinion - no science or fact there
  18. Your standards .... not other's standards..... sigh
  19. Exclusion for any reason is still exclusion
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